Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology

Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology

I'm from England Casino come on such lengths Maria not makedonia as he run with them Italia later John birth mom is Posada Manny ballyhoo the Max Planck Institute of molecular plant physiology in only few years driven by groundbreaking approaches to research cutting-edge lab technology and dedicated scientists the Institute has established itself at the cutting edge of plant research here world leading scientists analyzed basic processes that determine plant growth crop yield and the production of biomass misguided man boosting Oregon the noise of my husband Lucretia rise of noggins Klein's armor Austin the course to Bologna was I effeminate Bizarros buffoon mad woman in the moment why's that slice it's no issue on Don's Newman's fiendish radius and samba simba camp grabbed some dissonant duncan science' bringing in ending a dramatically uneasiness the Max Planck Institute of molecular plant physiology is part of the Science Park located in Potsdam gone in the immediate vicinity are two more Max Planck Institute's to Fraunhofer Institute's the goal Innovation Centre and part of the University of Potsdam the Max Planck Institute started out in 1994 with 16 employees today that office worked to more than 400 people including about 250 scientists and 100 technicians our Institute studies molecular plant physiology that is how plants function we call it molecular because we don't just want to describe what a plant does but we want to understand it in terms of genes or proteins and in terms of physical and chemical processes here the scientists do not restrict themselves to studying the various individual processes and of they also want to know how these different processes interact in the organism the soul istic approach is called systems biology they're therefore carry out many experiments and measurements an approach that is assisted by robots we want to understand plants because they are important they are the only organisms which use the energy from the Sun to make living matter and they are the basis of all of our ecosystems they are the basis of all of our food and they deliver directly or indirectly most of our energy many scientific findings are made using an inconspicuous little weed arabic Dobbs's italiana commonly called the tail cress its entire genome was decoded 10 years ago and this data has already helped to solve some of modern biologies puzzles Benson comma devil understands 9 for her model organism or zoophilia sheena RP the annual feel of a senior we my bidding underpass symposium and past in blah placed in a partially inheritance my flanks in were in Murano and splat by Francis and I'm from perspective they are not relevant for made senior inspector for Nicole Bureau share Specter in serve item for scientists at the Max Planck Institute of molecular plant physiology perform fundamental research however many of the results can be applied for example in modern plant breeding the institute's researchers have set up some successful companies nevertheless the primary goal remains to gain knowledge to quote max planck knowledge precedes application we use three main approaches one is we change the conditions for example the light or the temperature and we look how the plant responds the second is when you gene technology that means we alter the activity of single genes and look what effect that has that's how we learn what a gene does third we use natural genetic diversity this allows us to understand how hundreds and thousands of changes interact within a plant we analyzed the plants with a very large number of methods which allow us to detect changes in thousands of different parameters then to interpret the data sets of course we need to use mathematics bioinformatics and modeling large databases are generated for example by analyses of plant composition or in studies of the functions and interactions of large numbers of genes these huge data sets are valuated but many bioinformaticians and modelers who work at the Institute as I'm good unfortunate size manaus there's a few unusual insect and as a university person the deal was done experiments and fell yet nini the Dino Guilford yet untied oxen a barrage of garbage IVA Sh that's really answer boil numerous letter time facilities including tabletop football and also cricket and volleyball I used by staff members this keeps up the motivation and tightens the bonds of the International researchers community commitment and energy will continue to drive outstanding research at the Max Planck Institute of molecular plant physiology

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  2. Die Forschung ist ja ok am Institut, aber trotzdem: Vorsicht Studenten – Forschung dort führt mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit zu Arbeitslosigkeit. Die grüne BIotech ist in D tot, gleichzeitig gibt es über 50.000 Bio-Studenten:

  3. @2:30 Plants are not , and I say again 'are not: the only things that use sunlight to make living matter. Humans do that just fine. Smh. Modern day education is a sham.

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