Man Heard Rumors of Infidelity from Girlfriend’s Friend (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Man Heard Rumors of Infidelity from Girlfriend’s Friend (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is a case of
Strempke v. Jaramillo.
Thank you, Jerome. Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Strempke,
you’ve dragged Mr. Jaramillo to court in hopes
of saving your family which you claim
is falling apartdue to paternity denial.You say the defendant
doubt paternity for both
of your daughters, four-year-old Naviana and eight-month-old Alexys, but you want to prove
that he is their father, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Jaramillo,
you claim your doubt is valid because you were present when another man
impregnated Ms. Strempke and the family you thought
you were building is not salvageable until you have DNA proof, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
So Ms. Strempke, why is your family
falling apart? (CLICKS TONGUE)
Your honor, I feel like
my family is falling apart because my daughters
are basically growing up how I had to, um, we didn’t have both parents. And even when we did have
both parents present at different times,
we were denied. I feel like
they can’t trust their dad because he denies that
he’s their dad half the time and my four-year-old
Naviana knows. She can hear the “Well,
I’m not her dad anyway.” And it just
gives her doubt. And when she looks
at her dad, there’s not gonna be
respect there. I can’t expect her to do what he says
if he’s gonna say, “I’m not your dad.” She’s four-years-old
and she’s smarter than most four-year olds,
she knows. I feel like… JUDGE LAKE:
Mr. Jaramillo, is that true? ALEJANDRO:
Yes, Your Honor. You’re expressing
your paternity doubts in front of the children? In some instances
it gets brought up in fights and when the children
are present, l… We get pretty loud
about it. JUDGE LAKE:
This is not good. So take me back. This relationship,
it’s on the line now. AMBER: Yes. How did it begin? Uh, we met very young. I was 13. We met in
a lockup facility, um, we were
both staying at. We had no choice,
we didn’t have good
childhoods at all, so we had to stay there. I see it now
and I don’t want it to go down that road
to where they have to go through
what we did. And it’s… (SIGHS)
Oh, sorry. I’m getting emotional. It’s okay. Listen, with two children
and your family on the line, I understand that. (AMBER SNIFFLING) I met him very young. And being young,
everybody says you don’t know what love feels like
but I disagree. I feel like I’ve loved him
since day one, I’ve loved him
since I was 13-years-old. He said that I was gonna,
you know, be his baby’s mom
a long time ago. And it’s hurtful
now that now that… Now that, you know, “Yes,
I am your daughters’ mom,” and it just gets shoved
under a rug and forgotten about because he doesn’t feel
that those are his kids. You know,
when you got pregnant with the oldest daughter,
Naviana, what was the issue
surrounding her paternity? AMBER: I had just gotten
out of a relationship with my son’s father
and had moved back to Iowa. Well, I ended up where I had
slept with another man and this is before
me and Mr. Jaramillo had gotten together. But it was very,
very shortly after that
that we got together and it was like
maybe three or four weeks that I found out
I was pregnant after we had first
slept together and he got a phone call from a girl that I had
went to school with and she called
and decided to tell him that I was sleeping
with multiple men. And from that point on,
he had doubted it which I really
don’t understand because how can you base
your daughter’s paternity off of some girl
you had never even met? Well, it was
one of your friends, you know, you’d
spent time with her. What did she say
to you exactly,
Mr. Jaramillo? She said that
the baby, that Amber… Ms. Strempke, uh, has been impregnated
which wasn’t mine, that she had been sleeping
with numerous males
before me. How long had you been
together at that point? We had been together
for two-and-a-half,
three weeks. JUDGE LAKE: Whoa. That was a short amount
of time, Ms. Strempke. Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
And you say you’re pregnant? It was about four weeks before I found out for sure
that I was pregnant, but I started
feeling differently. Like, when I was pregnant
with my son, my favorite foods
started making me nauseous just smelling them. The biggest sign
was cigarettes. Anybody that had smoked
and came back in anywhere around me,
I’d instantly throw up and that’s how I know,
I know really early on. But what I want you
to understand is that… I mean, he gets this call
and somebody says, “This is not your baby. “This is the person
she was with before you.” AMBER: Yes. “It’s his baby.” That would give
any reasonable person some doubt, right? AMBER: Right. Right, Your Honor. ALEJANDRO:
And on top of that, Your Honor, to add to that, Navi was born
three weeks early, you know,so that drove in
a lot of doubt as well.
JUDGE LAKE: So in addition
to the phone call, then she was born three weeks
earlier than expected, so if you counted back
three weeks, that’s about the time
when the… ALEJANDRO: That’s about
the time that the other males were present, then… AMBER: I was upfront with you and told you that there was
one other person before we had gotten together. You said one other person then came another…
Another fellow that your best friend
told me about. I had never slept with anybody
but one person besides you and that was before we had
gotten together. But Naviana is four years old. Did you ever attempt to have
a paternity test back then? No, Your Honor, because
every time I brought it up, it was always,
“Oh, I know she’s mine. “I know she’s mine.”
I mean, I have, right here, the birth certificate. JUDGE LAKE:
I’d like to see that. Jerome, will you pass me
that evidence, please? It’s the birth
certificate showing that he signed
the affidavit saying, “I know that’s my daughter. “I take a hundred percent
responsibility for her.” If you had any doubts
at that point, why would you sign
such an important paper
in her life? JUDGE LAKE: Did you sign
the birth certificate? This is your name. Yes, Your Honor, I did. JUDGE LAKE:
Alejandro Jaramillo. That’s you. ALEJANDRO: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You signed it. ALEJANDRO: Yes. So you acknowledged paternity, you said,
“This is my daughter.” Yes, I did.
It was a moment of emotion. It was a moment
of ecstatic joy. AMBER:
I think it’s the only thing that you have
to hold against me. I was happy
as a father, you know, I was happy in that moment
that yeah, I’m a father now, you know. So you signed it? Yes, ma’am. And then after you leave
the hospital, those doubts start
creeping in again? Yes, Your Honor. So you’re in this household. The questions of paternity
are flying all over the place, but you’re trying
to make it work or what are you doing?
Because you have another baby. That’s the part that is
the hardest for me to believe because I was done
having kids. After I had a boy
and I had a girl, I didn’t want anymore.
Why push my luck? I had a boy, a girl,
they’re both amazing kids. And there was a point in time where the whole paternity
of Naviana was not brought up and he was
practically begging me
for another child because he wanted to try
to have a boy. I kept saying no,
kept saying no. And then it ended up
an actual conversation where I was like, “Okay. Well,
it wouldn’t be the worst thing “because we’re getting
along really well. “The question of paternity
is not being brought up
anymore.” And that’s when we ended up deciding to, like,
spice up our sex life and everything and we ended up having a female-female… ALEJANDRO: Threesome. Threesome with him. So he got to pick
another woman and it was what it was,
we did it. Um, and then it was
maybe a couple weeks later, it got brought up,
it’d only be fair if we had a male-male and you. So I said, “Okay. All right. “That’s fine.
It’s something new
and everything.” And I changed my mind on it
and decided because I have so many,
like, body issues not liking the way I look
after I’ve had a child and everything
that I decided, no. Well, he persisted
and persisted and kept bringing it up
and he ended up bringing his friend over
and… JUDGE LAKE: You brought
your friend over? ALEJANDRO: Yes, ma’am. AMBER: His male friend. To have a threesome with your children’s mother? Yes, ma’am. Was this
your suggestion, sir? It was a mutual suggestion between Amber and I,
we had gone through it back and forth
between Ms. Strempke and I. It was a toss-up
back and forth. The one minute,
she’d wanna do it. The next minute, she didn’t. And from being with Amber, I know if she’s
gonna do something, it has to be on the spot. So to get it done
and over with, yeah, I did bring
this friend of mine. And so, you all had sex. Did the friend use protection? Neither one of us
used protection, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Oh. That’s when it was
approximate three weeks later certain smells started
to make me sick again, so along came Alexys. Do you blame yourself
somewhat because… Oh, yeah.
I blame myself for a lot. You regret having
that threesome trying… I do. I regret
having that threesome. I regret everything
that has ever happened bad
in our relationship. JUDGE LAKE: And I hope
this was a huge lesson… Oh, definitely. JUDGE LAKE: …in terms of, you know, how to move forward
in a relationship when you feel like
you’ve hit a dead spot or you feel stagnant. Go to a movie… JUDGE LAKE: It’s not… Go to a movie, right? Learn something new together but don’t invite someone else
in your relationship. So you’re not
on Alexys’ birth certificate? No. And I feel like
if it’s important and she knows
that I’m the father of Alexys, then why wouldn’t
she push the issue for such an important
document? I signed Naviana’s
birth certificate… AMBER: I know you’re
the father of her and that’s exactly
why you signed the affidavit for her too,
the only reason… We signed the affidavit. …he’s not on the birth
certificate, Your Honor, is because it got sent back. JUDGE LAKE: Hold on. ALEJANDRO: We signed it,
but there was an incorrection with the paper. AMBER: They were declared… JUDGE LAKE: So the paper had
to go back… Get corrected. But when it came back,
did you sign it? ALEJANDRO: No. AMBER: No. So what you’re saying is you feel disappointed or you
feel that there’s a disparity because you don’t feel
like she’s pressing the issue to make sure you sign it? No. And that is an
indicator to you that she really doesn’t know
who Alexys’… That’s very a big indicator,
Your Honor. But considering the timing
of the pregnancy after the admitted threesome without protection, do you need her to explain it? I mean, isn’t it obvious
that there is a paternity question? Yeah. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) So Ms. Strempke, did you ever
speak to your doctor? I mean, this was
three or so weeks after you all had
this threesome that you found out
you were pregnant. Did you go
for your appointments, your ultrasounds… AMBER: I went to the first doctor’s appointment by myself and the doctor that I saw assured me that there was
no possible way that I had to have
already been pregnant before that. It cleared my conscience. I felt better about it
like, “Okay. You know, “I had to have
already been pregnant “when this happened.”
And I felt better about it, so I allowed him to go
to the next doctor’s
appointment and then we saw
a different doctor and the doctor turned around
and put the doubt, laid it out on the table like, “There’s no possible way “this baby could be
just one person. “There’s
a fifty-fifty chance.” Really? AMBER: Yes. I mean, with Alexys… AMBER: I’m not just gonna… Alexys looks like my buddy that we had
the threesome with. JUDGE LAKE:
You believe she does? I believe she does.
Like, me and my buddy
have talked about it. There’s some similarities. I don’t have
that lighter hair. You may be Hispanic but her mom is white. She could’ve taken
more after me. My buddy is white. And when I first told him that there was a chance
that he might be the father, he said he wants to be
involved. He doesn’t wanna be
apart from her if this is his, you know, I want this
paternity test done. I wanna know. I have to know. What are you gonna do
if that’s not your baby? You’re gonna walk? That’s my biggest fear
is that they’re gonna walk and then my other daughter,
Naviana… Whom there is no doubt
other than somebody’s say-so. And she’s gonna lose her dad because of a threesome? Like, that’s what I feel like
I’m stuck with right now is my daughters are not
gonna have a dad if this turns out
to where Lexy is his friend’s
like he thinks so much. This is, uh,
it’s… It is scary. I mean, you know, you say,
“Oh, we just did this “to spice up
our relationship.” Now, it’s too hot. Yeah. It’s too hot, you know, I mean, I’m not…
I’m not even being funny. It… It’s too hot,
it’s too much. It’s too much
drama, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Exactly. There’s too much question, there’s too much doubt. It’s not fair
to either one of us. It’s not fair to them mostly. I look at them every day and I worry about them, what kind of life
they’re gonna live. Just because I screwed up, because I have my doubts, it’s just not fair to them. It’s not fair to her. I wanna know for me
because for me to be a man and for me to be
the father of these girls, I need to know
without a doubt. AMBER: Your Honor, I think
there was always doubt there. I think it’s just
when he doesn’t want to be a dad anymore
is just an easy ticket out is what I think it is. JUDGE LAKE: You think
he’s looking for a way out? AMBER: I do. I think
that’s what it is because, you know,
to everybody else and on the outside,
he’s such a great dad. But when we’re at home and he denies that child,
it’s me. You know, I know
for a fact Naviana, she’s a hundred percent
my daughter and I would never know
how it feels to have to question
my own child, you know, but this
has got to stop. She knows. You know, there’s times
that she won’t listen to him and she’s, “Well,
you’re not my dad.” Because she’s heard it… JUDGE LAKE: Really? AMBER: And that’s not from me. I have a son that’s not
in this relationship that I would never talk
about his parent like that no matter how upset I get. But for the fact
that he had said it and she’s heard it
from his mouth, I don’t know how she feels. The only thing I can based
that on is how I grew up. Being denied, being told,
“I don’t want you.” Being told you’re not loved. And I don’t want her
to grow up like that and that’s why we’re here because she cannot grow up
and feel unwanted. This… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) That just really… I mean, that… Ugh, I hate hearing that. I really do, that a young girl
has to hear that kind of thing
at four years old. ALEJANDRO: I regret fighting and arguing
about the paternity of these little girls. You know, one thing
I don’t regret is having them. AMBER: Yeah. ALEJANDRO: I just wanna know if they’re mine. JUDGE LAKE: You all have been
very honest today and it… I commend the fact and I respect the fact
that you’ve been truthful and, um, I have
the ultimate truth, the one you came here for,
I have that for you today. Jerome, the envelopes. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING) In the case ofStrempke v Jaramillo,when it comes to four-year-old Naviana Jaramillo, it has been determined by this court, Mr. Jaramillo, you… Are the father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) The next result
reads as follows. In the case of…Strempke v. Jaramillo,when it comes to
eight-month-oldAlexys Jaramillo,it has been determined
by this court,
Mr. Jaramillo,you…Are the father.(AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Oh, my God. This is so good. This is so good. Yeah. You look so relieved. ALEJANDRO: I am. And I hope
you all understand now that you have this clarity that this clarity
will present itself on many levels
in your relationship. The fact that having sex
without protection, inviting other people
into the relationship, you know, it’s not monopoly, it’s not better
with more people. (LAUGHING) It’s not a game,
you know, every couple gets into disagreements, but arguing in front
of children with four-year-old ears and even eight months old, children have spirits. They still take in
negative energy. You may have some things
you need to discuss but you need to discuss it
in private. Clear? Yes, Your Honor. I wish you
the very best of luck. Take care of those girls. ALEJANDRO: Thank you. AMBER: Thank you. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)

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