Kingdom Plantae - Five Kingdom Classification - Diversity in Organisms - Biology Class 11

Kingdom Plantae – Five Kingdom Classification – Diversity in Organisms – Biology Class 11

The next Kingdom which you're going to study student is Kingdom Plantae let's see which organisms are called as Plants speaking about Kingdom Plantae so first of all the cells which are present in their body is called eukaryotic cell secondly the body consists of many cells so they are called as multicellular organism with few exceptions in Algae next they have certain special features which are not shown by any other organism and that special features are they have cell wall in their cell which is made up of solution next they have a vascular bundle what is muscular bundle siloam and phloem together called as vascular bundles silentium is called as conducting tissue of plant body now what they are called as conducting tissue because xylem conduct water and business so we're today so root to the tip and phloem conduct salt from too deep would Austin now you know student food is prepared by the green part of the plant body which is a green part of the plant body that is release and Wilson general present at the top of the plant body or towards the horizontal side status branches so when this leaf propelled through they move this food from their part to the lower part that is strength and root with the help of a patient called through it so basically xylem is responsible for conduction of water from downward to upward and lateral so he was responsible for conduction of food through upward to downward act versus lateral part that is branches the next feature which is shown right plant is body structure the body structure of plant is divided into three parts the parts are root stem and leaf so there are three basic parts of the plant body the sub plant body which are also called as colloidal body now what is the vital body cuz idle body or Salutin body means which are trapped oh you can say cannot be distinguished by dorsal side and mental side door for venturi flattened structure is cornice palace body or colloidal body they are generally present in few allergies damn statements but they cannot look of it those movement movement means moving the body parts so plan is able to move the body parts that is leaf branches with the help of bid but cannot move their whole body so one place to another so it is said that grants carry off movement but they cannot carry out your commotion it means plants are not more time does it have very the excretory system digestive system or the spirit resistant like us that is animal so witnesses roses turn it out in case of drugs in gives of plans each and every physiological process is carried out inside this cell so speaking about excretion it is carried off with the help of battles present inside the cell speaking about respiration that is also K dot H cellular level speaking about digestion in each animal so the process of digestion is carried out the next thing which we are going to study student is divisions of Kingdom planting Kingdom Plantae is divided into five divisions sourced kala fighter second bryophyte ah Toledo fighter throat gymnosperms and last is and useful now technical tasks are generally called as Algy bryophyte hands are generally called as losses terrified us are generally called as forms generous forms are called as straw Metro fighter also called as non flowering plant edges comes I'll call this flowering plant mostly the plants which we see in our surrounding are angiosperms hardly we can see gymnast form because almost all patients of gymnosperms are extinct the main reason for the extinction is the growth process is very slow shaking up a bio fighter and fellow fighter you will find it in humid condition or during rainy season you will be completed with the next Kingdom that is Kingdom blasting thank you very much students

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