Guided Meditation for Releasing Subconscious Blockages (Sleep Meditation for Clearing Negativity)

Guided Meditation for Releasing Subconscious Blockages (Sleep Meditation for Clearing Negativity)

do not listen to this recording whilst driving or whilst operating machinery only listen when you can safely relax and bring your full awareness to your own complete comfort hi this is Michael CoA and welcome to this guided meditation I have written this meditation for you to help you to release subconscious blockages or to overcome any deep mind negative blocks which may be preventing you from living your very best self empowered and satisfied life in order to get the most out of this meditation I suggest that before we begin before you do close down your eyes to find your best comfort very soon that you arrange yourself physically to lengthen and unwind and to take first a few quiet moments consciously and deliberately to bring into your mind any issues or any problems or any internal limitations which you may be aware of at this present moment we may feel or believe or know may have been holding you back in some way and now as you do this just continue to breathe freely also beginning to bring your awareness to your breath as you give yourself a more open inner space here to calmly explore and to accept whatever thoughts or feelings there may come allowing your breath to be the vehicle to begin expanding for you as it may releasing you as you breathe and allow that breath to find its own natural flow and in a few moments you may bring into your mind in a very basic and always a safe and a controlled way those top-level reasons all those purposes or personal intentions that you have brought and it may have brought you to be listening to this recording now to be following along with the sounds of my voice whatever your hopes and dreams for overcoming that which you are seeking to release and overcome I even begin to take some kind of abstract shape or form there in your inner mind I as soon as you do close your eyes down you'll find that your eyes have already closed you may perhaps begin glimpsing not seeing or picturing or imagining those important wanted solutions however briefly at this beginning stage as we continue your meditation this expanding journey into your internal awareness now it's entirely possible that the more you relax the better you feel and the better you feel the more he relaxed and you may begin to see some changing pictures or some hints of images or you may hear certain sounds or you may think quite random thoughts we'll be aware of subtly changing feelings as your conscious mind wanders and changes over this next little while and you know this is all normal and natural as you move deeper into this relaxation and visualization because different sensations may begin to arise as you go into your meditation further relaxing and breathing just as it is possible you may have begun there with a single solid issue of focus and you may find that may suddenly shift or link or point even indirectly into other issues or other blockages some which may seem related to you or perhaps others not yet fully understood as both your conscious mind and your subconscious mind now a further unwinding further exploring further relaxing so that new possibilities surprising possibilities may spring up at some time and pleasantly surprise you the more you do allow yourself to relax and give yourself this time and permission now to really explore who you are what it is that makes you tick where you have come from where you are going because you are remembering to breathe more naturally as you loosen and lengthen you do know you are safe and secure and your main in control you are the one making your choices here to move more easily more and more into your meditative state and if you really wonder about it from your moment to moment from your day to day from that sense of the flowing in-breath your awareness releasing that out-breath even from your left side to your right you know and I know there really is an infinite variety of ways so many ways to step off and journey within taking this time this important time for you moving deeper towards your unique and personal life changes that sense of them as opportunities unfurling and expanding out in front of you are they clearer solutions forming there like a series of pleasantly worn pathways rolling out like unusually long carpets of Earth you can ask a mind your deeper imagination to begin procuring for you those pathways unfurling gently down those pleasant slopes of a cascading hillside of maybe a beautiful springtime field or a series of green fields because there are so many interesting trails and tracks for you to choose from here every pathway and destination to the inside is unique and yet sooner or later you easily feel yourself moving and down that familiar path that one there which is calling to you in some way as you know that the journey of this inner discovery is brightest along this particular trail and you know this path will give you such a deep sense of satisfaction and reward when you reach the many positive outcomes awaiting you you are already deeply relaxing into the wonderful opportunities and the gifts of this tranquil road so as you move and relax as you thrill to imagine imagine and see yourself gently walking or strolling along your brightly lit trial as fertile farm pastures of healthy crops are springing up to your right and your left and you can smell the rich organic harvests the ripened corns and the barley and the snow peas the sense of the fresh spring beans covered with that beautiful glistening morning dew and you inhale and smell the fresh mint leaves mingling with the poems of sunflowers sipping breezes through fields of enormous golden pumpkins where sage and parsley surrounds you as you bask in the warmth of this golden Morning Sun and it feels so rejuvenating to finally step back into this natural world a time before time where the bubbling sounds of closed streams deliver healthy flowing blue waters otters which replenish and cleanse and grow you with many planted bounties natural energies flowing here in this perfection of easy harmony such easy relaxation such easy bliss and even their high above you you eventually spot assigned a beautiful sign of a soaring majestic eagle gliding along with you and pacing with your every step and an important part of you feel so deeply connected to that eagle above because part of you is walking and yet part of you is flying did you know that possibilities and sensations really are quite different in this state because you and the Eagle are really one and the same and you're aware of this magnificent spirit eagle having a tile of so many unusual colors and you're aware of the Eagles expansive wings reaching out and drifting and floating soaring on the thermal winds and maybe you wonder if you have ever known such a sense of this pure freedom as you both walk and you'll glide easily shifting from those perspectives and those experiences as you look out from the ground and you look out from the air as easily as you choose you and can you see the Sun and the soil and the earth touching upon each other in this world growing as every part forms a symbiotic relationship because your feet touch upon that soft giving ground and yet you feel a chord of natural flowing energy moving up from the Earth's core itself and when I speak to you directly now directly to your subconscious you may know this as prana you may know this as Chi energy we may know this as divine source or simply life itself this vibrational energy you are experiencing is moving up through your left and right legs flowing so easily with subtle sensations of calmness to unblock your muscles and release your nerves and you feel a clearing tingle of wonderful shifting energy deeper and deeper into your physical being you find yourself breathing and inhaling this pure air so easily as earth energy continues to flow its gifts into you releasing from you all former tensions and dissolving all old stresses up through your hips and your back and into your shoulders any physical blocks you may have once been carrying they're just dispersed away just melt away as you breathe out and finally to release those tensions freely into the world around you and you can see the colors of your out-breath changing as you do as you experience breathing out the cloud of murky gray over time knowing you are releasing those all the blockages from within and with each in-breath you take in a new viewer mr. cloud of white oxygen white air because you know that your body is naturally choosing to release all toxins and all negativities and this space is the right place to finally replenish yourself with the ancient healing ways of the natural world all the very modern ways of everything that is reborn our new and as you continue your subconscious steps through this pristine realm you'll eventually notice the Sun dipping and setting and then rising all over again because you are outside of time witnessing the cycles of the seasons and the thawing movements of the stars and galaxies above rotating and changing at a different pace here naturally transforming over many many days and nights and you see new plants about you growing taller with each Sun and star rotation the trees growing taller and becoming stronger healthier the streams and the rivers flowing deeper and longer and you know that if you will it if you truly allow it the very seeds of your own self evolution your change will be planted here because of those conscious choices you made still echo so powerfully within you deeper and deeper and as easily as reaching now into your pockets you find you have there a handful of quietly humming silver seeds the glowing seeds of your own minds deepest intentions and desires and needs the authentic positive purposes of your most resourceful and deeper self which you know now you can choose to scatter and plant here exactly as you may so see yourself walking past now any open and fertile feel of your choosing and there are so many to choose from all of those fields just waiting there for you to throw those infinitely powerful seeds of choice across those soils where they will be accepted into all aspects of your subconscious success and you're sober conscious growth the competence of your character only enhancing in calmness in charisma in self-assurance you're becoming aware that you can plant the very seeds to your own happiness your joy and your resilience you can unleash your positive ability to finally receive total abundance and part of you watches in wonder and awe over this space and time because as soon as you see each seed land there in its rightful field you also see that seed immediately begin to sprout sprouting and growing into colorful new species of herbs and flowers and trees completely new plans and new specimens the likes of which you've never seen in their everyday world all of the many colors of the spectrum or growing and moving in such dynamic forms the expressions and the authentic desires of your deepest unconscious being taking root and finding real purpose now and you know each new botanical wonder here truly represents a powerful self state a state of your very own subconscious being the natural growth of your own mind and your own self-expression that deeper part of you which already knows how to permanently rewrite and reprogram yourself with your own positive intentions that part is springing now into life as naturally and as easily as you are breathing deeply and letting go and further relaxing and after some time you feel yourself shifting more and more in a different way more and more into that Eagles form up there above as you drift and float along currents of healthy winds you feel your feet leave those soft soils entirely and you experience yourself flying towards an enormous mountain summit there far up ahead higher and higher above so far of those fields the ground now moving further and further below as you choose to spread your wings here as widely as possible until you see yourself passing through an incredible waterfall a flowing cascade of curtain'd rainbow colored water where a million sparks of colored water droplets fall over and about you like an incredible light a show all this time soothing you soothing your wings and calming your being to it's very core and you take this time to deeply enjoy the falling waves of light energy as they touch down upon you and you know the water somehow clears somehow releases somehow a dis illogic of those old feelings of tightness or being stuck and you feel yourself becoming so much freer inside as this waterfall energy cleanses you from the crown of your head down 3 or forward your face your throat and your neck down through your chest your back and your hips removing and releasing all blockages inside of you down through your pelvis the legs and your feet this majestic flow of passing water energy deeply cleanses and clears you as you feel yourself rejuvenating and even a cellular level returning you once again to your natural free-flowing state you until finally you do pass entirely through that beautiful waterfall of light clearing energy and experience yourself landing once again in your human form stepping down now into an expansive cave here deep so deep in the heart of this enormous mountain and as you find your feet again you feel so wonderfully good solid and secure and sturdy feeling the warm floor underfoot and you take the time to look about as you examine this exotic hidden cave the secret cave this private sanctuary which at the same time feels so familiar and so personal to you because maybe you know that this cave really is a deepest representation of your subconscious self this cave holds now all of the energies all of the ideas and all of the expressions of your deepest mind and upon the walls of this cave you see an almost infinite series of natural tree roots an incredible system of interconnected branches and leaves and limbs all leading up to what you know is an enormous otherworldly tree an enormous tree resting on and towering from the very crown of this mountain peak as it spirals into the skies stretching out its never-ending branches and as incredible as it seems to you you sense and know deeply that you really can trace all of these tree roots back to your own life experiences exactly and you look about the cave and you can see every pathway representing the aspects of your current life as well as the pathways of your past and even some branches into your future and you see a wondrous glowing silver white tree sap something like a molten mercury or a slow-moving lava flow all about the cavern walls this silver white liquid of life flows and moves and takes form flowing as your own internal energies your thoughts and your feelings and your sights and your sounds all of your experiences and all of your hopes dreams and intentions are now here to be seen and studied and experienced on these private sanctuary walls only for your inner eyes to see and as you pass your hands out calmly over those roots you feel some areas of your root system are warm and perhaps even hot and others are cool perhaps even cold and you can see some pathways in fact most pathways are flowing so very well the silver white liquid moving easily and freely they're transmitting and carrying those inner energies and inner resources to that greater tree above flowing with purpose and clarity and yet you can also see there are still those areas where you find the roots are just a little too narrow for your liking some areas where the roots are blocked entirely in those areas you see our darker those areas are perhaps crooked and bent blocked and choked up constricted like a garden hose with a kink stopping that water flow and those areas are the ones that you know really need your special attention so why not take this time now to move about your cavern sanctuary as you closely inspect which areas you would like to focus on which areas to heal and to change because you know you can so easily do this now you can easily identify which pathways or which route systems the tracks of your own life require your focus and your attention whether they be your personal relationship routes your career routes your wealth and abundance foundation your physical health pathways or any other pathway you care to choose you can see those root systems for your emotional and intellectual life your learning and developmental systems your self-assurance your self belief and your sense of self love ask yourself how do these look to you now and you may even see the shining connections to your deeper spiritual life if you choose the brightest flow of your heart in your souls level of authenticity every part and every aspect of who you are can be found here in this subconscious level because finally your sense you have this amazing opportunity to take this direct action because you know you can now make your repairs you can now action your changes you can widen and strengthen and rebuild any pathway or foundation you choose because here you create your future the future you so deeply desire as you take back your control you unblock unclutter clear out and heal those old broken energies which no longer serve you just as easily as reaching out and touching a hand to that exact route and whenever you do you see that root expand and heal and grow and glow and replenish that route shines with a brilliant new clarity and power and space as new silver-white energy flows directly and openly they're once more connecting your individual parts and your aspects of your deeper self always back to the source powers of this incredible mountain growing your tree and branches above as their tree climbs higher and higher into the infinity of the open blue skies so now I invite you directly to take this time to inspect your pathways and go ahead and make those positive changes you truly wish to make and when my voice returns to you in some time from now you will only relax even deeper with my words feeling wonderfully good and perfectly satisfied to finally experience a deep subconscious release and healing of those old blockages so now Mike you're powerful choices to clear and repair and expand what you will because you have this time now to carry out your subconscious blockage releases you now as my voice returns to you you find you are so deeply relaxed so content already your deeper mind is integrating and accepting and continuing to expand and develop and build upon these powerful ideas you have set for yourself in motion and over the coming days and nights and weeks ahead you will find that your subconscious mind will easily shift more and more understanding and purpose a new calmness into your conscious awareness as you go about your day's work or your play or social activities and you will feel yourself expressing and acting and behaving with a powerful new sense of ease and release because you have been so successful in your meditation work yeah and you know you'll feel better you even look better you sound better and you think more clearly and more calmly in all of these ways you are replenishing and clearing into your most positive life holy and completely you are reclaiming a life that is yours to control with a thrilling sense of new purpose and new healthy intention a new life permanently free of internal blockages because you have now proven to yourself that you truly are so a very capable of finding and making your ultimate release and whenever you're ready you may allow all of these thoughts and ideas and visualizations to gently recede once again as you calmly and peacefully continue to rest in his way drifting into your most refreshing and deepest calming sleep no deeper natural processes are more and more ready to gently deliver you into your beautiful healing dreams as you drift and dream now into serene tranquil sleep moving into sleep and now I wish you your very best night's rest as my voice here leaves you and I wish you your perfect health and sleep good night you

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  1. So at why time should i sleep in this bencuz This made me drop like a bug just at the breathing part the words told me to relax and I did then boom i was out so is this ok or should just let my body try to absorb as much as i can then sleep whts ur thoughts i need to know wht worked better for everyone

  2. Very very strange… I was half listening to this and I let out a MASSIVE out breath and really felt something "go" I've no idea what… and no recollection of what was being said… kept on letting out massive out breaths. and slept like a top, and left so calm when I got up…. v interesting effect..

  3. I Michael..I am just started listening your meditation videos..I am very anxious, can't sleep, and feel some buzz in my disturbing….It did happens to me years ago, and with time I did recovered, until now….Trying to go back the way I was 2 weeks ago with your tapes….

  4. hey michael , This video has immensely helped me . I am preparing for a competitive exam and due to stress and anxiety I wasn't able to perform to my best level. watching this enhanced my cognitive ability and i could score more. keep up the good work

  5. Hello Michael
    This one is a great video. Your way of taking us to deep meditative state and making corrections in sub conscious mind is great. Keep up the good work. Great number of people will benefit from these videos.

  6. Thanks mite….u r a real example of humanity ….u helps a lots ….God bless u ……u help me to get real me

  7. This was the best meditation to get me to heal my childhood wounds. I could feel myself healing and restoring some deep pathways that will make me whole again. Thank you so much for this amazing meditation. I wish you all the best and keep doing this meditations as I'm sure a lot of people will find peace with your help.

  8. can i listen to more than one hypnosis video while sleeping. Also, I generally fall asleep to solfeggio frequencies and then the hynosis video starts. Is that helpful?

  9. Today was my first time with guided meditation. Can someone please explain to me why my body was vibrating so hard, literally jumping or just making some fast movements without me consciously moving it, it was reacting to something. I was fully conscious though.
    I have never experienced anything like this, it was amazing, thank you so much.

  10. Your videos are the only ones that help me sleep! I can’t always calm my mind down myself, my thoughts will race all night if I let them. Thank you for sharing these videos, they help more than melatonin haha 🙂

  11. One word… wow. The visualization and imagery there was so much. Will be doing this so much more and I feel great. Will never tell myself I can’t meditate long ever again

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