Human Head Was Successfully Transplanted To Another Body

Human Head Was Successfully Transplanted To Another Body

The first transplant of a human head has been
carried out on a corpse in China during an operation that lasted 18 hours it has been
announced by Professor Sergio Canavero from Italy. The transplant operation shows that it is
possible for doctors to reconnect blood vessels, nerves and the spine and a head transplant
between donors who are brain dead is next. Dr. Frankenstein is not a fiction anymore
Professor Sergio Canavero said that the operation had shown that it was possible to reconnect
a head that had been severed. He said that in May scientists had undertaken
a head transplant on a rat and this had been a practice run for what has been a human experiment
that has been very controversial. Researchers used three different rats for
each of the operations, a smaller one which was the donor and two bigger rats, one of
which was the recipient and one the blood supply. In order for the doctors to be able to maintain
the blood flowing to the donor’s brain, they had to connect blood vessels from the rat
to the veins of a third via a silicon tube which was sent through a peristaltic pump. When the head of the rat had been transplanted
onto the body of the second rat the researchers then connected the donor’s superior vena
cava and thoracic aorta by vascular grafts onto the carotid artery and the extra-corporeal
veins of the rat recipient. Professor Canavero, who is the director of
the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, revealed the human head transplant had taken
place at a conference that was held in Vienna. He said that the transplant procedure had
been undertaken by a medical team headed by Dr. Xiaoping Ren. Last year Dr. Ren managed to graft the head
onto a monkey’s body. Full Report Of Head Transplant Is Expected
Within Days A full report of the procedure along with
the time-frame of the live transplant by the Harbin Medical University team is expected
in a few days. Talking at the conference, Canavero said that
nature had dictated rules to us for too long. He went on to say that people are born, grow,
age and then die. For many millions of years, human beings have
evolved, and 100 billion have died. He said that this was like genocide on a big
scale but now is the age where humans will be able to take back their destiny into their
own hands, and it is going to change everything at every level. He continued by saying that the first head
transplant of a human has taken place and this was something that everyone had said
was impossible to do, but it has been a success. Professor Canavero Has Been Called Dr. Frankenstein The shocking plans of Professor Canavero were
first made public in 2015. Valery Spiridonov, a computer scientist from
Russia who is severely handicapped, had been a volunteer to be the first human guinea pig. However, he now accepts that any hopes of
his own head being grafted onto the body of a healthy person are now over. More than likely the first live human head
transplant is going to take place on a person in China, and many volunteers have put their
name forward. In a study by the Harbin Medical University
in China Professor Canavero and researchers built upon some earlier head transplant experiments
when they wanted to find out how they would avoid damaging brain tissue throughout the
operation along with immune rejection over the long term. In September 2016 he had outlined what some
people termed Frankenstein experiments to bring human corpses back to life when testing
his techniques. He and his colleagues had talked about trials
for testing if it was possible for them to reconnect the spinal cord of a person’s
head to the body of another person and undertook tests that would stimulate the nervous system
in corpses that were fresh with electrical pulses. The whole aim of surgery was to cut the spinal
cord and make repairs and then use magnetic or electrical stimulation to reanimate the
nerves along with movement. Dr. Canavero along with colleagues wrote an
article for Surgical Neurology International and was likened to the Frankenstein story
where the professor had made use of electricity to bring a creature he has made up of body
parts to life. Critics Say Plans Of Dr. Canavero Are Fantasy
And He Is Crazy Dr. Canavero had pointed out that during the
1800s corpses that belonged to criminals had been experimented on after they had been hanged
and those tests had been successful. There are many critics of Canavero who say
that his plans are nothing but fantasy. The director of medical ethics at the Langone
Medical Center at the New York University said that Dr. Canavero was crazy. President-Elect of the American Association
of Neurological Surgeons said that he would not wish it on anyone and would not let the
doctor do it to him as there are things that are a lot worse than death. There are many other experts who oppose the
plans of Dr. Canavero and skeptics have said that the operation is still many years away
from becoming a reality in a live human being. However, it does look as though Dr. Canavero
doesn’t think this way.

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  1. This is a lie. It didn't happen. The guy in the wheelchair cancelled the operation when his wife (his wife is hot too btw crazy huh) became pregnant with his baby

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