*highly tensed*.. I..I don’t have much time This government…it’s fooling with us! I thought that…..pokémons weren’t real ..they’re all cartoon! but…but then..I saw this- ♩ When you apply lipstick ♩ ♩ it shakes Arra district ♩ ♩ When you apply lipstick ♩ ♩ it shakes the half district ♩ *frightened af*…♩ You look the best in the district ♩ ♩ your waist ♩… delete.. ~Link your Aadhar card~ *pushes button again* ~Link your Aadhar card~ *pushes button again & again & again*… ~Aadha….Aadh…Aad..~ ~Link your Aadhar card~ *phone rings* (Is this the Krrish movies’ ending scene?) Carry~ Hello? Tau~ Son, where are you? Savita Bhabhi’s (porno site) programe is gonna start, come quickly. Carry~ (Yep, it’s the Krrish movies’ ending scene!) I’m coming…this world is too bad …My powers have been used wrongly, I’m coming, I’m coming…I’M COMING! ~Link your Aadhar card~ *Modi Ji sneaks in 😂* SO HOW YOU GUYS DOING? *great up beat bg music* Today I’m going to talk about a creature…whose gender is stilll a mystery. Sometimes he looks like a male, sometimes like a female, AND sometimes….. AND THAT’S A SIX! Anyways this mysterious’ creature’s name is.. ‘Kolkata’s life’, “The shop for Crap’.. SANDY SAHA. ♩ My heart is so mad ♩ ♩ It loves Mortein (a mosquito brand) so much ♩ This tells us that love has no freaking bounds! Even if it is towards a mosquito killing company! WHENEVER someone lights a Mortein in their house, he gets bloody itching everywhere. ♩ Light a cigar ♩ Carry~ WOW, now he has put cigarettes on all over that shitty face -.- this is known as a MOBILE CIGAR STALL Science has developed so much till this date, you don’t need to get to a stall…NAH The whole freaking stall will come to you! *dresses as a bengali bride* *still looks crap* *blehblehblehbleh* OH HO HO OH HO *slams hand and gets hurt lol* It’s so coldddd This is the thing I feared Whenever people get more of this on their hands, then they’ve always done shit like this. First of all, WHAT KIND OF MAKEUP IS THIS? Looks like someone spit a ‘paan’ and rubbed a polythene all over! and what’s thi.. *doesn’t even want to talk about it* I mean what’s that.. *still not interested lol* Okay….Okay!…Okay ♩ I wonder how relations change in seconds ♩ They don’t take seconds, they change in NO TIME! Parents will kick your butt and throw you out of their house! Public will run behind you with hockey sticks! And children on scooty will blow your horn and go! Now people like this do party…..but the money? -What a party it was! I did’t even know when it was morning. -Yeah, your eyes are telling. And guys you do party but you guys don’t give the money -Why are you crying? We’ll split the bill on Hike and you will get your money back K? -Yeah this looks cool….Okay Sandy, how are you gonna pa…. -OHH GOD BRO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU TOO GIVE IT ON HIKE *impersonates a snake* ♩ I’m your enemy ♩ STAND RIGHT THERE. I don’t want to keep any relation with you.. even if it is of an enemy! WHAT EVEN IS THIS? Looking at him, even Shaktiman’s butthole would burst into four! He’ll start eating every bit of Paan, Gutka and Tobacco! ♩ You’re my enemy ♩ ♩ I’m a snake and you’re my master ♩ Have you seen a snake like this? who does bloody aerobics with bharatnatyam?! *lol* *admit it you’re doing what carry is doing rn* ♩ I’m a snake and you’re my master ♩ *what was the need to do this even?* Now she’s gone bloody spiritual crazy! And now what’s happening to the tongue? He really has got a fetish of Chyawanprash right now! Right at 6:30 he requires an urgent need of it! ♩ I’m a snake and you’re my master ♩ Ah! The snake even knows how to move its waist! Give him 2 minutes more, she’ll do hip hop too! ….he’ll do it* I DON’T KNOW -.- ♩ I’m your enemy and you’re mine ♩ ♩ I’m a snake and you’re my master ♩ -I mean ‘Yo Yo Nagin’ type… -YO YO NAGIN… YO YO NAGIN! God bless him son of a bitc… He drinks vodka at morning instead of milk. No no, he’s got full swag! Let’s watch him in real life! (This is what’s called hip-hop-hip-hop)x3 YO YO NAAGIN Even if tomorrow he starts rapping, ~I’ll not feel bad about it~ ♩ I’m a snake and you’re my master ♩ *why? why even?* This uncle came to the park to feel the nature, see the lake and hear the chirping of birds.. But what did he get? A snake who does crappy stuff! -If you think that his shit has ended, then maybe you’re wrong.*Yahya Bootwala poetry edition* ♩ I’m your enemy and you’re mine , I’m a snake and you’re my master ♩ He didn’t even leave kids! That kid right there is so scared, that he has wetted his pants twice till now! And the hat-rick isn’t near! I swear we all need Sonpari (best TV show ever) right now! ♩ See, I’ve come, Sonpari’s come ♩ ~𝘋𝘦𝘫𝘢 𝘝𝘶~ ♩ Sonpari has come ♩ -Sorry,sorry ♩ Sonpari has come ♩ Someone has said it right, think a little about something you ask for. My whole childhood is RUINED! This is Sonpari.. WHAT IS THIS? Looks like Sonpari went through a gender change! -What is this?What’re you doing…LISTEN! We don’t want such a sonpari, this is a mirage who’s fooling us all! He should definitely go back to the deep cave he’s risen from! I mean SHE SHOULD* OHHH GODD! No one can trust this guy, he has even done a collab with our great malnutritioned king , ‘Hero Alom’! {WARNING-You’re going to see a very bad impersonation of the song Tip Tip Barsa Paani, You all are requested to wash your eyes with cold water after this} ♩ The rain fell drop by drop ♩ SUCH A FUCKER!!! ♩ There’s fire in my heart ♩ It’s not even raining, why are you holding an umbrella?! This is like hitting your own dick with an axe Just when the winds will blow, and phurrr, Our king will fly away too! Only this evil yellow witch would be left to see! What is he even trying to look like? THE TREE IS OF BANANA, BUT THE FRUITS GROWING ARE ORANGES💯 ♩♩♩♩ Our king can’t think of how to occupy such a large surface area. okay now I should go for the waist…no no I should make her lie no I’ll go down for the knee… …where’s your damn knee? ♩ I called for you ♩ Where’s the hand going? Aaye haaye someone go stop them…. He’s touching a very very wrong thing ,a very small and wrong thing! ♩♩♩♩ ♩ I’m drowning in the sky ♩ What is the name of this relation? This cigar stall is swinging her as if our great noble king is her own child! ♩ You’re so nice ♩ ♩ You’re so polite ♩ ♩ You’re so adorable ♩ ♩ Ohh my mommmm ♩ ♩♩♩♩ THAT’S IT! STOP RIGHT NOWWWW WHY ISN’T HE FUCKING STOPPING? *Enter Abhijeet Dalal 💖*~ I’ll tell you… …He’s my guy….my girl. I don’t know what it is, arre he has grown by sucking my willy only Yeah!….I said, go for his willy, but he couldn’t reach it but he’s my….heheheh It was so much fun….for him,not me! But one day, I said to him, -No, you’ve grown up now, get into the business now.. He saw someone’s tail for the first time that day…..he ran away crying :/ *crying* Who does stuff like that.. -What will he think now? Eh Sandy! Come back to me right now, see how much Rupali is crying.. Stop Rupali stop…. Stop it Rupali, customers will run away, stop Rupali stop. Sandyyy! Come back to me, You can suck as much of willy you want to…just come back. Ehh Sandy! 💋 So guys that will be all for today. WISHING YOU ALL A VERY BIG HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS And guys listen, don’t go mad partying! It’s not Aamir Khan’s movie, it’s Salman Khan’s. It comes every year. You know when.😏 Now if you enjoyed, do smash the like button, aiming for 300,000 likes. It’s the last video of the year, I’ll get happy too if this aim gets completed, do it guys! And if you guys are new, then do subscribe! See that red box over there! You.. What could you even do? 😂 Anyways now I’m going too, I’ll also have some fun…..Bye ๐Ÿ™‚ MOHIT! Bring out the Cheap drugs, today we’ll do the real party! {Song~’Paake Mittran ne Jacketa} *releasing on this new year*

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