How Probiotics Can Influence Gut Bacteria?

How Probiotics Can Influence Gut Bacteria?

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath from New
Zealand. Thank you for checking out my video again. I always appreciate it. Interesting study. I like looking at studies all the time. The study conducted recently in Russia, IMTO
University, March 2019, I believe it is, a very recent one, where they had a look at
probiotics added to yogurt. They got 150 volunteers, and they checked
out their microbiome on day one and on day 30, and they gave people 125 milliliters of
yogurt in the morning and in the evening, just a small amount with probiotics added. What they found, of course, every microbiome
of each person was slightly different, but they did notice an increase in the bifidobacteria
across the board in general. And of course, more bifidobacteria will also
allow the body to break lactose down more effectively, which will confer benefits to
the human host, both in terms of boosting immunity, because bifidobacteria had a big
effect on immunity, but also by providing the body with more protein, like more amino
acids, for example. But having increased bifidobacteria, other
studies I’ve read have shown it reduces the body’s ability to develop cardiovascular disease,
cancer, and diabetes. So again, another study showing that probiotics,
when fortified in foods, are very beneficial for your health. Don’t let people pull the wool over your eyes
and tell you that probiotics are a waste of time and they’re useless. The Russians have been studying probiotics
now for well over 100 years, and the benefits are profound. Thanks for tuning in.

5 thoughts on “How Probiotics Can Influence Gut Bacteria?”

  1. Another great report! Yes I've had a naturopath who claims we don't need Probiotics and he also pushes a raw vegan diet which didn't help me heal at all and taking Baking soda to alkalise the stomach- would love to know your thoughts on that?
    Actually 'Colostrum LD' has helped me a lot with gut and skin issues and starting to eat meat again (as hard as it is for me psychologically) is helping my digestive system and warming my body and Acupuncture too; also taking Saccharomyces Boulardii with Bifido etc.
    The Vegan diet has failed me I'm afraid to say and all vegan Naturopaths too lol.

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