How to drill an aquarium for eshopps overflow - 38g build Ep.2

How to drill an aquarium for eshopps overflow – 38g build Ep.2

so in this video I'll be showing you how to drill an aquarium to add an overflow I'll show you how to drill an aquarium so this 38 gone behind us we'll go ahead and drill it for overflow and a return for the overflow we'll be using a shout Eclipse in a large filter it has three one-inch drains with a one emergency tube and as the in tank portion as well the actual skimmer itself so we'll be adding that to this tank plus we'll be adding a three-quarter inch return line with a pump is a DC pump rated for I believe it's a little over a thousand gallons per hour this overflow will be controllable with gate valves along with the return will be controllable with a DC controller so often is a very overwhelming to drill a tank but with a couple easy tips it's very easy to do and hopefully a lot of people will be more tempted to try it but here is everything I'm using just a brushless the wall drill this is a cup of room temperature water that we'll use to keep everything cool and then this is the diamond bit I don't know if this will focus but you can see like almost like a sparkle to that that's because it's a diamond plated bit and basically this just kind of I don't know how to explain it mulch is the glass I guess it doesn't actually cut like a typical bit so it's very critical that when we drill we let the weight of the drill cut through the glass rather than pushing on it like a normal bit now that we have everything we can go ahead and get started so first things first we need to go ahead and measure out where we want this to go I'm looking at the left side of the tank so the shop's supplied a it's not shelves it's actually shops the e is missing I have used this template quite a few times but this is a template supply to what the kit for all their different sizes they supply templates which makes this a really friendly kit and they also supply the diamond bit as well but it's a very nice template we need to go ahead and get this measured out as far as where we want it to go on the tank and then once we have that measured off we'll go ahead and clamp this template to the tank and then we can go ahead and start drilling but I have everything clamped on and ready to go basically what I did was I measured from the bottom on both sides of the template to this bottom rim of the tank which was ten and a half inches both ways that's just ensure that it is leveled that's why we measure from both sides but we have a clamp down there it's pretty sturdy right now so what I like to do to get started is to go ahead and add a little bit of water for each hole the water will just sit in there and acts as a lubricant and keeps things cool as we're starting to drill through the glass so let's go ahead and get the drill and everything ready and start drilling okay one thing you see I added was a couple strips of electrical tape basically that's just so when the glass actually when it cuts through the electrical tape will catch the glass so it doesn't fall through and hit the glass on the other side in case the electrical tape missed it I did put some towels down below it so that that would catch the glass and the water as well and not make a mess all over the rest of the tank all right so when you start this I always suggest putting just a little bit of water or a lot it doesn't really matter and the really important thing to do is make sure you do not you do really you really don't want to push so I just get a clue my neighbors are gonna hate me after this video putting any pressure on the girls is kind of going to Sancho and make sure that at all times the glass does have water and want to take this out there's still a puddle of water here you've got to make sure that that's in there that's very important and we're through and as you can see the tape caught it below which is just what we intended to do so what I had to do and is a fast-forward through to the second one so now with both holes drew we can go ahead and start getting things cleaned up but as you can see it went pretty well very easy to do and we now have tools okay so on this next one we're basically just gonna freehand it basically so one we freehand would it start at an angle so if I can kind of illustrate this it ever so slightly angle just to get a groove then as it slowly starts digging in will slowly straighten it out and go straight down in I don't have a template for this so that's why we're going to freehand it but it's not the hardest as well as but this you have to be a little bit more patient since you do not have a template but let's get started [Applause] [Applause] all right so like it's not very easy to do we just drilled three holes with no problems and in total about ten to fifteen minutes and to be honest with you I could have taken a little bit more time but it worked out great we now have the returned wine and both overflows so let's go ahead and get things cleaned up and we will be done all right guys so if you like that tutorial on how to draw aquarium please like comment subscribe and if you have any questions please leave them down in the comments I hope this helped on how to drill it maybe build up a little bit of confidence that's kind of the goal here but other than that thanks for watching and have a great day

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