Microbe-Lift/Nite Out II (Aquarium)

Microbe-Lift/Nite Out II (Aquarium)

hi I'm Brett Richter associate vice president of consumer products for ecological Laboratories Inc today I'd like to tell all of you aquarium hobbyists about a microbe lift night out to Michael earth night out to was one of the most important products that we offer that most people don't even know about it is specially formulated for rapid ammonia and nitrite oxidation night out to promotes nitrification which is the biological elimination of ammonia night out to contains select strains of nitrosomonas and nitrobacter unlike microbe love special blend which has a broad spectrum of microorganisms night out to contains strictly nitrifying bacteria nitrifying bacteria are vital to cycle your tank quickly and effectively in nature nitrifying bacteria take at least nine to 18 hours to multiply and cell divide this slow process is the reason why aquarium owners will suffer fish loss when introducing new fish to the aquarium there are not enough nitrifying bacteria to keep up with the ammonia load using michael bluth night out 2 introduces the nitrifying bacteria in large numbers allowing the tank to quickly establish the necessary populations of nitrifying bacteria to handle the ammonia load night out 2 is safe for all aquatic life and it is also reef safe microbe lift night out 2 is available in one ounce for ounce 16 ounce 32 ounce 64 ounce and gallon sizes microbe lift night out 2 is a key component in our rapid cycle system to learn more about our rapid cycle system for your aquarium and our other products please visit us at microbe lift com

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  1. How I can get the product pls tell me I am in bangladesh dhaka city pls give me some telephone number or contact no.

  2. I know I'm answering quite late. But for all the other people reading this. It's recomented to beginn with special blend. If your system is running good, you have to wait about 2 days to put night out to your tank, so special blend can finishing doing his job. You can use it after water exchange and after you puted another fish to your tank.

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