9 thoughts on “Man sentenced to life for giving drugs to teen who died from overdose”

  1. also its funny .. this happens every day.. but the one time it happens to someone in a high tax bracket KOAT gives them front page news .. what about the people who died already.. i guess browns dont count #ifyourbrownyoudontcount

  2. It’s obvious to everyone that there is no justice. The law is always in favor of the rich white people. It’s wrong to sell drugs of course but that kid made a choice to do drugs. It’s not like the supplier forced him to do them. That lady is a typical heartless person which thrive in America today. She almost choked when she said she has become more compassionate towards people. She failed as a parent to keep her son off drugs but chooses to blame the drug dealer. She even said he got hooked first on prescription drugs and that led to heroin use. Why not lock up the people who supplied the prescription drugs too. God will punish America just like he has many other empires who have turned their back on him.

  3. Lmao really its the stupid kids fault he died and his parents!! DON'T DO DRUGS!!! It's only on the news because hes a white kid !

  4. This is dumb because he’s just a petty local drug dealer. The real criminals are the drug traffickers. The dealers dealers dealer, who distribute in quantities thousands of times bigger than your smalltime local drug dealer.

    Just think about this for a second, if your smalltime local drug dealer is already getting life in prison, how are we going to multiply those consequences hundreds or thousands of times over for the real drug traffickers out there?
    The answer is you can’t!
    And their mindset will be, if your already getting life in prison regardless of quantity, you might as well do it big! So say goodbye to your smalltime drug dealers and hello to a network of big time traffickers now! No wonder the war on drugs is a big time failure.

  5. Big Billion $$ Pharma needs to be held accountable as well.
    Ultimately, its a choice to be a druggie! Pick your poison, supply in demand. 💉💊

  6. Let's all feel sorry for the little brown turds killing people in cold blood every other day. The white lady may not have been perfect but at least she cared enough not to give up. If we report what brown people do everyday there wouldn't be enough airtime….and no parents to be found.

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