If Pokemon Evolutions Were Realistic

If Pokemon Evolutions Were Realistic

Bulbasaur is evolving! (Gasp) Oh boy! …since all living things are constantly involved in the process of evolution! What? Evolution is, by definition, not a process that an individual organism undergoes. It’s constant, happening over the course of countless generations with noticeable, widespread changes across a population taking hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years. But…Ivysaur So, while this particular Bulbasaur will not have it’s traits or genetics change future generations very likely will – through the mechanism of natural selection – be better able to adapt to their environment and more likely to thrive! Why are you doing this? For an organism to change its biological form, it would need to undergo a metamorphosis which exists wholly separately from evolution. Since Bulbasaur is neither an insect nor an amphibian, it is very unlikely to have a secondary stage that it will mature into. This is a glitch, right? Uh? No, don’t you know anything about science? Idiot? Yeah dummy, we’re not biology worms (ICECREAM?!) We live in the real world okay?(YOUR JUST BARBAGE!) Read some scientific journals to get a better understanding of the majestic world around you (YOUR A F***KING BALOON!!) NOOOO!! *gasps* Thank Arceus, it was just a terrible dream where science existed Mom! I’m going out to resurrect a fossil. Can I borrow the dragon? *ting*

100 thoughts on “If Pokemon Evolutions Were Realistic”

  1. This video helped me understand my Natural Selection and Evoultion topic at school for my exams 🤣

  2. Its not evolving
    Its a genetic unlocking
    (Just watch game theory´s eevee evolution thing)

  3. Bulbasaur was the worst possible example as its evolution is just its bud blooming and it "growing up". Charmander would make much more sense or at least charmelon into charizard/machoke into machamp or doduo into dodrio as these have physical changes that wouldn't happen if they were real with out real evolution playing into effect.

    To be honest a good amount of pokemon evolution's make sense as just maturing into adulthood.

  4. Here is how evolotions works:
    They open-close the lights, they take the pokemon, they put evolved one, they use old one for newbies. And this is why Pikachu shocked the ash in first episode, its because he doesnt knows who he is.
    (This is not Real though.)

  5. Professor: Read some scientific journals to gain a better understanding of the majestic world around you.

  6. Dumb to even debate the evolution of pokemon… only thing in this universe to make sense on comparison to pokemon is the metamorphosis of a butterfly, moth, bee's and wasp's. I imagine i missed some. So basically pokemon go thru a metamorphosis not evolution to shut everyone up.

  7. Natural selection doesn't make any changes, it weeds out existing traits that already exist but aren't beneficial. Like a short hair dog in a cold environment.
    It doesn't add new information to the genetic code.

  8. I read that they were going to call it metamorphoses but they decided it was to long. They didn't want to say transform because of transformers and they didn't say morph because of power rangers. So they went with evolution even though it makes no

  9. A god a pile of living trash a floating ice cream cone with two heads a living balloon tell Bulbasaur to learn about science well maby he does not know but he makes the most sense in science out of all u dummies so shut up

  10. …who gives a shit if Pokemon are realistic or not? Why do we give a shit if anything that is supposed to be essentially under FANTASY is realistic? Crap like this is getting old. This is why nobody has any creativity or imagination anymore.

  11. All this time I thought Bulbasaur was some type of turtle. Instead of a shell it just had a flower or flower bud or whatever. Am I crazy out did anyone else think this as well?

  12. I feel like bulbasaur would just grow up into Venusaur. Most adult creatures don’t look like their baby versions. Pokémon would just go through puberty not evolution.

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