How To Waste Your Life & Never Be Happy (A Short Story)

How To Waste Your Life & Never Be Happy (A Short Story)

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  1. Yes I am Noah..
    I will change from now ..
    And this comment will change me !
    Thanks for the video ..
    This could be life changer for MANY !!

  2. this can be taken the wrong way in that this video gives off the idea that anyone who wants to be financially successful will be unhappy while being mediocre will make you the happiest.
    this story reflects a bad image on wanting to be successful in society. it doesn’t show that along the way, you get to meet ambitious people, people who want to give back to society, and positive people. you have money and financial freedom to give to charity, start your passions, and inspire others.
    this video makes it seem like anyone who wants to be financially successful will not have friends and cannot find happiness in life.
    just remember, this video is just one example of a guy who became financially successful, but never got to meet great people along the way and found a greater purpose in life.
    so, anyone out there watching, if you wanna be successful, go out there, but don’t forget that you’ll meet great people along the way, get to enjoy life thru vacations, and you’ll have the ability to make a bigger difference in this world than mediocre people (noah’s brother).
    usually a fan of pursuit of wonder, but this video’s an exception

  3. Playing by the rules won't get you what you want; you have to be smart to get what you want, and even smarter to know what you want.

    And if you want material things then you have to be willing to be content with the fact that your gain is someone else's loss: nobody sells you something for its value, its marked up because that's how capitalism works. You can't fill your pockets without emptying someone else's, so why not just rob them. In fact, why not just shoot everybody in the head who stands between you and your goal? Nations and armies and soldiers do it but they're heros. You do it and you're a cruel murderer. But its the easiest way for you to survive. That's not cruel, its just common sense to cut out the fat and take the shortcuts. It'll be big news, but in 5minutes something else will go viral & almost everyone will forget. In 5years it will be a cold case. In 20 years the families of your victims will move on. In 100years you and them will all be dead. In a 1,000 years it will have no meaning to anyone anywhere. And given enough time the Earth's elliptical orbit will be narrower and narrower until it is sucked into the sun. But for a brief moment you were a rich baller who didn't have to work for money, you bought guitars, weed, and models licked coke off your balls while you snorted heroin off their tits & fucked their brains out. You get one of them pregnant, so you marry her, spoil your son or daughter, retire for good and keep a low profile. You never get caught. You have time to actually learn to play that guitar or pursue any other hobby or passion since money's not a problem and you dont have an employer to report to . You've travelled the world in your private jet eating caviar, calamari, you have enough Methadone to ensure you never had to go through withdrawal. Your actions never had any negative repercussions. You never even feel guilt because you're smart enough to know that ethics are an artificial construct manufactured by the majority opinion of society and nothing else so I ask you now:

    If I brought you back to life after the planet went extinct would you honestly tell me that you wished you had lived "an honest life?" (You don't have to convince me, but you do have to convince yourself.) And if the answer is no, then why should you live an honest life now? Just think about it. (Don't answer me, I don't care because I've heard it all before: bullshit sanctimonious responses that come from textbooks written by people incapable of admitting the truth, then read and regurgitated by people who think they're enlightened and that they'll recieve praise & we'll all clap for your self righteous speeches on moral fiber. You don't eat meat because you pity animals but if you were covered in bbq sauce that same animal would eat you up & shit out your teeth without any hesitation or moral dilemmas. THAT is the reality of our world, so either take a big bite or end up on someone else's fork.)

    It's a harmless thought experiment so please… spare me the high hat.

  4. These people are lucky to be born in such a place where working hard in a big company is enough . Unlike in my country , no matter how you work hard and even if you're in a high position , you're still paid poorly .

  5. After spending a decade drowning in debt and contemplating suicide, I'll take the loneliness and boredom with 15 million please. Gosh… I hope I can handle the burden of it all…

  6. Noah just needs to spend a few years gaining back his self-identity. He still has the luxury of money and time to figure it out comfortably.

  7. I read a survey a while back that showed over 80% of working people hate their jobs and only "stick it out" for the paycheque. I knew someone many years ago who was making a mid-six figure income with a major company but he was miserable. He finally quit and started doing what he enjoyed. He bought a small cottage resort on a lovely lake. He's not netting nearly as much money but he IS happy.

  8. Many of us live like we were immortals, always sacrificing a lot for a brighter future, working so hard at a job that makes us unhappy. We never know when our lives or our most loved ones end and all that effort goes down the drain.

  9. And his brother bought a house and raised a family, off the money he made selling his paintings. Something that is totally possible for anyone who enjoys painting.

  10. Keep in mind u can be happy at wherever you’re at! Take control of ur life, create your own freedom, and joys!

  11. Concentrate on doing what makes you happy and fulfilled, while saving money instead of spending money and take care of loving, supporting and nurturing your children in a safe and secure environment with a firm foundation; so that you can really be involved with your children and reap the rewards of enjoying your family grow up nurturing and loving their own. Placing value and focusing on your own family is a happy family and happy life. Be grateful and kind to others; the end.

  12. I hate how each video ends with a “deep” one liner. Most of the videos have a good general point to them but the one liners ruin it all

  13. Answer me this, doesn't noah eventually find his happiness?
    (thought line: noah progresses through life by wondering about something then working towards it, so doesn't he after looking at his brother wonder again and then achieve it?)…. Noah is a go getter🤷🏾‍♂️

  14. Money cant buy happiness they can buy crazy ass happiness. This video is how losers think rich people look like…in real life there is no rich guy envying a basic, useless, boring life …If Noah has no kids is because he dont need kids

  15. I built a small business from nothing, it took over my life and just when it was really paying off 20yrs all crashed and burned in the recession when clients went bankrupt. I risked everything and lost….but I had the balls to try. If you cannot risk EVERYTHING….your entire everything and decades of it. Then work for somebody and invest your money while you have the time to invest.Live simple now so you can live good when it's time to stop working. Good luck either way….your going to need it.

  16. I get the lesson. I feel like Noah even born the same year. only that I didn't achieve what he did. I'm somewhere in the middle between him and his brother. I believe most people are and instead of looking for money I am looking for happiness. At the end when he asked his brother how did he become so happy. He said" he didn't look so hard."

  17. I dont think that my Life must be happy at the and. I think that some people just got the short grashalm. And I understand it, if I am one of them. I dont need to be happy, to be satisfied.

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