Life Time Strength Classes on Demand – En Barre

Hello, Life Time members. My name is Suzanne,
and I’ll be guiding you through 30 minutes of en barre. Before we get started
with class today, set yourself up so you’re
at a countertop, maybe the back of a couch,
or grab the back of a chair for balance purposes. If you have a set of weights,
you can feel free to use those. Otherwise, everything today
can be done body weight. I highly encourage you to
grab a towel and some water as well if you need that
throughout the class. All right, let’s get started. Take your feet right
underneath your hips. A big breath in to reach
your arms high overhead. And then place your hands
gently down on top of your bar. Roll your shoulders
back and down. Draw your belly in
toward your spine. Slide your feet just a
little bit closer together. Feel your feet press
down into the ground. Take one more big breath. Start to open and
close your feet. Turn your toes out
and then back in. Feel the rotation. Start to come from your hips
instead of your knee joints. Let’s do that two more times. Keep your toes together. Lift your heels. Rise and lower. Every time you lift your
heels, it’s called a relevé. Simply means to rise. As you lift up, press your
hands down into your bar. You have four more. Three. You’ll keep your heels
down to the ground. Then open and close
your feet once again. Out, back in. Softening your elbows. Two more. Four heel. Lifts up you go. Lift. Nice job. Two more. Take that rotation four times. Feel your hip muscles
start to engage. You have two of each one. Up you go. Lift. Back down. You’re gaining more strength
every time you lift up through your ankles. One of each. Lift. Back down. Open up. Back together. That’s it. Rise. Two more times total. Feel yourself start to get
just a little bit taller. The last one. Now hold your feet. Take a bend in your knees. Go down. Two. An all the way back up. Squeeze your inner thighs. Nice work. A little bit quicker. As you sink low, check
your knees right out toward your pinky toes. Beautiful job keeping
your chest lifted. Now every time you stand up,
let’s reach your arm over head. Back down. Lift up. Feel the counter pressure into
your bar and back up overhead. You’ve got four. Rise up. That’s it. Three. Hold your hands on the bar. Sink down nice and low. Squeeze your knees back. Back. Feel your leg muscles start to
get just a little bit warmer. Roll your shoulders
down once again. You have four more. Three. Beautiful job. Two. Keep your knees bent. Turn your heels back. Take a lower squat. Down two. All the way back up. Nice lift. Go low. Back up. When you stand up, lift
your right arm overhead. Rise all the way up. Do that again. Left side goes. Let’s pick up the pace. Down and up. Drop. Lift tall. Once again, just like before. All three, that
pressure into the bar. Option to lift your heels. Rise up. Nice job. Four more times. You’ll hold the lift. Hold your hand all
the way up overhead. Hold. Now let’s take a moment
to feel your balance. Draw your belly button in. Reach your other
hand nice and tall. Breathe. The wiggles in the wobbles. It’s OK. It’s OK. Just a little bit longer. And gently release
your hands down. Stiff your right
foot behind you. Right arm lifts all
the way up overhead. Beautiful stretch. Open out to the side. Sink low in your legs
a little bit wider. Squat. Start a little bounce. Engage through your quads. Once again, knees back
toward your pinky toes. You have three of them. Take a big stretch up. Reach tall. Do that again. Now you have an option here. What if you added a side bend? Big stretch. Nice. Reach your fingertips
all the way up overhead. Once again. Let’s pick up our pace. One bend and a lift. A little quicker. Lift up. Now you can play
with where you look. It might be down at your bar. Or maybe look up toward your
fingertips for a slightly different stretch. Two more times. You’ll hold that big side bend. Hold and stretch. Plant your hand back on the bar. Step your right foot in. Let’s do that on the other side. The left foot goes back. Left hand lifts up tall. Open out wide to the side. Bend your knees. Soft bend in your right arm. And let’s find
that balance again. Low body nice and warm. Three little bounces
down and a rise up. Big arm stretch. Look high. When you’re ready, pull yourself
in or just push your head firmly down into the
top whatever you’re using for your bar today. Nice job. Go low. After this one, let’s
pick up the pace again. Here we go. Drop and lift. Notice if you can reach
just a little bit further. You have four to go. And one. Turn back in. Plant both hands down. Step in just a little bit. Rise up onto your
tiptoes once again. Step a little further away. Drop down your heels. Bring your arms
high up overhead. And take a forward fold. Plant your hands
down on the ground. Step back. Hand on your mat,
draw your belly in, open the space between
your fingertips. Pull tight through your core. Take a nice big breath. Step your right foot
between your hands. Reach all the way up
towards the ceiling. Plant your hand. Step your back foot in. Step back. Nice. Now reach all the way up again. Plant your hands to the ground. Step your right foot back. Hold your plank. Take time to lift this space
between your shoulder blades. Let’s try that left side. Here we go, step forward. Arms rise up. Hands onto the bar. Step your foot in. Step back. Do that again. Lift all the way up. Plant your hand. Step Back Oh,
there’s that plank. Feel your strength. Step forward. Reach your arms overhead. Push down firmly
through your palms. Step up. Tap back. Let’s do that again. Rise high. Hands down. Step back and feel your
glutes squeeze this time. Step forward. Rise all the way up. Nice. Work on your balance. Pull. Let’s do this one more
time on each side. Nice big dynamic moves. Rise up. Tap the bar. How low can you go in your leg? That’s it. Rise up. One more time, left side. Plant your hand, step up. Get as low as you can. Step back. Rise all the way up. Hold. Turn your back heel in. Grab onto the bar. Step in. Or if you have your weights,
go ahead and grab your weights. If you have a heavier
set, aim for those. Take a forward fold. And let’s roll all the way up,
shoulder blades back and down. Take your feet hip width apart. Nice slow squat to start. Go low. Feel your legs
engage at the bottom. Push into your
heels as you rise. Let’s do that again
nice and slow. Low. It gives you time to engage. That’s it, stand up. Let’s move a little
quicker, shall we? Here we go. Down. Back up. Imagine like you’re
pushing your knees right in towards your upper arms. You’ve got it. You have two more. Back down. Last one. Hold at the top. Bring your palms forward. Hinge your body down two. Back up. Squeeze your glutes
as you stand. That’s it. Go low. And rise. Lift through your chest. Beautiful posture. Rise up. Let’s do that one more. Let’s try that move just
a little bit quicker. Low and lift. Nice big stretch
for your hamstrings, but again, engage
through your glutes. You have four. Stand tall. Highs. Let’s go back to your squats. Down two, up two, low. Drive your weight
into your heels. That’s it. Sink down. Now as you go, can you find a
little more range of motion? Down you go. And rise. I see singles coming up. Let’s do this. Down and lift. It’s a strong breath
as you stand up. Let that air help you out. That’s it. Keep going, keep going. If you weren’t feeling warm,
I bet you’re feeling warm now. You’ve got it. Just eight more times. Lift up. That’s it. Strong and proud chest. Your final four, you can do it. Lift and stand tall two. One more series of deadlifts. Go down slow. Oh, stand up. Feel the squeeze. Again, go low. And lift. Weight to the heels,
pull and extend. That’s it. Singles. Little bit faster. Drop and lift. You’ve only got four more. We’ll find a change. You’ve got it. Just two. Hold your hands forward. And if you have your weights,
set your weights down. Rise all the way back up. Reach your arms up high. Place your hands back
on top of your bar. Step your feet together. And step back just enough so
you’ve got an arm’s length away from your bar. Rise up. Lift and lower your heels. Once again, lift. Back down. Nice. That’s your relevé. So rise your heels up. You have four more. Three. Strong, proud
through your chest. Take a low squat down
and now pull down there. That’s it, feel your
thighs start to engage. Again, lift up. Whatever your hands
are on, press down firmly into the top
of that surface. Step your right foot
back behind you. Now go as low as you
can in your lunge. Just sink and hold. Tuck your belly in, lift
up through your chest. You have three little bounces. Push into the bar,
straighten your legs. Nice work down. Rise up. All class long, we’re going
to play with the relevé. We have an opportunity
here to add it back in. You have a lunge and
a lift of your heel. Feel that fire up. Stand tall. That’s it. Fire you up your calf muscles. And a lift. I think it’s time to
add one more element in. When you stand up,
lift your back foot. Down. Pop your front heel, lift. And when you stand up your
toes, extend it long behind you. That’s it– lift through. Let’s take one more. Hold yourself. Lift it up. Hold. Hold. Pause. Soft bend down
your standing leg. The backside– I hope
you’re feeling it now. Keep lifting. Keep lifting. Four, three. Soft bend in your left leg. Bring your right heel in. Hold. Kick your foot all the way back. That’s it– lift up. Lift up. Let’s do that again
nice and slow. Control in. And now press away. That gentle little lift you
rise just a little bit quicker. Here we go. Bend and a kick back. A little bit of relief on your
quads as you bend your knees. That’s it. Full extension just for four. Leads back. Three. And just one more. Hold. Step back in your lunge. Step your feet together. Reset your shoulders. Let’s lift and lower
our heels one more time. Up. Now notice if one
side feels a little different than
the other, I think that’s a sign let’s
work the other side. Left foot goes back. Hover low in your
lunge to start. Chest is pulling
high, up, and through. Find your little balance. You have three of them. And rise. Do that again. Go low. Go low. Engage your arm and
lift through your chest. That’s it. OK, we have another option–
add your relevé, your heel lift, back into the game. Low, lift. Do you remember what
we added in before? That’s right– your back
foot lifts all the way above the ground. Lift and extend. . Low. That’s it. Beautiful work. Beautiful work. Let’s do two more together. One more. Up and Hold. Pause your leg up there. Soft bend down through
your standing leg. Lift up. Hover your leg in slow. Back away. Do that again. Hover in. Lift up, pull
through, kick back. Let’s take that to singles. Eights times. Pull and press. Lift up. Now maybe it’s just your
fingertips on the bar– a little bit about a challenge. Two more times. And one, hold your leg. Set back into your lunge. Step your feet together. Let’s take a big
reach up overhead. And then turn and find
your weights once again. Heavier set if you have them. Shoulders down. They’re to alternate
the biceps curl. Leave the lower body alone
for just a little while but know it’s still
supporting you. Lift and lower. That’s it. Barely any swing. Keep going. Shoulders back. Both together, can you do it? There you go, I see you. Nice job. Can you do eight more? I know you can. Lift up. Strong in your core. This is it, final four. 3, 2, and 1. Hands down to your sides. Reach down. Take a row, pull back. Both weights together
to start with ease. Elbows right back
behind your ribs. That’s it. Now make sure you have some
room next to your side. So if you need to
step away, do so now. You’re looking good. You have four, we
have a little change. And one. Take a back fly, open
your arms, close. Lift up. And resist your
weight back down. You’ve got it. four. Just two more. You can do it. For rows. Let’s go, let’s go. You have two more. For flies, open up. Belly is tight, too. Two times, pull back, pull back. Open up. One of each. One of each. One row, one fly. Keep breathing, keep breathing. You are getting
so much stronger. You have just four. Lift up. That’s it. These last two, you can do it. And one. Bring your weights
down to your knees. Slowly rise up. Roll your shoulder
blades all the way down. Let’s do that one more time. Lift up. Let’s take one more
set of biceps curls. Start to alternate your arms. You got it. Right and left to lift up. Belly to spine. You’re looking good. Together. That’s it, keep
going, keep going. You only have four. Just for three. And last one, take a forward
fold, release your weights. Roll up. If you have a light
set, grab them. If not, remember– you can
just use your arm movements. All right, here we go. Push your palms push
your weights down on top of your bar. They’ll lift up just halfway. Start to engage
through your shoulders. Beautiful reach. Your arms, the right side. And the left side. Rise up nice and tall. This next move, it’s a little
bit like rubbing your belly and patting your head, right? Lift up, back together. Opposition now. Tap together. Lift. Nice work. All the, way extend. Lift up. Those shoulder muscles. I can tell they’re engaged. You have four. And last one. Bring your weights
back into your sides. Take a gentle bend
in your knees. Let’s reset. Bring your weights down first
and then pull right back towards your hips. Let’s hit our triceps. That’s it, reach and pull. Back and in. Now where do your upper
arms fire on the most? It’s when your
arms are straight. Belly button in
towards your spine. Nice job. Can you go just a
little bit lower? I thought so. That’s it, that’s it. Four more. Two more. Bring your arms all
the way up overhead. Lift your arms overhead. Release your hands down. Reach your weight back overhead. Down to your hips. Reset. Two kick backs. Let’s do that again. Arms overhead to lift them up. Weights down to the bar. Back up. And into your hips. Two kick backs, keep going. All the way tall, lift. Hands down. You’ve got it. Two more times. Back in. Squeeze. Let your shoulder blades come
together– last round through. And rise. Hold your kick back. Hold. Keep going, keep going. Wiggle your toes. Allow your weight to fall
back into your heels. Hold your hands back. Turn your palms up. You’ve got a little lift. Lift, lift. That’ it– keep. Lifting Upper body
challenge, it’s right here. Keep going, four more. Three. Just two. And the last one, your
arms all the way back up. Gently set your weight down
off to the side of your mats. Reach down. Bring your arms
back up overhead. Place your hands
on top of your bar. Lift through your
chest one more time. And take your feet out just
a little bit wider this time. Find your squat once again. Drop, rise up. Beautiful. All the things that
we just did today, they’ll start to come together. You have four. Just two. Down and hold. You have three. Rise up. Take that again, down low. Rise up low. And we practiced lunges earlier. One squat, step your
right foot behind you. One squat then your
left foot goes. As low as you can go. Remember that feeling
from before that’s it. When you go down, opposite
hand leaves the bar. Rise up. That’s it, keep going. Keep going. What if your heels lift off
the ground when you stand? Rise up, that’s it. One more option,
one more option. That big live from the
beginning, it’s back to play. I see you. Keep going. Start to play. Explore with these movements. Make them yours, you have
the creative freedom to play. One more. And we’ll hold. Bend your knees. Lift through your chests. Step your right foot
back and then your left. Reach your arms high up overhead
and we’ll take a forward fold. That’s it. Take a lift and the
length of your spine. Throw your hands
all the way down. We’ll take a seat. Take a seat back down,
now finding one weight. If you hadn’t, remember– you can do this with or
without your weights today. If you have one, plant
your feet down into the. Ground weight right
in towards your chest. Oh, you’re stronger, your core. Nice work. Lift up. Let’s take it down. Slow. Slow. Slow. Now roll back up lift. Lift. Your weight, it’s glued
towards your chest. Can you keep it there? Oh, it’s harder than it looks. Keep going, keep going. That’s it. Take two more of those. Nice and slow back. One more big exhale. Here’s your last one. Here’s your last one. Down you go. And rise up. Hold. Bring your weight back down. Now you started to
engage more here. Cross your ankles. Put your hands. Find yourself back in your Plank
reach back through your heels, lift up, that’s it. Belly in. Now feet just a
little bit wider, take a shoulder tap one
hand opposite elbow. That’s it– lift up
through your shoulders. Tap and tap. You got this. Nice job, Life Time. Keep going, keep going! Let’s go. You got four more to go. Four more. Three. Each side, you got it, too. Hold your hands down. Take a moment. Press those hips back. Look back toward your thighs. We’ll take that again. Lift your body forward. This time, drop down
to your forearms– oh I feel working
again, that’s it. Down you go, belly in. Tap your knees
right and left slow. Lift up. Press this space right
behind your kneecap. A little bit quicker–
right side, left side. Big strong breaths. You’ve got it– you got it– how about both knees together? You have eight of them. That’s it. Keep going. Just 4, 3, 2, and 1. Drop down to your knees. Walk your hands back. Take a length off your chest. If you need a towel, grab it. Wipe some of your sweat
from your face if you need. When we’re ready,
let’s go again. This time onto your backs,
roll all the way down, hips slightly, drop your
head down, hands down. Now reach out with
your hands strong. Lift your head,
neck, and shoulders. Take a reach. Opposite heel twist. Twist. How far can you get
your fingertips down towards your heel? That’s it, that’s it. You’re so close. Almost there. Almost there for more. 4, 3, 2, and last one. Hold your test lifted. Hold, breathe. And gently release. You can stay on your backs. Hug your knees toward your
chest and just gently massage your back. Take a rock side to side. When you’re ready, make
your way back up to a seat. Today, we’ll come
back to standing to get a final stretch Plant. Your hands down. Lift up. Whatever your hands are
on, walk far away from it. Pull back through your hips. Let your ears fall down
between your biceps. A lift of your
tailbone stretched down through your heels. Every time you take
a breath in feel, your back expand and exhale. Allow your head to fall
a little further down. So I’ll stand back up. In your bar for balance
grab a hold of one foot. Pull back, squeeze
your knees together. Had to stretch out your quads. You worked your legs hard today. Take this time to stretch. So they’re backing down. And gently release
your foot down. Switch to the other side. Go up. Knees draw together,
lift through your chest. Plant your foot back down. Now reach your arms all the way
up towards the ceiling again. Big bend in your right elbow
pull yourself over to the side. Reach. Your arms back up one
more time on the other– And lift your arms high. Take a scoop of your
hands to your sides. Big breath in. Lift up. Give yourselves a hand
for that last 30 minutes. Thank you so much for spending
the time with me today. Have a wonderful
rest of your day.

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