How to check your gender bias while watching the primary debates | Hannah Explains

How to check your gender bias while watching the primary debates | Hannah Explains

43 thoughts on “How to check your gender bias while watching the primary debates | Hannah Explains”

  1. This is wack like I don’t know why this totally matters expecially when there’s multiple women this time

  2. The Candidates I think might break out are Beto , Kamala & Tulsi. A wide array of talent. The 3 Best To Beat Trump. The Ultimate Prize.

  3. BTW Washington Post is a Jeff Bezos propaganda rag. The paper also gets money from the CIA, presumably to spout talking points they like.

  4. Check your vocal fry, it's so superficial and dismissive. Kardashian appropiation, from a "journalist", really?

  5. Yikes, so many dislikes when addressing a real problem. America suffers still from misogyny especially from women. Depressing but true.

  6. Women politicians aren't discriminated against because of gender, but they certainly use it to deflect criticism of their terrible policy agenda.

  7. I love how white woman gets a lecturer everybody on what they should do and believe sounds privileged to me and of course they went to college

  8. As a natural born female, I was offended when someone assumed my gender because I was actually in the ladies bathroom and a male walked in. He assumed my gender.😂

  9. I didn't know there was such a thing as a 'woman' these days. When men can just claim they're women because of some mental disorder, then what is a woman?

  10. The Dems are DOOMED… and I'm a Never Trump Republican… come on idiots… get with it… you're dropping the ball…

  11. May the best man – or woman – win. Hopefully based on what they say as individuals, not the gender of who’s providing said comments. I don’t care if they’re emotional or pushy – the men or women – as we’re all human. So, best of luck to everyone to be judged in their individual worth and contributions, rather than being just judged as points on a checklist…

  12. Or realize many of the female candidates (like the male candidates) for the nomination are liars and untrustworthy

  13. Who is watching this? WaPo greatly overestimates people's interest in vapid liberal topics. Not one of these women is credible or qualified. WaPo losers…

  14. Multiple women that are terrible options. But dont worry, I'm not biased, the democrat men are terrible chooces too.

  15. The women on stage should fear mostly the other women. Just like in all other areas in life. Women deep down despise one another if they are wanting the same thing. They know more than anyone how it is. I could vote for a woman in the white house if she was anything but a democrat. Democrat and female = no go at this station.

  16. Okay this might be contraversial ….. I am female and would rather vote for a nonsensitive factual man for an elected position. Let me explain. Most Women and sensitive men tend to base immediate decisions on emotions. Its the way women are designed with all this estrogen hormone makeup. Its biology of the woman. For 30 yrs traveled and been in many meetings across nation with men and women VPs and never worked with one woman in a VP position that did not base immediate decisions on emotions and a day later thought about the facts to backup her decision. Sensitive men tend to do the same. However, there is an alternative- one thing that changes that emotion for women – a total hysterectomy AND after menopause. After that she is pretty level headed. Wow sorry ladies but that's science and now am loving it. Hhmmm maybe I should run for office now. Hhmm. Oh I do have one woman I would have backed– Margaret Thatcher but most likely at her age she fell into the alternative. That's probably why even the men treated her with great respect .

  17. What if I told you that voting for a woman just because she's a woman is just as sexist as not voting for a woman because she is a woman? Race, gender, age should NOT matter. What they say when running shouldn't matter unless their record verifies their past record on that stance. What the media says should not affect how you vote because they all have an agenda. Identity bs needs to be left out of your vote. Past track record should really be all that matters. Did they stand against the majority when it was the right thing to do or are they someone who has gotten a lot of things wrong and then apologizes for it later once 70% of the public agrees with that stance and it is safe politically to do so or once they are running for President? We need leaders not followers and apologies. We need true progressives not politicians who stood against progression in 2016 but now decide to copy a real progressive's platform because they think it will help them win. Do your own fact checking via multiple unbiased sources. Stop being tricked into voting against your own needs by peoe spouting identity politics bs.

  18. Who comprises the Hanna Explains target audience? I'm just sort of baffled. I don't want to dump on it, because it's not terrible. But what's the point? Content with the WP imprimatur should be more compelling.

    Which is to say, this is a branding problem, not a content problem.

    That one's free.

  19. I'm so glad there are now formulas out there to tell us we are oppressed, racist, or sexist. How much better our world will become if we all take these quizzes and become woke. 🙄 how about stop whining and if you don't like it, telling someone they are misogynists does zero good, standing up to men like Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony. Be a real feminist and start standing up, be confident and respect and celebrate our unique roles as women.

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