How Scientists Stopped Light

How Scientists Stopped Light

Anthony: Scientists have stopped light and
trapped it in a crystal for a full minute. Show offs. Anthony: Anthony here for Dnews and look!
I’ve set out some candy, and I trapped a Sourcefed! Hello lady Sourcefed. Lee: I’m Lee Newton, or just Lee. Anthony: Lady Sourcefed everybody! Lee: Anyway, light thinks it’s pretty impressive.
It gets to be a particle and wave at the same time. And it travels at the speed of around 300,000
meters/second. Which means it can get to the moon and back
20 times in a single minute. Until we trap it in a crystal for that minute,
Zod style, who’s impressive now, light? Anthony: A German team from the University
of Darmstadt, stopped particles of light for a full minute using crystals and lasers, which is the most 80’s scifi thing I think
I’ve ever heard of. So you’ve got an opaque crystal and its atoms
are all vibrating around, like they do. And at any time, those atoms could be in a
couple of different states. And the team fired lasers into the crystal
to make those atoms exist in a quantum super position. Lee: Which is the worst James Bond move. Anthony: Which is a mix of those two states. In that super position, the opaque crystal
became transparent to certain kinds of light. So they fired a second laser into the now
transparent crystal, and it passed through. And then they shut off the first laser and
whoops! Crystal is opaque again. And the particles of light from the second
beam are trapped in the crystal. Lee: Now this isn’t the first time we put
light in its place either. A previous experiment by a German team, two years ago, used super
cold atoms to stop light for a couple of seconds. Anthony: Why do this? Basically, so the other scientists fear and
respect you. But also, if we trap light, we can use it
to store and retrieve data. And that’s a big deal because currently, computers
store data as a 1 or a 0 and they process that data 1 bit at a time. Lee: Because light can exist in different
states at once, we could store data in a 1 or a 0 both at once. Meaning computers could crunch data much faster
and work on multiple problems at the same time. It’s called quantum computing. And if we can
make it work cheaply and reliably, we’ll be sending and receiving incredibly secure data
and processing it at speeds completely unreachable by today’s computers. Anthony: Sexy, secure Snapchats at the speed
of light everybody! That’s all I can think to use it for. Lee: I know. It’s all we could ever do. You
know what I think? So many puppy pictures all at once. Secure
puppy safe and secure puppy pictures. Anthony: Now you guys might be wondering,
“Hey, what’s Lee Newton doing here?” What are you here for Lee Newton? Lee: I just followed the hand basket I was
in. Anthony: Lee is here for the next few days
and Laci Green is over at Sourcefed. Lee, where is the Sourcefed? Lee: It’s at Go say hi to Laci. Anthony: There you go. And subscribe here
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  1. voice of that woman is so high it hurts my ears lol, other than that terrible humor (you shouldn't have humor on a science channel eitherway, we're here to learn about science and that's everything, no need to waste our time with bad jokes) smh

  2. Look the new formula for photon's energy on the SALEH THEORY group's youtube chanel: Saleh Theory-com

  3. Hi Lee, I believe anything you say, even if it it doesn't always make sense😍😍. please tell that nerd to shut up he is so annoying..

  4. OMG here we go again with the misleading youtuber's.
    Light travels at 300,000 km per second at it's maximum in space.

    Light travels an estimated 300,000 meters per second on earths gravity.

    Clearly just typed in on google, speed of light, clap clap for the handicapped 🙂

  5. incredibly interesting topic, but i whish you had spent more energy on exploring the actual content and less energy being super crazy fun. I appreciate my lecturer having fun, because it does spice things up, but the girl is a bit too crazy imho

  6. You couldn't use that light for storing information because of decoherence. Solve decoherence and we have quantum computers.

  7. ..great video if you like being talked down to by a couple of millennials who rattle on and on and on with minimal of exposition or sober insight. Both voices grate, the guy's testicles have nod dropped nor has the annoying bitch had her first period!

  8. Light is a particle and a wave. What if we can slow down the speed of light to make it as slow as mcdonalds wifi.

  9. Next time just say 186,000 miles per second. Everyone knows how long a second is and everyone knows how long a mile is. No need for measurement or calculation.

  10. "How Scientists Stopped Light" nope they made it take multiple paths within the crystal. the speed of light is still approximately 299792458 mps. As speed of light as we know it is constant and interestingly doesn't according to relativity age either.

  11. Ohhhh yeah I can put light in its place too. First I'll make my girlfriend legally change her name to light then give her 2 black eyes. There you go light in its place.

  12. too little explanation or too lazy to make a quality content video 🙁 and speed of light mentioned is wrong 😛

  13. No i don't think that they stopped light. If that experiment would have really stopped the electromagnetic particles i.e photons then wouldn't have been able to see the crystal or light in the crystal at all. All of us can see objects because light travels and enters our eyes. So, if we are able to see the light inside the crystal then its not stopped but bouncing inside it (bouncing from atoms of the crystal) and traveling into our eyes

  14. Hmmm…this technology could be used in military armor designs to absorb laser fire and in stealth aircraft as a form of active optical stealth.

  15. So you trap light and put the crystal in a mirror box. Wouldn't it bounce around forever. And doesn't it mean infinite energy?

  16. What a pointless video…But hey, i won't judge all the 3,2 million people who subscibed to this channel.

  17. Very cool. I always considered Schrödinger's cat as a metaphor to explain away a condition that scientists couldn't explain, it never seemed possible that such superposition could actually exist in reality. This experiment seems to prove that the state of superposition exists, very cool!

  18. Lene Hau and her team slowed light down to a hault in 2001. And btw she is not german but danish.

  19. This also has promise for spectrophotometer detectors. If the crystals are tunable to certain emission frequencies of atomic electron transitions in either inorganic orbitals, or organic conjugated systems, then via filtering, the emissions of light from sources many light years away could be checked for certain emissions, such as that from organic compounds characteristic of life. It’s just a matter of having the crystal structure/lattice tuned to that particular frequency. This may be possible through analysis of X-ray diffraction patterns (flower of life).

  20. So they fired laser light into a crystal and shot more light into the crystal and the crystal held the light inside for a minute. Pretty sweet. It reminds me of charging a glow in the dark toy by subjecting to to a close encounter with a light bulb. I then would shut the light off and watch the awesome glowing toy in my hands. Amazing. Anyone else have a similar experience. I will have to look for video footage.

  21. I was gaming about 6 months ago, playing super ghouls and ghosts. I was playing a snow stage and had a thought, can you freeze light. Is there a absolute zero for light? Ha, that's awesome someone did it.

  22. This is huge, too huge for these two too old for Disney two. Wow, I'm shook by this find, weapons, home products. He'll this is the beginning of the freeze ray.

  23. I wonder if it’s properties are preserved? Where can I find more details on this experiment? Is it possible to reproduce this at a low cost?!

  24. What happens when you trap an hour's worth of high energy laser light in a crystal and release it all at once at a person or thing?. Combine the comming super capacitors made of carbon nano fibers with the comming supersolar panels made of the same material and transfer this high electrical energy through very thin nano wires to your laser and store up mega joules of llight energy in you crystal and pull the trigger. Such a weapon would do the same job as a large cannon and come from a soldier's personal rifle or pistol type weapon. 😮

  25. secure not at all… as always once a piece of tech hits the market, or even before, there are already hackers working it out as it hits the market.

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