My 75 Gallon Euphyllia Reef Tank. Diatom Issue

My 75 Gallon Euphyllia Reef Tank. Diatom Issue

what's up everybody let's get straight to the update I'll try to make this short and sweet so first things first here's the new door fresh paint job look at that no more dog hair ah much better I can sleep better at night now knowing that there's no more dog hair in my paint so just a few quick updates if we can focus here there it is so I've been having a diatom issue on my stand bed the sand has been brown fur or actually since the end of November it's come and gone come and gone and now it's just sticking around so I'm going to go over a few things that I've recently changed to try and help it and things that I've done in the past what I've done in the past is I actually used Kenney clean because it was almost looking like a brown cyano that did not work after I did the chemi clean it actually made the diatoms a little bit lightweight I guess you could say because they were kind of floating off the sand bed a little bit so I did a vacuum of the whole top layer of sand and it actually went away for about three weeks and then came back again just as strong so what's happening is is I'll do a sand sift with turkey baster sand is nice and white and then I would say five minutes later it's back to brown again so what I've done recently is I up my back powered heads they used to be the hide or 425 you know for 25 gallons per hour now these back to power heads are six hundreds I'm going to give it a couple weeks I and see if maybe that helps because ever since I did go you feel you only dominant tank I have taken a lot of flow off the tanks so that could be number one problem right there let me put the filter on Philip stays in focus there we go so hey there and in the camera so the standard as you can see there you go perfect that's what I see I see these brown spots everywhere as you can see by my flow very little movement down here very little I didn't want to hit the aphelion with too much current there's these big Duncan's they are happy and open get a little bit of movement on the torch forest but I'm going to up these actually tonight now that I think about it we're just going to take these and up them to 850 gallons per hour I just have new impellers that I'm going to be changing over so the brown stand is my only issue a couple of the corals actually have been closing down a little bit and I was a little worried about it at first but then I started to notice I believe a lot of my hammers frolics bones and torches are actually going through growth spurts I noticed a lot when the you philia close up a little bit and then open back up and closed for a couple days I'm looking at them at nighttime when they're closed the most and I've noticed that there's two mouths on them so when it comes to you philia is it looks like they're having a bad day most likely it's because they're splitting so be patient with them for example you can pee on this one right here this one here is actually one of the issues I'm having and this one right here you can kind of see in the middle there a big bubble that's and right below it is just the slit that white slit that's the other mouth so there's two mouths going on this one here and the same thing for that one right there so this one's been getting grumpy and it's most likely because of the splitting so the only other issue I'm having is this octo if you look at my previous videos the sweepers on this are usually all the way down to the rock you can't even see the stalk wearing as a glue but it's been like this for about two weeks now still has a really nice color but it has just been closed and a little grumpy and not sure why with this one but also the a camps have not been as full as usual usually you can't see this disc and you see how this one's completely covered these are usually the same way so I have made a good amount of changes to the tank so I guess they're getting used to when I'm doing my buddy up in his treehouse and you can see this one here it's a little grumpy as well and that's because they're all splitting you can see whether dividing themselves but tonight we're going to turn up some flow give it another week to get these guide times go away they're not too bad but they're bad enough to where I just don't like it so again I'm loving this little island effect here I removed one rock that was right here and it gave it this nice big island and that's how it's going to stay so hopefully I'm going to keep my fingers crossed give this some time see if the float has changed a bit underneath get some what I did do is I took out the matrix that was in here because I had it down in this chamber and it was fine but I was you know neglectful of renting it and when I took it out and rinsed it in some fresh salt water that salt water was like chocolate milk so what I'm doing is I'm letting this one go and I'm actually going to be getting some pond matrix which has bigger pores in it so I'm going to be filling this about halfway with it and then slowly getting rid of the old stuff and then putting new in so I just added some fresh puritan to hopefully get rid of these silicates and polish the water maybe that'll help with the diatoms as well I used to run pure gin 24/7 and when I took it out I started getting a couple issues so back and it goes the cool air / that I got from Scott is doing awesome you can see here these roots it's got a lot of good growth on it I'm no dying off no problems none of its getting through my little net there my catch net this is going to get replaced today but everything's been running good and hopefully this coral issue will resolve itself with the growing pains and all for the sand that issue can be resolved on turning up these power heads a bit and changing out some media and doing some cleaning so if you do run the matrix make sure you rinse it out once a month at least because it can get clogged like minded so everything's been good on testing my phosphates are too low to read my nitrates have been at about point you know at about five parts per million which is the highest it's ever been so and my calcium and alkalinity and magnesium I just tested last night everything was good my KH was a little low well lower than I liked it was a seven point one but um keeping my fingers crossed and helping with a little patient and some higher flow these diatoms will be resolved other than that no other issues with the tank these are getting a new home finally on Thursday I'm donating into somebody to babysit them for me for a while so get yourself a hot Fisher daily say like that one it's growing and in case anybody's wondering about me you know doing do you feel you only tank it's still in my mind still what I want to do but I'm having a real difficult time letting go of other corals with these eight cans so at night when I lay down I think to myself man I just want to go back to the mixed reef again but at the same time I go and imagine how awesome it would be in a year when all this is grown out and you can't even see rocks but there's just so much flow and once in a while you'll see a fish pop out but that's it for tonight guys I know I did a little bit of rambling on but I needed to show everybody the before and after of this one brand stuff that they called diatoms peace out have a good night good day good morning wherever you may be and I'll see ya

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  1. Diatom algae should not effect the types of corals you have. The diatom algae will go away once all the Silica in the tank is consumed. You could put a sponge in there and it will out eat the diatom algae. Its just a waiting game anyways so dont worry about it too much.

  2. great tank. always enjoy watching your videos. I have 5 euphyllia coral in my 40 cube. Are Duncan's considered a euphyllia?

  3. Tank in my opinion looks great but I see what you mean about the sand so it will be interesting to see if the extra flow helps things out … I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too 🤞

  4. Euphylliawesome-looking Billy! Seriously, you've already ruled out all the issues I had that caused diatoms, so I got nothing, sorry. I've been dealing with white slime for two months now. I wish the only issue with it was being unsightly, but it's been pump and skimmer tear-down-type cleaning every other day to keep the water flowing. It seems to be diminishing slightly now, but it feels never-ending. I don't run biopellets. We don't use scented spray products or air fresheners. No one in my house dares to spray anything aerosol on the main floor of the house because I've threatened them very effectively. 😜 Sigh. I guess all this hassle just proves how much we love this hobby. 😍

  5. Love that sump! Higher flow will help your corals and the diatoms, but will come back if its a bacteria imbalance. You used to carbon dose? Your tank maybe just still settling in. Bakers yeast helps with diatoms. Just a small pinch. 1/4 teaspoon for 200 gallons. Helps with bacteria imbalance. I use it every time I pull old rock and sand out or a complete sump clean.

  6. They are rough to deal with Billy. Your doing about if the right things but I think you may be right about the flow Arcoss the sand.

  7. you tank with euphyllias looks great. i love these corals. i got the same problem with cyano. are you dosing balling?

  8. Hey Billy, Tank looks great. It's almost like something is precipitating out of the water column and landing on the sand to feed it. Or it's those damn Acan's. I'll swing by and take them off your hands lol

  9. it looks awesome man! but hey seeing the corals and the fish, do you feed a lot of meaty foods?

    I have seen this problem in both tanks with low to no flow and super high flow. most the time it was ammonia and the tank cycle not being able to hold to a huge change. I might recommend checking the rodi's TDS, your thank levels but mainly ammonia, and then add bacteria like the microbacta 7.

  10. You need to see inappropriate reefers video on this issue with brown sand he did a blackout for a couple of days

  11. Billy… use baker's yeast. Dose a about a pinch to a cup of RODI daily for 7 days. It works. Don't use the quick yeast. Use the normal dry yeast. I got the tip from Vivid Aquariums and I was skeptical until I tried it. Good luck buddy.

  12. I love this tank i have a acan and lovely pink tip coming tomorrow also visiting my local fish shop tomorrow to see if they have the flame hawk for Me … i would love to be able to get my tank like this

  13. Having diatom issues myself. Gonna try upping the flow as well. Tank is looking dope though my man. Great job.

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