How to make a scientific poster that people want to stop at

How to make a scientific poster that people want to stop at

The scientific poster needs to be
gripping so you have to focus on what your key message is and make sure you
put that clearly in your title. The key message or the key tips that I would give is to really pay attention not to have unnecessary words on the
poster. Minimise the text, focus on the graphics, and introduce graphics that are
easy to understand. So you clearly want to have one graphic, for example, which outlines the design of the study, the methodology that you’re utilising and
then followed of course by graphics that convey the scientific results. You also
need to have some text that describes the main conclusions from your project
and the take-home messages. The take-home messages need to be clearly visualised and clearly described for them to be taken up by your listeners. In addition
to this when you’re presenting your poster to a listener you want to make
sure that you assess the expertise level of your listener, so that you
can tailor your delivery to the person that’s standing in front of you. You
don’t want to give the same level of details, for example, to somebody who
already knows a bit about the topic because you will disinterest him and at
the same time for somebody who is completely unaware of the research area
you’re in, you need to provide a little bit more explanation so that they’re
able to follow the work that you’ve carried out. So often the most exciting
science because it’s unpublished is covered in posters.

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