New Planet Has The Highest Possibility Of Alien Life!

New Planet Has The Highest Possibility Of Alien Life!

Astronomers have just made an amazing
discovery we’ve just found the most earth-like exoplanets only 12.5
light-years away the planet is called Teegarden B and it’s an exoplanet
meaning it’s a planet which could be habitable right now it’s not been
explored but there’s a chance it could harbor alien life I’m Charlie and today
we’re going to look at this new planet which has the highest possibility of
alien life but before we get zapped into a UFO why not subscribe and press the
notification bell – so what is Teegarden being well it’s now one of the 19 known
exoplanets with potentially habitable environments the planet orbits a
neighboring star in the constellation of Aries just 12.5 light-years away and
astronomers say this planet has the greatest similarity to earth out of any
planet ever discovered despite not being in our solar system the planet resembles
planets which are in our solar system the planet is only slightly heavier than
Earth and it’s located in a habitable zone where water can be present in
liquid form the reason why this planet is named Teegarden B is because it’s
nearby to the Teegarden star this star was discovered all the way back in 2003
but the discovery of this exoplanet is recent
Teegarden B’s star named T garden is 10 times lighter than our own Sun and it’s
actually classified as an old red dwarf being one of these smallest stars we
know of the star is roughly 8 billion years old and is very difficult to
research as it’s quite far away but T garland B was given an earth similarity
index score of 0.9 v to put that into perspective one is earth so on this
scale it’s only point 5 different from Earth however if we were to live on this
planet we’d have to get used to some changes first off their days are 5 days
long or to be exact 4.91 days long that’s how long their
orbital period is and nearby are two other planets named T garden a and T
Garden see T Garden see is not very habitable whereas T garden a is but T
garland B is by far the most habitable and SCIM
to earth the planet also has a radius which is earth-like and an earth-like
composition that being an iron core and a rocky crust and it also has an ocean
of water on its surface it has a surface temperature environment of zero to 50
degrees Celsius similar to earth it has a temperature surface environment of
somewhere between zero and fifty degrees centigrade that’s only slightly hotter
than Earth and the most normal temperature on this planet is 28 degrees
centigrade now many exoplanets have been discovered before Teegarden B but the
issue is the stars near these exoplanets most of them are red dwarf stars which
emit strong flares this can wipe out the atmosphere and make planets
uninhabitable but Teegarden B star Teegarden is very quiet and inactive
also we’d be able to harness the power of this host star and run everything off
it unlike the relationship with the Sun and our planet Earth it’s not bad for
the Earth’s environment the only difficulty with this exoplanet is that
it’s twelve point five seven eight light-years away but that’s not to say
in a few decades we couldn’t get to this exoplanet and live on it maybe Elon Musk
should spend less time trying to get to Mars and more time trying to get to T
garland be some testing also needs to be done on these planets atmospheres but if
the atmospheres are okay they could well be hospitable to live on that’s because
this planet is made up partially of iron basically the same as our planets but
before all of the iron was mined out and some experts also say there may be
diamonds and gold on this planet but if we did move to this planet it would be a
big adjustment as the Sun only sets every five days we’d probably only get
one dark sleep every other day and every other sleep would have to be while it’s
still bright out but compared to the wider universe this exoplanet isn’t too
far away it’s actually the 24th nearest star system to our own so hopefully now
that this discoveries been made Teegarden B can be explored and
researched a lot more you never know in a few decades we may well be living on
it but now it’s time to make your voice heard vote in the poll on the top right
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82 thoughts on “New Planet Has The Highest Possibility Of Alien Life!”

  1. I was first. Sorry about that. Just sort the comments by newest first. I only said “hello” and had the first comment.

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  3. The question is.. 'Do we deserve another planet'? We recked this one, I don't think we deserve another one until the human race mature more. Otherwise it will end up like this one.

  4. Do we really need to transfer planet's though? I mean the people of earth should try to at least use up all available resources on this planet before migrating so as to not let the resources be wasted

  5. I feel the need to point out that light takes a lot of time to travel. So the Teagarden we see right now is how it looked like millions of years ago. For all we know the system doesn't exist anymore or the planet might have advanced life forms similar to us.

  6. We will not be going 12 Lightyears in a few decades, maybe centuries, but not decades. 12 light years is more than 70,000,000,000,000 miles (100,000,000,000,000 kilometers.)
    Thats more than 250 million times farther away than the moon is.

  7. “New planet has highest possibility of alien life!”
    Top 10: The planet’s name is Teegarden B!
    Also me: oh

  8. you made a mistake…
    if it's orbital period (orbit around it's star) takes 5 days that means it's YEAR is 5 days long not it's DAY.
    It's Rotational period would be it's Day

  9. First thing I ask when people get excited about a potential new earth. Does it orbit a red dwarf star? If so then it's probably tidally locked and very unlikely to support life. It's like when people get so worked up about terraforming Mars. It has no magnetic field. You can't. That's really the end of it at that point.

  10. Hey charlie, I like space stuff, it's the most Interesting… I first heard about this planet back in July 2019 from 🙂

  11. Even if you could get there you would have to travel 186,000 miles per second and still take 12 years plus to get there.

  12. Noone can assure safety there. As soon as humans would move there, they will start mining natural resources, cut down trees and so on without any care about the envirenment just like here on this planet. As the population will grown, people will start splitting up. Create independent camps > cities > regions > countries and all this will bring new wars and history will repeat due to missing laws and law enforcement.

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