How to live a stoic life ? Meditations by Marcus Aurelius ► ANIMATED BOOK REVIEW

How to live a stoic life ? Meditations by Marcus Aurelius ► ANIMATED BOOK REVIEW

Marcus Aurelius is widely considered one
of the wisest of Rome’s Emperors and it’s a central figure of the stoic
movement. His work, “Meditations” is one of my favorite all-time books because it
masterfully combines theoretical stoicism with practical philosophy.
Bear with me for the next few minutes and I can assure you that your life
perspective will change because these five principles that I will try to
explain can be applied by anyone – right after you digest the information.
Stoics are people of systems. They believe the world exists and acts in a
coherent way by following rational rules under the patronage of a powerful force
called Logos. Basically what Marcus Aurelius also explains is that if you do
a few things right you will win and no one can prevent that… But what are these
things? Let’s dive in! I remember my grandfather telling me how hard he worked
for his employer for close to 40 years and how other people were promoted while
he was the one actually deserving that. I asked him: “But why did he continue to
work there? Why did you continue to work as hard if you were not treated fairly?”
His answer was: “Because work defined who I was and it wasn’t just a vehicle to
arrive somewhere or to obtain something. And I was sleeping fine seeing things in
this way. This story is relevant because the first principle from Meditations
that I want you to remember is: Do your job in a principled way with diligence
energy and patience. People who lived under communist regimes
have heard a lot of stories about the oppression from prisons. Still, many
autobiographies written by people who spent excruciating years in that
environment are full of positive and amazingly kind thoughts this being their
way of fighting the mental and physical pressure that they had to tolerate. The
same happened with the people who survived the Holocaust. If you read the
book “Man’s search for meaning” by Viktor Frankl you know that finding a reason to
stay alive is what helped him move forward. This is why the second principle
I want you to remember is: Keep the spirit inside you undamaged no matter
how hard things currently are. One of the main beliefs of Buddhists is “pain is
inevitable”; so when something good happens in John’s life like his daughter
graduating from high school his thoughts aren’t in the lines of “I’m so happy that
nothing could happen to me right now”. No. He’s enjoying the moment by being
present in the now. He’s hugging his wife, kissing his baby girl for the great
results she achieved and he’s not thinking about the mortgage he didn’t
pay. But this doesn’t mean the mortgage doesn’t exist for him. He knows that
problem should be handled, it is there but now is not the time to feel bad
about it. This current moment is about family and the joy of sharing such
amazing moments. It’s not about complaining about the past or being worried about
the future .That’s why the third principle is: Find fulfillment in what
you are doing NOW. People are social animals and there isn’t much we can do
to change that. We have had this behavior for thousands of years because it helped
us to survive in times where Homo sapiens were not the kings and queens of
this world. As social animals, one of the main things
we do is to seek approval of other people. This shouldn’t be a problem if we
would have a great filter to choose the perfect people whose approval we desire
but unfortunately and paradoxically we suck when it comes to understanding
other people. Let me explain: If a smart 18 year old kid who spends
his time reading and riding his bike seeks the approval of his neighbor
who enjoys spending time with the friends of his unemployed alcoholic 30
year old brother, he will ultimately try to blend in that group.
I’ve seen many amazing people choosing the wrong path just because they were
seeking approval from the wrong groups and believe me it hurts to see so much
wasted potential. If you are really into playing basketball for example, find
three four other guys who are better than you and seek their approval. If
you’d like to write a book or maybe open a YouTube channel find someone who did
that successfully, tell them what you have in mind and work toward getting
their approval. This is how you’ll progress out your own positive path and
I will tell you toward your own positive path. And I will tell you one more thing. If you chose the wrong directions previously,
it’s cool; don’t go hard on yourself for those episodes. We’ve all been there
multiple times. The fact that you are following this animation means that you
are capable of understanding what very few can so I think you’ll be just fine.
This being said the fourth principle is: Be careful whose approval you seek. Everything you do is a decision.
EVERYTHING. Get used to this idea and take responsibility because in the end
there is absolutely no one who can harm your mind in order to make the wrong
decision. Sounds weird? Let me explain!
Let’s say that you are three hours into your normal schedule at your job and the
boss comes and asks you about the project you’ve been working on. You
explain where you are in the process and he/she starts to shout that you are late and
incapable of understanding how important the project is. She finishes by telling
you “And on top of that…You are also pretty lazy for how well you are paid!!!”
What do normal people do when this happens? After the boss walks out
they are either worried about their jobs or angry because they felt his remarks
were false. At this point you have two options: see yourself as per his or her
perspective or see yourself as the person you know you are. If you choose to
believe your boss’ perspective as true you lose. You should never see yourself
through the lens of other people they never lived your life, they don’t know
what’s in your mind and soul and they know so little that you cannot give them
so much power. If you see yourself as you know you are you win, if and only if, you
don’t get angry and you are objective in your judgement. If you do get angry you
lose again because you win nothing from rage. Every idiot can show rage for any
reason so you don’t need any skill for that. Do you feel comfortable being in
such select company? To summarize: You will win only if you use objective
judgment to see how you actually are, decide how true his statements about
your progress are and make the necessary adjustments, if necessary, in order to
deliver better results. Objective judgment will help you with avoiding
lying to yourself and it will give you the power to ignore
any random Joe who tells you any random shit. The fifth principle is: Sse
objective judgment in any aspect of your life. okay guys, let’s summarize the five most important ideas from Marcus Aurelius
“Meditations”: Number one: do your job in a principled way with diligence, energy and
patience. Number two: Keep the spirit inside you undamaged no matter how hard
things currently are. Number three: Find fulfilment in what you are doing NOW.
Number four: be careful whose approval you seek. Number five: Use objective
judgment in any aspect of your life. You know, the book is full of smart quotes
and I will leave you with two of the most interesting ones: “Be indifferent to
what makes no difference” and “think yourself has dead. You have lived your
life. Now take what’s left and live it properly” This is my take on “Meditations”
one of the most influential books about stoicism. Apply the things we have just
discussed and see how it goes. See the ones that will enrich your life and be
brave when it comes to making the necessary changes. You really can’t go
wrong. Now it’s your turn you know: Leave us a comment with a moment in your life
when any of these principles have helped or would have helped you. Our commitment
is to answer to all the comments. If you think we did a reasonable job please
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your time dislike the video because this feedback
will force us to become better. C ya!

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    Very true. I've found it hard to implement, yet it is vital for a happy life. Work in progress.

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  2. "Think yourself as dead." You have lived your life. Now take what's left and live it properly." That's my take away quote from this presentation. It's so powerful. Thanks for the video. Great job. 👍

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    "When you face someone's insults, hatred, whatever…look at his soul. Get inside him. Look at what sort of person he is. You'll find you don't need to strain to impress him. But you do have to wish him well. He's your closest relative. The gods assist him just as they do you – by signs and dreams and every other way – to get the things he wants."

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