30 thoughts on “Infusion of Yerba Mate”

  1. A friendly disclaimer: Yerba Mate has double the caffeine then coffee does and it has a very strong taste it definitely is an acquired taste.While it does have good nutritional value, It can cause hives or allergic reactions. Please consult your health care provider before consuming. Some tea or herbs can have a negative reaction if you are taking certain medications. Yerba Mate is not for everyone thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for this healthy morning drink. Dehydrating and especially, a "wake me upper". I was looking for something other than coffee for summer mornings, too hot for coffee at times. I will try this and when I take sips I'll remember you 😉

    Say, "Hi" to beautiful Terry 😘
    Love, you guys 😍
    ❤ My favorite YouTube channel ❤

  3. Try unfiltered honey, lemon,, a Little splash of organic cider vinegar and tumeric and black pepper in tea for a great health tonic. Tastes good and has tons of health benefits.

  4. 8 bucks?!!! I pay that for a small bag the size of a small caribe or bustello bag. I'm also Puerto Rican and like coffee but I'm a tea addict. I have dozens of types and drink several cups a day. But when I do have coffee it's usually strong, burnt, bitter and Puerto Rican.
    Yerba mate has a close relation of caffeine but it's not caffeine though it works the same way. Swiss gold filters are an easy way to make any loose tea with less work cleaning.

  5. OH I love my Yerba Mater, I use to live in Brazil and boy I love it, I can't find the Guampa or a bombilla, were I am, but I am searching for it. But YES I DRINK MY YERBA MATE ALL THE TIME !!! 😂 so good!!! blessings to you and enjoy your Yerba Mater 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

  6. Your posts are so interesting!
    I’ve always wanted to ask if you’re familiar with El Santuario de Chimayó and the blessed dirt from it? Just visited the place and thought of your channel

  7. Happy Father’s Day. I can’t drink coffee or Yerba mate… caffeine sensitivity. I enjoy the smell and I use coffee for offerings. I at least get to enjoy the scent

  8. Where can I get a Guampa and a Bombilla in that quality?I love the details!Very informative video please make a videos on Teas that can be brewed for spiritual workings in the future if possible much love brother,Luz y Progreso.

  9. I love your videos I have a question. Can’t Yerba Mate be used for spiritual cleansing? Also, where can I buy this particular brand I checked Bravo and Poinciana produce but will keep looking Also what is the name of that beautiful straw you recommended? I missed the name! Many blessings We love you

  10. I use Yerba Mate for Everything!!
    It's my morning elixir, I drink it as my morning tea and I also use it in love spells (it induces lust and its associated with the element of fire)🔥💘

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