100 thoughts on “Jeffrey Dean Morgan Accidently Revealed Baby’s Gender”

  1. It's so cute n funny how JD blushes all the time when he gets put in a spot or gets embarrassed for a star as big as he is…good to see don't loose that part of you JD.😉🤗

  2. He's going to make such a great father for that little girl. She's going to be so loved and protected by both him and Gus. Hillary is a lucky lady!

  3. He is such a cool dude :). But I noticed that his way of speaking in 'real life' has obviously been slightly influenced by 'negan'. I just watched an interview from 2016 and his way of speaking was different then.

    In here he sounds a bit like Negan in terms of intonation. It's quite interesting to see how some actors are influenced by the character they play^^.

  4. Jeffrey is like a cooler and more manly version of Robert Downy Jr. Great actor with a lot of charisma – this is an example of how a man ages gracefully.

  5. Kimmel is the best host for getting people to subconsciously admit and say things they didnt want too.. Lol

  6. He has nothing like Javier Bardem. JDM is way mooooooore handsome and charismatic. JB looks like a pitbull. Can't compare .

  7. I feel for celebrities nothing is private for them and they have to fight to keep stuff private that's not right.

  8. Comedian is like Negan, you hate him, but you also love him. I really like what JDM does with these kinds of characters. The Flashpoint Thomas Wayne a.k.a. Batman might be similar just rougher

  9. Good make up professional help to look good. Stop talking about your kids. Talk about your wonderful self you love so much

  10. 51 years old here and having a baby with his wife? He's one year younger than me. I became a grandmother in augustus 2017, 52.
    Man, 51, that's old to be a father for a new born baby. This baby doesn't have her daddy around for a long long time. Most men die in their 70's. The baby may be just a teenager or in her early 20'ds when her daddy dies. That's sad. Nature has menopause for women for a reason. Mostly between 45 and 50 years old, no more babies for women. Men marries a young woman and there is a baby with an 'old' father.
    (I am definitely not old, but me having a newborn or as my grandson is now, 2 years old? No thank you.
    Being a grandmother, having the grandchildren (1 and 2 now) around a lot and sleepovers is great, but luckenly, they always go home to my son and his wife) Sorry, jmo.

  11. Imagin this. My grandpa has exacly the same reaction like 2:36 when he says something silly about my grandma to me couse I'm his favourite… For example "Betty. You could want but you are too fluffy for this pants at all. Maybe my daughter pick something for you.. Or no… she is skinny like she doesnt Look at dinner for a year." To me was really funny as hell. He knows that I think exacly like him. Goofy Man ❤❤❤

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