Largest Known Marine Stingray Study | National Geographic

Largest Known Marine Stingray Study | National Geographic

We almost know nothing about this species so we've taken the opportunity to take ID photos of them, and start studying their distribution along this coastline in order to learn more about this incredible animal. This is probably a really important marine predator, and like all rays, serve a really important function in the ecosystem. So, I'm hoping that we can do more to protect it.

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  1. While most stingrays avoid humans, the smalleye appears to be inquisitive, sometimes swimming within feet of scuba divers. To learn more, you can read on here:

  2. I liked this video until her last statement ruined it, we don't know anything about this animal, it could be doing just fine, it could be determential, but essentially I hope we can do more to protected. Lmao. If it's elusive and you don't know anything about it, hey logic is that means it needs protection 😂. Maybe it just needs you to leave it the f alone.

  3. National geographic tells us all about science. It keeps us touch with marine, cosmology and everything.

    Like to agree.

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