Life is Strange 2 – Free Trial Launch Trailer

Life is Strange 2 – Free Trial Launch Trailer

[XBOX SOUND] It started in Seattle after… …everything happened. I wish I could explain. I’m so sorry. It was all my fault. Step back! Dad came out to help… Oh no… On the ground! Somebody called the cops… NOW! AAAAAAAAHH!! Daniel, go! Sean, are you okay? Daniel! Oh my god! Am I… a monster? You’re… different. We have a home… in Puerto Lobos. We’ll be fine. What… what if… This is a bad idea, Sean? I wish things were different. But we can’t go back. Come on! You have to move forward. Be honest… Do you think we’ll make it to Mexico? I wish you could stay here with us. Be careful, Sean… Daniel, no!!! The more you try and control him… Stop, Daniel! …the less you have. I love you… No matter what happens… [XBOX SOUND]

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