Life at the Lab: Soft Robots

Life at the Lab: Soft Robots

looking at using soft robotic systems to manipulate the lunar and Mars surface materials to help further the development of human habitation on the surface a soft robot is a mechanical system that is flexible and compliant and not a standard hard or rigid system rigid systems when they hit you they hurt on earth people do not work alongside robots because it’s dangerous soft systems are far more compliant so that if it hits someone there’s a lot less chance of getting injured and/or killed from that contact so saw systems in space make sense when we have robots working alongside people doing very dangerous tasks in very dangerous environments so for instance this is a structure that’s enclosed on itself that’s covered in silicone and in this silicone there’s various cells or air bladders that we use to manipulate the system we can get it to wall we get it to unfold and form various types of shapes currently for our experiments in a lab we’re making them out of silicone and we pour this into molds we make those out of three molds we print on our 3d printers then we fill the silicone into those molds we let it harden and then wire the system up with our air lines and then do our tests so first we look at levelling we also look at shaping we also look at joining and then we look at locomotion they’re all very important because we intend to have many of these on the surface of the Moon and Mars to do the certain types of assembly and disassembly that we plan to do but you can also use these soft robotics within a spacesuit to give them more power to lift more power to run or power to walk and ease the workload on an astronaut for longer EDA in space [Music]

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  1. Great concept but, I don't think you'd actually need any assistance in low gravity to move almost anything. The whole point of going off planet in a low gravity environment is that you instantly become a super human being. Imagine, sports on the Moon or Mars.

  2. Don't jet pilots use pressure suits to keep from passing out at high speeds? I bet your soft robot could calculate the exact pressure needed for the individual and adjust accordingly. That would be really cool.

  3. This is very cool, but once the internet gets a hold of this technology, we can predict where it's going to go before Mars.

  4. This is the kind of outside the box thinking I love to see. You're creating a really flexible system with human interaction in mind. On top of that it seems to have the positive effect of also being more easy to store than a rigid system. Especially advantageous with the space constraints in… space.

  5. If only the world could come together to work on things like this to progress us collectively rather than the disgusting opposite it is today.
    Definitely subscribing
    Thank you YouTube Recommendations

  6. They should build mars spaceship entirely on the moon. From materials from the moon.
    Isn't the moon a good place for a shipyard?

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