Home Safari – Cheetah Kris and Puppy Remus – Cincinnati Zoo

Home Safari – Cheetah Kris and Puppy Remus – Cincinnati Zoo

hello everyone and welcome to our
Facebook live my name is Andie I’m one of the trainer’s here in the cotton
fastener program and I’m here with one of our famous ambassadors her name is
Kris she is about 8 months old now and she is training to become an ambassador
cheetah in our program here at the zoo so I’m going to tell you a little bit
about her about her back story how she ended up here as an ambassador trainer
and we’re gonna need some cool friends along the way as we go throughout this
little adventure in our Home Safari so thank you so much for tuning in and for
joining us we’re gonna leave some time for some questions for you guys so
please put questions and if you have any questions about Kris about what’s
happening here at the zoo with us we’ll go ahead and talk a little bit
about her so Kris was born at our off-site breeding facility it is up in
Mason it’s about a half hour away from our main zoo campus here now she was the
only surviving cub from her litter and when that happens a mom cheetah will not
raise a solo cub by herself this happens in their natural range we
want to make sure that we can still ensure that Cubs survival these guys are
an endangered species so every cheetah oh yeah it’s a good scratch spot every
cheetah is critical to their survival and when we have a solo cub like that
born we’re able to hand raise them and they can become ambassadors as part of our
Cat Ambassador Program here at the zoo so what it means to be an ambassador is
she’s able to do educational programs just like this where she’s up on a table
talking to she’s nothing talking it’s usually one of us doing the talking
guests and she’ll go to schools visit kids in their gymnasiums do educational
programs and it really makes the difference when people are able to visit
with a cheetah and see them and realize that these aren’t really amazing cats
that should be conserved and should be saved aside from that she also will be
part of our running program here at the zoo
we have a football-field-sized running yard where Kris is slowly learning how
to become a runner in our running program I actually just wrote a blog
about her training up to this point so if you guys need some extra reading
while we’re all stuck at home during this time you can go ahead and check
that out that is linked as well on the zoo’s a Facebook page for this Home
Safari about Kris it’s her personality so Kris is a really fun cheetah to work
with she is very brave when it comes to cheetahs cheetahs are not typically the
bravest cats they’re typically scaredy cats but Kris she loves all new
situations and environments so if you guys stay tuned till the end of this
video we might have a very first thing for Kris that we are saving for you
guys to experience with us here today at the end of the video so stay tuned for
that as well now a lot of you have been asking what you can do to help the zoo
during this time we are closed to the public so we are not getting our normal
revenue that we would this time of year so
something you can do that will really help is to donate to the amazing care
that we still have to give to all our animals every single day you can go
ahead and click on this post here there is a donate button and if you could
share as well that would help us to help with all our animal care and the great
conservation work that we do with them as well all right but you know there’s
something that’s really cool about ambassador cheetahs that you may have
noticed or seen before online and sometimes they get a fun little
companion to grow up with and how the companion is really essential since
Kris didn’t have any of those cheetah siblings to grow up with we got a little
friend to grow up with so let’s see if he wants to come make an appearance here
for ya this is Remus Kris’s puppy companion Remus is almost a year old
came to us from the animal rescue fund shelter and we’re gonna watch them play for a little bit people have asked about those spots spots are really important to help
cheetahs to camouflage it might not seem like that in this environment where we
are indoors because it’s a little chilly outside for us but on the African
savannah those spots help to break up her silhouette so that she can hide in
those grasses cheetahs can have upwards of two to three thousand spots and
what’s also really cool about their spots and their tail pattern is that is
unique to each individual cheetah so just like we have a unique thumbprint
that defines us has a unique spot pattern so that’s one way
researchers are able to tell cheetahs apart when they are studying them on the
African savanna patterns there’s a lot of cool things that make the Cheetahs
unique as well aside from their spot patterns one thing that you will notice
and it’s the way you can tell all cheetahs apart from other cat species is
the malar stripes they have on their face those are those big black lines
that go from their eyes down towards their mouths and those help them to hunt
during the daytime cheetahs are hunting during the day unlike a lot of cat
species so they need those stripes to help absorb the sun’s rays so that they
can see better when they are hunting cheetahs have excellent sense of vision
they can see for up to three miles in perfect details that would be like if we
were standing on a beach and looking down we could see individual screens of
sand that’s how amazing their vision is so what a cheat is gonna do is they’re
gonna use that vision to find their prey they’re gonna be hunting things that are
about 40 pounds or less things like Impala maybe some small gazelle maybe
some other baby and smaller animals that they can hunt but when things are
smaller they tend to also be quicker now that’s why she does have to be so fast
is because their food is fast it’s not like we humans have to be particularly
fast to say catch a piece of Pizza right now these guys if they’re hunting really
fast Impala they have to be able to catch it so they have a ton of unique
adaptations that allow them to be skilled runners cheetahs can run up to
70 miles per hour which is the fastest animal on land they can even go 0 to 60
in 3.4 seconds which is faster than most sports cars now something that’s really
cool about cheetahs aside from their incredible speed is if you look at their
tails so they have a very long tail but their tails they are flat they’re not
flat like a pancake though they are flat on the sides so if
you look you got a great look of it right there so if you look at that tail
it actually it helps them to make sharp turns when they’re chasing after prey
just like she’s doing right now as she’s playing with Linda with that toy she
uses that tail to help her keep her balance as she’s running around
that’s one unique thing about them you’ll also notice if you look at her
paws right now she’s laying there on the ground her nails are out so most cats
have what we call retractable claws right their nails are going to be able
to come in and out as they need to use them like when they’re climbing like
just like your house cats at home have but cheetahs their nails are always out
that’s because they act like their built-in running cleats so at any point
in time they are ready to run and get started so a lot of you are probably
wondering why there’s a puppy in here we kind of introduced him a little bit
earlier his name is Remus he is almost one year old he will be one year
sometime in April we’re not exactly sure when his birthday is because we did get
it from a rescue so we got him from the local animal rescue fund which is out in
Amelia Township and we were really looking for a dog that would be a great
companion for cheetah Kris here so we wanted a dog that had a great
personality we didn’t want one that was maybe too
aggressive we didn’t want one that would make you just lay around all the time we
wanted a dog that would play that would engage with Kris just like her siblings
would engage with her if she had had siblings and so that’s where Remus
came in we met with a lot of puppies at the shelter when we were trying to pick
which one would be perfect for Kris’s companion and Remus stuck out to us
right away I mean he’s obviously adorable so that helps but he just has
always had the best personality and we’re really really proud of how
he’s matured into an ambassador for cheetahs but also for dogs worldwide
he’s a great dog and is doing a good job here as cheetahs companion and friends
now not to worry though these guys a lot of times will get asked well is Kris
gonna chase him what happens when they get older well these guys it’s their
siblings they grew up together so that’s kind of how they see each other as
siblings they met when they were really little and it did take some time for
them to get to know each other and be comfortable like they are today but it’s
just like your siblings that you have at home you know you love them and you like
growing up with them but maybe eventually you don’t want to share a
room with them anymore right so eventually we all grow up a little bit
and want to move on and cheetahs they naturally will separate from their
siblings and their mom when they’re about two years old so that is typically
when we will see the separation between Chris and Remus and that’s also what
we’ve seen with a lot of our other cheetah dogs that we’ve had in the past
here at the Cincinnati Zoo Kris and Remus are our seventh cheetah dog pair
so we have had a bunch of dogs here to help be that sibling for our ambassador
cheetahs maybe if you guys have been around the zoo before you seen the
Cheetah Encounter before you have seen our other cheetah dog his name is Moose
he just turned four years old last week with his four-year-old cheetah named
Donnie so those two are still hanging out together occasionally you will see
cheetah dogs they get to decide how long they want to be with their cheetahs so
those two still hang out and have fun but it also is partly due to the fact
that Donnie is a boy cheetah and Kris here’s the girl cheetah so boy
cheetahs will sometimes stay with their brothers throughout their entire lives
and when they do that they form what we call a coalition so that’s what you call
a group of cheetahs so sometimes male cheetahs will stay
together but females are pretty much always going to separate on their own
and live a solitary lifestyle like a lot of other cat species yeah yeah the
direction do cheetahs swim and what is the white spot at the end of the tail
for okay so the white spot at the end of the tail that’s just part of her
coloration so it changes some cheetahs don’t even have any white at the end of
their tail some of them have a lot you know just like we have different hair
hair color as humans cheetahs can have different spot patterns and tail
patterns so that’s just unique to Kris that little white tip at the end of her
tail and cheetahs can swim they are not fans of it though just like most cat
species who don’t enjoy swimming Remus here on the other hand loves swimming we
do have a pond up at our cheetah encounter running yard and he loves
swimming in that pond now if any of you guys notice this earlier when I was down
here but I have a pretty cool shirt on this is Kris and Remus local t-shirt
company called Cincy Shirts made this design about the best friends and about
the dynamic duo and if you guys want to get this shirt you can actually head to
the Cincinnati Zoo web site and we held a bunch of really cool zoo merchandise
on there that you guys can get and all those proceeds will help the Zoo as
well do we have any other questions our next adventure um how well do they
hear cheetahs how well do they hear you know hearing is not their best sense
I would say that is definitely eyesight they can hear pretty well though they’re
gonna use that eyesight like I said to get as close as they can to the prey so
they can see for up to three miles they like being really high because that
increases the distance that they can see so what they’re gonna do is they’re
gonna try to get as close as they possibly can to that prey before they
break into their sprint because cheetahs while they are remarkably fast runners
they can only run that fast for about a minute so if they did not get close
enough to their prey in order to catch it in that one minute then they’re gonna
have to go and rest and wait probably another few hours before they can build
up the energy to do that sprint again so these guys they are not marathon runners
at all but expert sprinters Greer from Illinois wants to know if cheetahs like
catnip do cheetahs like catnip we not great fans have a really great enrichment that we
do for our animals here at the zoo and the best enrichment that we have for our
cheetahs is running them in our running yard and on our lure machine which is really
amazing and you have not seen it yet definitely have to come and check us out
at the Cheetah Encounter we’re one of the only zoos in the country that has
cheetahs running in a fashion like that and we are also the first ones that
figure out how to do it so it’s really cool here at Cincinnati we have ten
ambassador cheetahs including Kris here today that are part of that program so
come check us out if you haven’t seen it yet and one of the other really cool
enrichment things we’re gonna do here we’re gonna go take
Kris on a walk with her buddy Remus so our ambassador cheetahs are trained
to walk on a leash and it’s really fun for them because that’s some great
enrichment like I said these guys are very visual animals they love to see
anything that’s the best way to enrich cheetahs one of the most creative things
we’ve done to enrich our cheetahs is put like a big television outside of their
houses they actually like watching TV which is pretty fun but before we do
that we Kris and Remus we want you guys to get creative and use recycled material
materials to make your own Kris and Remus so the best suggestion I can give
you guys is using something like the old paper towel tube or toilet paper roll
and fashioned it in a way that it looks like Kris or Remus maybe it’s some
paint some markers use your creativity and see what you guys can make and make
the dynamic duo and maybe see what the differences are between Remus here and
Kris maybe one of them is going to have more spots than the other we really want
to see what you guys have and what you can bring so please tag us if you
complete your creations tag us here at the Cincinnati Zoo so we can see that
and share it on our social pages as well all right we’re going to go ahead and
get ready and we’re gonna take these guys on a walk around the zoo you won’t catch sure heading out good
now this is like I said this is a first for them so is the first time Kris has
been able to walk in the zoo this is something that we can do because there’s
nobody else here right so it’s a unique opportunity for our animals to explore
something new and different we’re not sure the statue the actual
lions our luck closed for the season don’t worry Kris
she has started learning how to run in our running yard
we did have some a few nice days of weather a few weeks ago so we got her
outside and running on our lure there is a video of her first run on there you
can see how she did she did pretty great and she’ll hopefully be running in our
team encounter by the end of this summer at least it is a pretty big field like I
said it’s about the size of a football field so she has to build up that
stamina and energy first before she’s able to run that full distance so that’s
part of why dream is also really important he allows her to play and they
run together in the yard to help her build up that energy and stamina this is
are really awesome new renovated lion exhibit if you guys haven’t seen it yet
there’s also a video of that from the social media pages to check out Oh alright should we head over by Remus and
say goodbye to everyone very invested in these stinky logs here all right well thank you so much guys
for tuning in for our Home Safari today like I said earlier be sure to check out
the website for an activity that you guys can do at home
also for some really cool things like our new Kris and Remus merchandise
and please donate if you can to help the zoo do it I’ll do it great care that
we’re providing for our animals stay tuned tomorrow at 3 o’clock for another
Home Safari

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