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Hey everybody! Welcome to Life With Gwen and
Joe, and we have a very special show today. And what’s our show about? It’s about doing good. In fact it’s about
good deeds. So hang in there and watch this. It’s good to be good. It’s good to be
kind. . . Life With God is so good. So come join us in this fun life where we
put God in the center of everything. Let’s talk about good deeds. Let’s see,
what does God have to say about what He expects from us doing good deeds for others. Oh, I mean the scriptures are full of it.
How can you overlook it that people think about “that’s a work” or whatever, and
I’m sitting there going, you better believe it, like we get to do good and work for God
and His Kingdom, and that’s what we’ll be doing upstairs anyway. So think about how
it makes you feel. Think about how, you know, how do you feel after doing something good
for someone? That’s a truly fulfilling thing, to know
that you went out of your way and did some selfless act for another person, and God talks
in the Bible, I mean Jesus talked about treating your neighbor as though you would have them
treat you. So doing acts like that ultimately is very, it’s just very gratifying, to know
that you are giving of yourself. Yeah, did you, you know…I did Brownie Scouts.
Did you do any of that? I did Brownie Scouts too. I actually didn’t go past being a Brownie
Scout and sold the cookies and that kind of stuff. You know, that was part of being a
Brownie Scout—you go and do something good. So even the world will talk about…I mean,
you’ve got the Peace Corp, you’ve got so many different things in the world where
everyone in the world applauds doing good deeds. And so, why not all of us get behind
that and teach it to our children. From Titus 3:8 it says: Romans 2:7 I mean it’s persistence. I mean there are
so many more, I mean, scriptures, but he’s asking us to: …and then he talks about for salvation,
doing good. And then so we have a lot of ministries. In fact all the ministries, I would say that
we’ve got, are about doing good…and one of them is the Prison Ministry. Let’s talk about the Prison Ministry for
a minute because the Remnant has an amazing prison ministry. And you know, these prisoners
in these prisons, I know that the connotation there is that these guys deserve to be there,
and they have committed crimes and all that, but the prison conditions are such that it
is very hard for these prisoners, once they’ve done their sentences, to come out of those
places with any true hope about life, with any kick-start back into the world. And to
reach out to these guys who are there—they are hungry for human connection, for outside
connection. So this church has been so amazing in doing that. I am always really inspired
to see all the people involved in that, reaching out to these guys in prison. I can tell you it’s one of my most fulfilling
times, and watching the humility of these men is second to none. I mean, it was inspiring
to me. That’s the message I want to get across, is that the irony in God is calling
us to do good is that we are more blessed from doing that good than the good that we
do! So it’s truly, it’s for us. It’s inspirational. Are you bored? Are you down?
Are you unconcerned? Then here’s the way to do it. Get up and go do good, and then
you’ll be inspired. These guys are so humble. I mean they have hurt so much. God is using
it to help people to turn toward Him. To see that footage of you talking with these
men, praying with these men and their reaction to you is just very, very inspirational. It
really breaks your heart to see how broken down these men get in prison, and for you
to show up and feed them Spirit and just feed them hope and… It’s just an amazing thing.
And there is a very big reward for people who can do stuff like that for these men. That’s what all these, these guys on the
Prison Teams say. They say there is nothing like it. They wouldn’t…they wouldn’t
quit it for anything because they are getting more out of it. These guys travel for thousands of miles just
to go teach classes and teach them about how to get this relationship with God. And these
people that do this are just…talking about true saints! I mean, you’ve got Linda Hardin,
you’ve got Jodi, you’ve got the MacPhersons and Durville, yeah, all these guys, they are
amazing. And there is another whole group that does a mailout. They do fifteen hundred
foldouts and mailouts a week. So these guys are amazing. Out of ten states in the U.S. and Canada,
right? Yeah, we’re in ten states. The prison ministry
has expanded to ten states. And I also wanted to mention that the Remnant
received the Faith Based Program of the Year award from the prison system for reaching
out to these prisoners and showing them love and keeping in touch with them and giving
them hope and spreading the gospel to them. So that’s a beautiful thing. It is beautiful. I also want to mention the
Eikenberrys, also the Abelts, Brenda. I mean some of these people specifically visit like
Joseph Smith and Sonya. You know, what breaks our heart is that there are situations where
there are people there that are innocent and been falsely accused. It’s something that
people can do to others. It’s always been around – the Bible talks about falsely accusing
and how if somebody falsely accuses someone, they are not on their way to Heaven. I mean
that just a big no-no, and I see why now because it is so hard. But then, you know, Paul talks
about going in there and never neglecting visiting those in prison, those Saints in
prison. So it’s beautiful. To think that somebody would be falsely accused
and put into that environment without ever having committed the crime that they are accused
of is… Breaks my heart. Because the conditions are just scary. I don’t think anybody can
fathom leading the lifestyle that they know and being put into the prison system. It is
not a good time, and we pray for those guys. We do. We do. Now Jesus talked about…look
at his life. He set the example. We’re to follow in his footsteps. And this is what
his days look like. Alright, so we could speak from Acts. It says: Wow! And so it’s exciting to know that we
are doing what Jesus did. That’s right. That’s right. His acts,
to think that Jesus was put on this earth to go around doing that and how we’re supposed
to kind of be Christ-like and kind of be of that mind set is an amazing thing. It really
requires a special understanding of what our true intentions are, what God expects of us.
And you’ve got to really reach down deep to get to that place because you know, in
our daily lives we get caught up and we tend not to think about the needy. But that’s
really what we’re supposed to do. Exactly. And then it makes us feel better…and
not just those you love. I mean, it talks about in the Bible that anybody can love the
lovely or love giving something to someone who is going to give back to you, like it’s
reciprocal, but with the type of love that Jesus and God is asking to see is in our heart.
Would we do good even if we get nothing in return? So, you know, that’s where the true
test comes in. So doing good and . . . And not expecting anything back. Not to become weary. Right. In Galatians: Let’s don’t give up. Let’s keep going.
And we will reap a harvest All the different ministries out there, from
counsel, doing things with those that are sick, those that are aged. A lot of needs
right there in those last few years of life. People are doing good with helping with weddings.
They are helping with children, which is huge. They are helping with assemblies. They are
helping with music. We’ve got so many people doing beautiful things. The Remnant is an amazing place, and I am
so proud of everybody, the way they reach out to everyone. Not just the prison ministry
but people that come from out of town, people that have family problems, have marital problems,
that have financial problems…youth-oriented ministry…it’s just an amazing thing to
watch. It is. It’s amazing. So, I am excited about
it. We’re going to leave the show, and we’re going to go make our list of what we’re
going to do, to do good things. So we want you to join us with that…but thank you for
joining us in watching Life With Gwen and Joe! We’re very blessed that you’d spend this
time with us. Thank you so much, see you soon.

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