Kanye Giving Up His Baby – Prank News Network

Kanye Giving Up His Baby – Prank News Network

today to prove that people will believe anything you say
if you phrase it like a question and are holding
a microphone. On “Late Night” on Friday night,
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West appeared. And they said that they’re going
to be putting the baby up for adoption, because they
don’t think that they will be fit parents. Now, what do you think
about this decision? -Truly, you know they have the
means to support the child, but it comes to whether they
think they can pay the full attention necessary
to the child. And if they don’t think so, I
think it’s a smart decision. -How crazy would it be to grow
up as an orphan or something and then later in your life,
figure out that your parents were Kanye West and
Kim Kardashian? -I thought about Beyonce and
Jay-Z. And they had been in a relationship for, I think, five
or six years before they had the decision to
have a child. MIKE HOLLAND: Jay-Z
and Beyonce were together for 10 years. What do you think the
difference is? -Even though they’ve been
together for 10 years, it was still totally different now
trying to shelter a kid. So it’s hard either
way, I think. MIKE HOLLAND: In his new movie,
“Lincoln,” Steven Spielberg portrays Abraham
Lincoln as being HIV-positive in an effort to raise awareness
for the disease, even though it’s factually
inaccurate. What do you think about that? -Saying that he has AIDS might
not have actually, now that I’m thinking about it,
been too wrong. MIKE HOLLAND: Spielberg is
saying that it doesn’t actually change the narrative,
necessarily, of the movie, because of Abraham Lincoln’s
chlamydia. So it’s sort of a similar
but different situation. -The severity of HIV, I don’t
think that they should be interchangeable. MIKE HOLLAND: Kristen Stewart’s
new movie, which is a biopic about Adolf Hitler– she’s going to play the title
character, Adolf Hitler. Do you think she’s doing this
for her career, or do you think she’s doing it
for shock value? -It’s probably interesting. -I think it’s a good thing,
because after playing in such a big movie as “Twilight”– it’s the same with “Harry
Potter”– it’s hard to get other roles. -This could definitely push her
acting in a different way than all of her other roles. It’s very different. I think it’s good. -So it could be a good thing,
or it could be a negative thing. -Interesting. It’s different. I’ll wait and see
what it’s like. But now that you’ve told
me about it, I’m pretty interested in seeing
what it’s about. MIKE HOLLAND: She’s saying she’s
going to portray Hitler fairly and honestly. What do you think that means? -As a human. -Maybe kind of get a more
rounded view of him. -Yeah, definitely. Hitler’s been demonized over
time, ever since World War II. -Certainly strange,
but I’ve seen Cate Blanchett play Bob Dylan. MIKE HOLLAND: In a speech
to the National Science Foundation, President Obama said
that genetics research has reached the point where we
could create a park not unlike the one from “Jurassic Park.” Do
you think that we should be cloning dinosaurs? -No, because they’ll
eat everybody. -Not really. Maybe mammoths. MIKE HOLLAND: The idea is that
it would generate billions of dollars of revenue and
create tons of jobs. What do you think about that? -I don’t think that’s the
right reason to do it. I think it needs to be
scientifically driven, especially if it’s an initiative
from the National Science Foundation. Because it’s spectacular doesn’t
necessarily mean it’s helpful. -“Jurassic Park,” it turned
out really badly. MIKE HOLLAND: Do you think we’re
destined to repeat the mistakes of the past? -If we’re not careful, yeah. I don’t think cloning, in
general, is a good idea. MIKE HOLLAND: The park would
generate billions of dollars in revenue, but Republicans
are criticizing the effort because Obama’s potentially
going to put this park in Hawaii, a state that
he is from. What do you think about that? -I think Hawaii’s way too
fragile for something so catastrophic to be at. The biodiversity there is so
great, and it’s only in that one, concentrated place. And I don’t think
it’s worth it. MIKE HOLLAND: Here in New York
City today to prove that people will believe anything
you say if you look like a newsman and are holding
a microphone. -Fruit salad, yummy, yummy. -What’s the joke with
the Smirnoff Ices? They’re delicious. Sometimes me and my bros, my
homies, pound a few cold ones. You ever been iced? They’re fun and delicious. Boom!

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  1. mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard anyone say in my entire life… ""Hitler has been demonized over the years" ….of course, because he is and always has been evil you fucking moron. I can't stand people who try to sound and be smarter than they actually are, thats the problem these days, no one can be honest or just be themselves without looking or sounding like a fucking idiot.

  3. This guy/program is awesome, this is great. I love how many stupid people there are in this world, it's just showing how doomed the human race really is…if this isn't the end of the fucking world I don't know what is…all you have to do is look at the demographics in the last 150 years or so, to know how much we have overpopulated the planet in the last 50-100 years, you can see the climb and how tremendous it is…very scary.

  4. How the heck does this dude manage to keep a straight face ? I lost my shit when I saw those stupid people taking the questions serious. It's funny to see them trying to find a 'logical' explanation for this bullshit. But on the other hand … I lost my faith in humanity a little. If the majority of the human race is THAT manipulative,dumb and brainwashed…

  5. idunno as funny as this series is it seems that the average person who are posting "lol ppl are retarttteddd" would in the same situation, be just as "retartttedd"

  6. While everyone else stood there watching and not giving a shit. If anyone else was put in the same circumstance, they probably would have acted in a similar fashion.

  7. Regardless of my view, you just said Hitler killed millions of Jews. That statement alone tells me that your knowledge of history is restricted to what you see in movies in games. You wont be able to comprehend any argument I provide you with.

    Also, no I am not defending him, and if you knew more about the war, you would have easily understood that.

  8. That boat had 1000 Jews on it that saw what was going to happen to them, and fled from Germany. They arrived in Cuba, and because they were Jews, they were rejected entry. Then they went to US, and once again they were rejected because they were Jewish. They then went to Canada, were the same thing happened. Having no other choice, they returned to Europe, were most of them died. Please tell me as to how killing those people is more "demonizing" then sending them back to die?

  9. Did Hitler physically walk up to 10 million Jews and kill them? Who is to blame? Hitler, his party, the soldiers who obeyed orders, the people who voted him into power, or the rest of the world who simply didn't care. Were do you draw the line?

  10. No, they didnt push towards the camps, but that doesnt mean we didnt save them. And even if we never saved them, if history had taken a different path, that doesnt take away from the fact that hitler was a tyrannical, anti-sematic murderer. I can't believe anyone would defend him. He killed his entire family before killing himself.

  11. And that is different from anyone else how? Like I pointed out anti-Semitism was everywhere, not just Germany. Allies bombings killed 600 000 Germans, mostly women and children, when it was clear the war was already won. There you got anti-Semitism and murder, the 2 qualities you used to describe Hitler.

  12. a war is a war, and terrible things happen, including the bombing of germany. But hitler not only started it, he would have kept it going forever if he could.

  13. Last comment here. Go back and read your own comments, you ARE very much like Hitler. All you have is blind hatred toward someone, and you have 0 interest in trying to understand him. Hitler had the exact same hatred but for the Jews. He refused to see them as living people, and simply lived his life with desired to reject and discard them.

    I reject Hitler's ideology and not once did I say I supported his actions, but hating others only sinks you down to their level.

  14. First of all, you're comparing the hatred for a man who killed 10 million people, to a man who killed an entire race. Hatred is justified, in the former. It doesn't matter what race it was, genocide is genocide. It happened to the blacks, and it happened to the jews, it happened to native americans. Basic Psychology will tell you, in Milgram's Study and Pillavin's study; Milgram's study tested the GADH — Germans Are Different Hypothesis, where it was tested if Germans were equipped with a

  15. Different mindset which contributed to their actions. This study disproved this, and showed that humans have a tendency to obey unjust authority, as a psychological build-in. And this study, Milgram was a jew. Secondly, Pillavin had the "Good Samaritan" study, in which the disposition of responsibility was shown. The study was influenced by a woman getting murdered, screaming for help, quite audibly, and everyone ignored it, leaving the responsibility to someone else. Yes, it seems wrong.

  16. But it happened, put these situations on a mass-scale. Yes, it's not right, it might not be how we should act, or how we should be so selfishly psychologically built. But, it's what it is. If you were the president of the US in 1941, I would love to see you make the decision of sending your military force into other country's affairs, possibly taking multiple unnecessary risks. Yes, for the sake of saving lives; wonderful. At the same time, you could also make the situation worse.

  17. All in all, you're idiotic for protecting Hitler in the way you are. Honestly speaking, how can you be the same as him for hating him? If I was jewish, he'd hate me cause I was born. If someone took the lives of all your closest friends and family right in front of you, I'm sure you'd run up and give him a hug, telling him you love him.

  18. All in all you have no reading comprehension, and your view of the world is equivalent to this 12 year old I was just talking to.

    If someone killed my family, I would seek justice, not try to kill them back. Why you think I would give them a hug is beyond me, as I never said anything to imply that.

  19. You don't know what I know, and you sound foolish. There is no demonized or non-demonized version. There is only a man responsible for the death of 6million people and one of the greatest acts of genocide in history.

  20. Sorry to break your heart, but its you that sound foolish. I had your mentality like 10 years ago. "O he killed a bunch of innocent people, that man is evil"

    But then I grew up and got to know the world for what it is.

  21. smh wow man..so you're old and foolish lol I think you're trolling or something. If man who killed a bunch of people isn't evil then what is? dont be an idiot

  22. You came in here saying "You don't know what I Know, you sound foolish" That alone tells me that your still an arrogant child who things he is smarter and better then everyone else. (Much like Hitler) Talking to you is a waist of time, as you wont be able to comprehend anything I say to you.

    If you scroll down, you find that I said this to another guy who sounded like you, and after 20 or so comments, he proved me right, so I wont bother again.

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