22 thoughts on “How my near-death experience changed my life | Death Land #5”

  1. Thanks so much for your uploads.
    Highly recommend watching a video on Christina Newman’s channel called her last 5 days. Absolutely beautiful as told by her best friend.

  2. I had a near miss once, then I became grateful for this life, then I got back into old ways of living and now I regret why I had a near miss. Sad, but true. Regardless, I just perform my duties as usual and will embrace death whenever it comes, I have no fear.
    Edit: Pardon my grammar. I had a near miss with a bullet shot.

  3. "Nothing to fear about death." With all due respect, this gentleman did not die, and he can not report to us what does or does not happen when one dies. What he can, and did, say is that he did not feel fearful during the episode when he nearly died.
    Perhaps what he experienced was simply the mind or spirit encountering the body's infrastructure (as it were) caught in limbo, between life and death.
    What is crucial is that we never hear about the experience of death from people who have actually died. Obviously.
    That having been said, death is natural, and there is no Hell in the afterlife to fear. We simply no longer exist. No need to live life in fear of the end of life. That's no way to live at all.

  4. The Guardian – if you don't send Leah Green to the Amazon for some ayahuasca how about Nepal for a meditation retreat?

  5. death is nt scary its just sad when you have to leave the party, and not see all your friends and family again. not living any more.

  6. Cupcake I am more than happy to go knowing I did not sell my soul just like my grandad I will have an unmarked stone in the moors.

  7. This series is just wonderful, Leah you are so beautiful and smart! I am so happy you are sharing your journey with us, it is fascinating! And I agree with David, there is something after death, and I'm not afraid thank goodness. I hope you have found some peace from this experience. – Mary 🙂

  8. How does making peace with death change the reality of it? If I make peace with falling over a cliff, I still fall off a cliff and get bashed on the rocks. How I feel about is irrelevant

  9. did it once, wasn't so bad. woke up in a&e with many tubes and monitors attached, then it started to hurt. I've never felt the need to make a documentary about it.

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