Microbe Formulas - Our Story: Dr. Todd Watts

Microbe Formulas – Our Story: Dr. Todd Watts

so family has always been really important in my life I'm I am the second of eight kids I have a twin brother identical he's two minutes older than I am and it was amazing growing up with eight kids in the family my dad was very involved in my life he was my baseball coach my mom was always obviously quite active being a part of having to raise eight children I can't imagine that myself today to do that but you know it's one of those things where I wanted to be just like my dad being able to coach my kids in baseball or sports we used to go to the San Diego Padre games as a kid we had season tickets to go and I have a lot of great memories with my dad my brothers and my family it was amazing growing up so later in my life when I was 28 years old I got epstein-barr virus and I've seen bar virus really to put me back for a while in my health concerns there I was exhausted fatigued and horrible sore throat swollen lymph glands and that was really the beginning what I'd notice of my health changing I got over that in about 90 days and after those 90 days I started having little symptoms especially over the course of about a year and a half I noticed food allergies some seasonal allergies a little bit aches and pains and granted now by then I was around 30 31 years old and as they went through my 30s I definitely got his symptoms that worsened so seasonal allergies got to the point where my eyes would swell really bad I got sensitive to foods and also started getting a lot of pain especially some back pants and more arthritic pain and then at the end of my 30s the in 2008 the market crashed and with that market crash I lost everything literally lost everything I lost my houses my cars and I had by that time I was married and I had two kids and I thought what am I gonna do rest my life Here I am 39 40 years old not knowing what to do losing everything and I decided to go back to school and in that time here but it knows that ditional stress my health took a downturn I started getting headaches all the time and definitely worsened arthritic symptoms my brains stopped working so well in fact I can even remember words where I would try to describe actual word of what I wanted to come to what it was for example hey I need to open the you know that thing that's rectangular you go in and out of like the door I couldn't remember easy simple words and I thought what my brain fog is really bad and it started having some digestive issues there's just a whole list of symptoms sighs the fatigue probably was the worst part of that whole process and and then working out was something that I stopped being able to do in fact I even I had a shoulder injury playing volleyball and before all this I was so active in playing sports whether it's Ultimate Frisbee volleyball working out all the time and became to the point where it would get stopped or I couldn't repair I had severe muscle fatigue and I thought well maybe I'm just getting older but I just didn't know what was going on and my wife thought oh you're 40 now you're just you know you're getting old and that's the you know the thing you always hear about people you're 40 years getting old arthritic symptoms that's just how life is and I thought no I can't it can't be the case so at that point when time of my life I decided to go back to school to get my doctorate in chiropractic and I really wanted to focus though more on internal mess and because of my health struggles and allergies and symptoms I was having but also my children and wife who were having a lot of skin conditions with eczema and I had a daughter that had more asthmatic conditions a lot of coffee and chronic coughing especially at night in the morning time would wake up to the morning with coffee attacks and so in this process of really wanting to learn and go back to school I took a lot of courses and dealing with more internal medicine functional medicine but learning what is the causation of things well is that school I noticed that I had a terrible time actually staying awake in class and they started a Facebook page on me it's called sleeping in school so then it started going viral around the school and everybody else is taking pictures of other other students it was really funny because then every day you see postings of everybody getting caught in schools sleeping in a class that all started because of the classmates in mind that that actually noticed that that was an issue I was having even first thing in morning in my 7:30 class I would struggle to stay awake I would sleep all night long and then still be really tired in the morning time and struggle all day long to stay awake but I would just push through so one weekend I was at a conference and this guy was talking about Lyme disease and the co-infections that go with it and he listed all these symptoms I thought man that's me I have Babesia and lion based off of what he's telling me all about so I talked to him about it and eventually I went up to his clinic and spent a week up there and did blood work and in my blood work showed a chronic Lyme disease and that was my journey of beginning to figure out why I was having my issues and intriguing and so I went through a course about four years of treating Lyme disease in Babesia which really helped me get rid of the arthritic symptoms and some of my brain fog and brain function issues but at the same time I still had headaches all the time I still had low back pain I couldn't get rid of I still had some brain fog and worse than anything else was my fatigue and my inability to still work out if I worked out my recovery time was seven to ten days and I wanted my life to change that way as I got out of school still struggling some of these symptoms I made a doctor friend of mine it was Matt Buckley and he told me about parasites and he said Todd you have parasites that's what's going on that's your next level what you have to take care of and that's why you're cycling with Lyme disease and that's does I study about Lyme and parasites I realized that these lying bacteria are inside the parasites and then I started seeing research study at a research study stating the same thing and so then I started my journey and actually treating parasites and I did probably ten to twelve products several medications and treating parasites in my first year the great thing about that was my headaches went away my back pain went away a lot of my fatigue went away and my life who was starting to come back but I was still struggling with a few things and I remember one day I pulled up in the driveway and remember again I have by this time I have four children so I have two sons now and my two older daughters and that they were at the time nine seven five and in one and I thought okay it says I'm just pushing through life existing I go I'm a crash I go home asleep get up eat dinner put the kids to bed that was my routine get up go to work come home crash for an hour or two nap get up have dinner go to sleep and that was my daily routine and this one member this one day coming home from work I saw my kids outside playing baseball with my neighbor and I thought wow my next-door neighbor was the first one to ever play baseball with my kids that should have been me why wasn't that me you know here it is I always want to be that dad and I couldn't even be that dad that I wanted to be or the spouse that I needed to be and I thought man my five-year-old son hit the baseball for the first time with his next-door neighbor not me I'm a failure as a father that needed to be me and he changed that and that from that day from that point in time my mindset changed I started thinking okay I am you anything it takes to become that dad that I needed to be and the spouse that I needed to be because I didn't have the energy to focus their function and so I started listening to mindset you know how to how to be motivated how to really push through and how to had to overcome the struggles I was having and I wanted to really change my life with with these health issues Here I am at 45 years old how am I so literally exhausted all the time and so what this process what I learned was getting rid of these parasites really made a big difference to help me get past a lot of my problems and issues but at the same time it wasn't enough there's stuff still missing that I still couldn't work out I still didn't have all the energy that I needed so as I've gone through this journey over the last four years coming from that point it was awesome to get energy again and to start doing things we started going to camping with my kids and I remember here two years ago we went camping and we went to the Bruno sand dunes and we had fun running up at the sand dunes building sandcastles and my son at the time was six seven years old somewhere around there and my wife asked him about after we went camping to the dunes that what was your favorite part about camping and he said we might add they're spending time with my dad I thought wow that's really that just really was a gut wrenching to me of how important I am as a father and how important I am in the role I need to play with my kids and what I need to do with that and I'm so grateful to be able to have my energy back in my health back and I know a lot of people struggle with that because I deal with clients all day long that have the same struggles and the same issues and it's neat to see their lives come back and not take seven eight nine years like it took me and I'm so grateful to be able to have my health in a way that now today I have so much energy I have more energy today at forty nine and a half than I did at thirty five years old and it's because of some of the products that we brought to the market I have something about their carbon products that completely finished off I would say the rest of my healthy journey and that's because they removed some of the toxicities I was dealing with with arsenic and Mercury and in my journey I wouldn't had all the silver mountains removed from my mouth and then I realized going back is when I crashed at the time I crashed the year and a half before that we were on a well water system that probably had height loads of arsenic in it and learning about arsenic and what it does I realize that's probably why my muscle fatigue was so bad and why I wasn't able to work out and had an active lifestyle and energy that I wanted and within three-month period of time I'm being on some of my products my life completely changed without and I've been able to give them back to the gym working out being active running several businesses and enjoy my life again I'm so grateful for that and I've had such an amazing support for my family my wife you know going back to my children and my wife what their struggles and their skin issues and the frustration I had ok the eczema they're scratching their bleeding what can I do to help them overcome that and what I realized in this was first I got off dairy which was a major problem with my headaches too but also I treated them for gut parasites and by clearing out the parasites their eczema away my headaches went away a wives skin cleared up and it was great because then they could also tolerate the dairy without coughing and having an asthmatic to attacks from my older child and for my younger wants to have their skin clear which was for me awesome to see that they're not struggling and suffering so part of my journey in this as I met dr. Buckley he suggested I get a product called mimosa pudica and so we went to go buy it from a company that they were out of stock and so we couldn't get it and he ordered some from China I wasn't quite we're willing to do that yet so I was talking to one of my patients about it because he had Lyme disease and he had stopped in this place and this this guy sold I read herbs and he was driving through Nevada at the time and found this place and they had in the most apotheca so I connected with the guy and he got me a bunch of it and I used it for myself and tried it on several patients was helping okay and then he went back and I ordered some more and while his India he picked up a different form of it it was the whole planet at first but then when he came back with it it was the seed only so when we started taking this product what's really interesting about it was that first we'd mix it up like a tea that was great but when we got the seed when we did that it turned into be like a stop-off super sticky and stick out your throat it was disgusting and so I was upset I called a guy up said hey how am I suppose that people take this stuff it's disgusting a nice I'll put in some sesame oil or olive oil or something like that and haven't swallowed so then I had five of my patients I had trying the product out start that way and a couple one I just can't do this dr. watts and so one of them his son worked at a custom compounding pharmacy and he stopped by one day and said hey I hear you have a product that you might want to encapsulate I had never thought about that right and lots of great ideas go ahead and encapsulate this product so that we had it compounded for awhile and it worked great and patients were getting results in my clinic and then I started having other clinics throughout the US so one in California one in Wisconsin and the one in the Northeast using it and trying to brought it out for about three years so we were able to capture a lot of information from these clinics and how people responded and what were the necessarily the side effects to these products I wanted to be sure that because it's a new product to the US and nobody was really using it for any reason here like they do in India that I had some data that was really safe and that we could take higher doses and not see adverse side effects so it was really good on on that process and not only that once we start the manufacturing it allowed us to actually bring to market at affordable cost and it's been life-changing for so many people including myself and my family in my journey I joined this coaching group and part of the coaching group I got to participate in a conference and went down to this conference down in Ogden Utah and there's a doctor presenting on Latin disease I thought this is great I know a lot about Lyme disease I love Lyme disease this guy needs to know about parasites and it was is a lot fun when he was up discussing about chronic Lyme and inflammation and some of the processes that happen they were doing a question/answer at the end you night of course can't resist I raised my hand and I started asking him some heart biochemistry questions he's kind of laughed and he answered really pretty well I was impressed by how he answered and they afterwards we talked and he said man you were making me sweat up there asking his heart biochemistry questions it's part of my background well it's in school in my first few years of my doctoral program I got the opportunity to to teach and to a tutor of biochemistry so my passion is in biochemistry and the pathways in the body and how we metabolize our foods and what happens when it's not happening also what happens when we don't eat and then what metabolizes and our pathways and make neurotransmitters hormones if I love how the body works and functions at a biochemical level so my passion is in that so that's one of the things we connected on was dr. J was saying wow these parasite pictures are showing me our crazy it's amazing what comes out of people it was just a lot it was a lot of fun it's a meta he was a great guy very open wasn't mad at me for questioning mcgrill on him on stage and it was it started a great friendship and from there and just carried on we we started seeing each other a lot of conferences he invited me on to some of his Lyme summits that is able to speak about my journey and how I help other people and and then one day we were sitting at what conference we went to dinner that night and we were talking around a table and I was telling him about my supplement company he tried talking me out of doing it before he said oh that's a lot of words not worth it and then that night his brother-in-law was sitting there with this I said hey dr. Dave from the Uni you need to do this with dr. Watts you guys ought to do it together and I just clicked it's like yeah I need help I can't go by myself I need dr. Davison to help me and he's like alright let's do it so that was our journey of coming together was one night sitting around the dinner table his brother-in-law making suggestion and we said just okay let's do it and we did so that was the beginning of our merge together and starting my cell core Biosciences and micro formulas and it was it's just been a fun rock and roll journey sense and it's just taken off [Applause]

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  1. Beautiful and inspiring story. Made me teary-eyed. Thank you Dr.Todd for the encouraging words and for everything that you and Dr.Jay are doing for so many others.

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