39 thoughts on “Jawbreaker & Bounce Shroom! No more Diatom!! (45g – 11/29/2017)”

  1. In Malaysia we eat chaeto HAHA. I didn't know till yesterday when on a Facebook reefing club someone posted a pic of their chaeto salad. Apparently it taste really good with spicy dressing ahahah

  2. Get a massive clean up crew I mean a very good size and dose white vinegar just a few mil a day and see what happens โœŒ๏ธ

  3. What's that little jelly looking shrimp on the right bottom of the video around 9:56? (Next to the red mushroom, I know there is a cleaner shrimp on the top left)

  4. You may want to remove that sand star. They eat all the good things you want in the sand bed. They eat worms and pods living in the sand and can quickly clean out a healthy living sand bed.

  5. i think i know why your zenia isnt doing the best, if you look at 12:32 and then look up Vermetid snails, for the longest time they were making my sps bleach and have stn

  6. Same request Iโ€™m going to repeat
    Please short videos
    Please please please
    I do follow you , but because of busy routine I was not able to watch the video until now ,
    I have FB only so will chase you there lol

  7. your tank is beautiful, keep up the longer vids, nice to be able to watch the fish and admire your setup, thanks for sharing it with us!

  8. Very nice tank! Really like the frogspawn, zoas, mushroom i mean everything in this tank is perfect! ..๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  9. Gotta love reef clubs, I try to buy and trade for everything I need through my local club and it's way cheaper you meet fellow reefers in your community and find great deals on stuff like that bounce mushroom

  10. Did you think about trying the ATI Purple Plus and switching it for one of the actinics? They can bring out some nice colors in fish and coral.

  11. Jeez man… your corals just keep exploding in growth! Agreed with the frag rack in the back, looks a lot cleaner.Where did you see that mandarin at?

  12. What an awesome local reefing you have to get those unbelievable frag deals!! I've got to find myself some local hobbyists!!

  13. Hey there! Few questions for you, how often do you test your tank for alk, calicum ect? What are the test you run, like any other besides the ones I listed briefly. And last one, what's your ideal level for alk calcium and other elements your test! I know it's a lot, but as always, appreciate your time! PS. I really want one of those new shirts you posted on IG!

  14. Great looking tank!! LOVE YOUR AQUASCAPING! It looks so natural and well thought out. I Just found your channel and loving it. I'll be checking out A LOT more videos!

  15. Heres a tip…. On the return pump controller you don't need to hold down on it to turn off all you do is click it once

  16. Very nice to see the diatom issue is under control. Very nice mushrooms and the Utter Chaos are gorgeous. I also have had no luck with them. I had 2 colonies melt away so I am laying off them for now. All the best my friend.

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