How to Make Working Model of Heart and Circulatory system of Human for Science Project

How to Make Working Model of Heart and Circulatory system of Human for Science Project

asalam o aliakum welcome to Pakistan science club i am Aiman rasheed today we are going to make a working model of heart things needed to make this working model of heart are small balloons big balloons half inch pvc pipe cape drip pipe medicare physio ball and some tools first of all we will make valves for heart system for this we need pvc pipe cape small balloons and drip pipe we will make two holes in pvc pipe cape one is in the center and one is little bit on the side as you can see i have made the holes we will cut the collar of balloon and cut it in half and will use the upper part of balloon now we will fix this balloon on drip pipe with tape like this same way we will prepare the second valve cut the collar and then cut it in half also and fix it on the drip pipe like we did earlier now we will cut one pipe with the distance of 1 inch then we will fix the small drip pipe in the center hole of pvc pipe cape like this and will fix the long drip pipe in the other hole from inside of the cape our valve is ready same way we will prepare the second valve both valves are ready what actually happens in this valve is when we blow the air it passes through the balloon when we suck it the air stops due to contraction as you can see it cannot let the air to pass through now we will cut this physio ball from center with knife we will fix the pvc pipe in this ball but before that we will make some space on the ball for pvc cape to be fixed properly we will cut some part of the ball with scissor now we will attach this cape on the ball and fix it with glue gun first part of our heart model is ready same way we will prepare the second part now we will cover it with big balloon for this i need some help from my team member we will fix drip chamber on the small valve with glue gun and cut the nose tip of drip chamber one part is complete now we will test it now we will connect two more pipes with drip chamber with glue we will join both parts with tape we covered the heart with red electric tape now we will test it that how it works when the heart sucks doxygenated blood go through the right chamber of heart to the lungs and oxygenated blood comes back to the body organs through left chamber when the heart expand deoxygenated blood comes in right chamber and oxygenated blood go to the right chamber through lungs i hope you like our video if you face any problem in making of this project you can visit our community and ask question thank you

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  1. Mam I had made the model but the water is not flowing through the pipes. Plzz tell me how I can do it bcoz my project has been stopped

  2. I have made this by myself and with your help Thanks
    Please make more projects like this I appreciated you very much

  3. Can you explain how the water from one tube goes to the other. Please answer me school project and need help!!

  4. Is there anything else we can use rather then the drip chamber ? Pls answer I’m doing a project

  5. Mine didnt work. I got a 0 in my project. If you are considering doing this, please don't. The directions are very vague. Take it from me, do NOT do this!!!!

  6. Water is not sucking and releasing by drip pipe what can i do?? Plzz ansr me fast i have to submit it on 1 july my project has stopped fro 3 days plzz ansr m fast

  7. Ma'am ur model is vry gd but plz tell me that had u cut the baloon of the valve when u pasted it with glue gun becoz there seems only one ballon??
    Plzzz plzzz reply me as my model is stoped

  8. Thanku so much mam I had made this project at home and it's vry simple but mam I want to explain also it how I'll explain plz telll

  9. Can we use straw or something instead of drip pipe coz my teacher have asked to do the project with waste materials

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