OPEN WIDE | Plague Inc. Evolved #13

OPEN WIDE | Plague Inc. Evolved #13

Top of the mornin’ to ya’ laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Plague Inc. Evolved! I’m gonna give the xenomorph one another try. I didn’t wanna leave the last episode on a failure and not come back and try it at least once more. And then we can move off to some other diseases if I get it done. And if I don’t… I-I-I- I keep trying until I get it, but I’ll edit it down. Um… So… to–for immediate success on this one, I’m calling this one ‘Totally Not Aliens’ No one will ever suspect a thing! Because it’s NOT aliens (Pretty sure they are) SHUT UP! You don’t know!! It’s not aliens.. It’s somethin’… ..different…(like something thats not aliens ok) Umm So I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing, I don’t know what I’m going to be doing differently. But I’m just gonna like.. Uh- pace myself a little better… maybe… Who knows We’ll see if we pass I mean If we don’t it’s not the end of the world …literally! If we don’t pass it’s not the end of the world, ’cause humanity is gonna fight back anyway. (True dat, Jack) What we NEED is the end of the world. (Das evil man, jeez) And I have no idea how people are getting infected already. What’s my infection rate, just like right from the start Oh. I actually do have an infection rate Okay c: Um let’s get this… Aaand… Oh I already have these! Oh, awesome. Aaand… Noo… Does that increase the severity?(Yes it does Jack) I don’t wanna increase my severity just yet. LETHALITY is when people die… But… Just I don’t– I don’t feel good increasing my severity immediately. Uhh… And this. No, not yet. I’ll wait a little. Let’s just sit here and wait, for the little ol’ power points to come up. Not like Microsoft PowerPoints, but, these DNA points. (Classic office Jackiroo) There we go. No– I don’t want that, I meant to hit ‘Q’. Umm Symptoms, I have none of those. (Good for you, Jack) Uhmm Why the fuck not?! Let’s get it anyway! Uhh- yeah. Okay. I’m might just get this… *Laughs* And these. Aand all ofth- Can I get them all? Please… Yay? Umm… ‘Totally Not Aliens’ not discovered. *chuckles* Could you imagine if that was the real name of a disease in real life? Like… “Scientists have discovered a new disease called ‘Totally Not Aliens'” *chuckles not-so-silently* Ahm… I need to increase my FaceHuggers as well. Last time– I do remember people in the comments saying that I needed ‘Royal FaceHuggers’ I can’t remember what they did, I think they just latch on a bit better, But I need to get those after, so… Oh God. I need ALL of these things. And I’m increasing this Probably won’t increase the dog one yet. ‘Cause I need ‘Symptom–‘ Ohh, here we go. ‘Incubation Period’ Um… I need birds and humans first. ’cause if I can get the- the aliens to fly around a bit Then I’ll-i’ll increase infectivity A LOT more! Here we go! I can do this this time! *singing* I believe in you. I believe! I believe in you! I believe! *regular talking voice* I believe in ME! I believe in Steve! I believe in Jacka’ boy! (Quality self-motivation) COME ON, MAN! Where are my points?! Why are my people not getting infected-? There we go Thank you! North America (ayy) Or just- USA as it’s said here. COME ON! *clap* x3 CHOP CHOP I DON’T HAVE ALL DAY! I HAVE A DISEASE TO SPREAD!(That’s nice Jack) Here we go. “While attached to the host, the facehuggers…” Oh, I have a tiny bit of lethality. Ooooooh, that’s ’cause of that. “Eggs will hatch early when exposed to unknown sound and/or body heat. Slightly increases infectivity.” Let’s get that one! I don’t need to increase my lethality just yet. What do I even have…? F- Ohh seventeen “…any individual who dares to approach them, increases severity” Hmmm…”Incubation Symptom Mutated” Wait, what is the “Incubation Symptom”? Victims of the facehuggers named as “infected” will experience the following; Due to the “growing” That’s spelt wrong! “Organism in their chest: sore throat, hunger, nausea and dizziness” that’s pretty good I need I need a lot
more though Here we go! Ohhh!! Look at you U.S.A. *Chanting* U.S.A. gonna’ die, gonna’ be so in-fec-ted(Too real man, too real) That’s cause it started there…it starts won’t end there though It’ll probably end in Greenland or somewhere Come on! Chop, chop! Yes!! Spread to the other countries and give me those bubblies! Gimme’ those micro bubbles NICE! cool wha- what can we increase now the
embryo has grown while absorb- god no,that increases lot of lethality
don’t start killing people just yet increases in infectivity, yes! this and all of this for now please
because once you increased lethality well it’s great that people are dying
then the sciences catch on, and their like “hey wait a second” wait is severity got to do with the cure then? (Nice English bro) I dunno we’ll see. What’s happening cure is being started
sub that these frickers going to tell your mommy’s can be 42 coming actually
increased shit no ok let’s start getting this shit I need 20 for that, fack well it’s getting it whoo cold and i
thought i could get warm as well I don’t need three for that it’s ok we got three bubbles instantly
tell what they give me more though nice cool now the survive in different
countries yes I’m not reading the things either
because I’ve already read them wow wow read the last section 23 the man wow
this is awesome ok I have to get this because it stops
the scientists being able to get fuckin stuff on me sticky face of hers yes there’s my royal
face because you get flying facehuggers could you imagine those don’t really
look like fucking vaginas with fingers on the sides you guys know things flying at your face
scary bastards moving on yes give me all that Michael
bublé’s for Cairo holy shit yes ok this already is going better than the
last time royal facing this way what did they do sometimes an egg producers special face
workers that contain an embryo that isn’t affected by the host DNA new
heights can be started by new Queens in other countries oh yes in the face of course feed the
victims is enriched with stress hormones causing the host forget the traumatic
happening reduce the severity nice i’m just waiting for this train you
what I have to enjoy any 23 Naomi oh god almighty i got a lot
already nice what are you aquatic facehuggers
who but I should start getting aliens right
I need to increase all these dudes flying aliens yes and I think the Praetorians are down
here from what people told me holy fucking gory yes my infect ease go in fact everybody killed him saudi
arabia a leading global for effort fuck off Saudi Arabia stop that shit not you stop it Saudi Arabia you stop it
right now one random royal facehugger will use its
limbs the stream to run to a random country and yes take over other countries and now i can
get these and these Praetorian there we go I need that to some attacking heights
right the capture chest verses from the before
I’ve grown incredibly fast and they’re almost two meters and like the escape
the way in your tiny corporation labs and have killed officers I yeah cool what’s happening they did the cure is is coming along too fast now – – faster yeartwo
degree shuffle this will make it harder development but ok the cure is to totally not a is almost
finished if of drug-resistant abilities to access genetic reshuffle to make it
out in front of the cure I abilities um enables DNA from blue
bubbles yes yes DNA she considers the
researchers the hum ok that would give me more I don’t know if all shit and then I’m
actually doing good the cure our boss what priority and
simply mutated totally not a mutant about the priorities and values DNA .
nice wait what a source undrinkable ok that was last time as well back ok so this is about to kick in now oh
come on that was so fast okay i need to start getting shit do I need you guys carriers pigeons I get more bubble I don’t want him
getting the army initiative to the killing humans on site warriors random
unconscious and morrison only protect their hive will only attack other
animals if they form a threat no I need to get out there and start
killing everything aggressive back here we go and carriers please kill everything ok
as long as it stays around there that’s pretty good thank you thank you still what is going on trainer why don’t
you have all China China China China I will kill you Rogers have an extremely hard
exoskeleton which can respect a missile blow the blades on its hands as hard as
diamond and are able to cut a chopper in half well I don’t even care if you help i
just need to get your fucking awesome and spitters what are you boilers you okay please go what’s the infectivity yet oh I pretty
good deal more of that this one might be a failure Oh hold your
fucking hole jersey no more horses come on come on boy or symptom mutated
thank you don’t even need to increase . into that one let’s get that for in fact it e mu and
this brings up in effectively and lethality yeah and i have no DNA points please win
for me baby come on now jack boy once it at least a day to start going up the infected are going down because the
day they’re going up come on daddy needs a new pair xenomorph
shoes what happened to China today developer
resistance to it bastards trying to have some advanced
technology that is going to get amazing horse great are you I am I going to win in
fact it was going up and down and all the time all here we go china is getting it now not really let’s just fucking sit here wait ah maybe if we increase the dogs to fish I can’t do any of those I can’t do
anything right now my boss I don’t have the money for it give me
more money give me more virus money more DNA points
I got pretty close though ok the healthier still going down that’s good the infected are going up
and down to keep going up and down all the time for today it’s still going up
yes but that’s happening I’m stuck in the birds from i’m stuck in limbo are
Madagascar didn’t get infected I needed a new guinea and they showed
off their ports I needed in the Philippines why
Philippines I thought you liked me right let’s just keep going slowly but
surely this is going up slowly as well come out fine uh oh here we go train is about to be
overrun for some reason just kicked off because
I refunded one of my things I refunded this I’m and I got I got dogs
just I don’t know I because now my birds and everything are no good so we need I
need land animals are infecting people here we go slowly but surely if this can surpass
this can surprise this let me should be good all I one is to
kill everybody all i want to do is destroy all humans
is that such a big task everybody’s dead everywhere else but
we’re gonna have no hope of survival come on come off their fate totally not aliens killed all its
wholesome healthy people survived how could it have failed I said it was
totally not aliens how do they know I’m trying this again
Sun’s up bitches I had killed Martin aliens won’t you
we’ve been worried it’s my favorite moment of each disease when you increase
all the infectivity for the first time like a really high amount and then
everybody starts traveling everywhere else and you just get a shit ton of
bubbles all at once to click it’s so much fun this the fuckin cure
has already started which is annoying me you you you you yes okay I’m here I don’t know what the key that keeps
tipping me over all the time I need eight and 12 fuck me 20 I should get that pretty fast oh yeah
there it is huh get both of you and then next I need to get there all
here we go next I need to get this one done some
research has been able to do things and what do you increase in activity nice maybe maybe it’s their god the
fucking thing is increasing really fast now maybe it’s the sequence that you have to
evolve stuff in like it’s not what you involved with when you evolve it actually that’s the case for most of the
diseases in the game this these ah who owe creditors where you
find even more if you’re fine predator hunting down their favorite prey however
you saw that coming did you adopt a new kind of xenomorph ne24 that redditors the predator aliens yes green
lines infected that’s good yes coming at these there we go I’m infecting the Predators
nice ok what who’s more lethal you guys are swimmers they’re more
easily but they had max out the infectivity they’re cool-looking hooli
take the cure is wrapping up but I have a lot more people kill this time come on our saviors the Predators have
arrived these creatures came from the sky in the
seem intent on helping us as long as we don’t get in their way is the end of the
horrible nightmare oh my god Greenland just got caught holy shit was awesome I’m okay i need
lethality you go where did you decrease lethality you bring it up yeah you date tonight fucked up last
time maybe oh ok what increases this the most
predator aliens there we go get as many of these dudes i canno nice this is it is this the end the weed oh yeah oh we’re doing the president of messy
outnumbered by the Xenomorphs the ones that survived fled from Earth we are left for dead what for if a new
kind of xenomorph the predator seemed shocked by the fact that the face
hookers now attack them as well terrific result
is an extremely intelligent pride alien this can’t get any worse who’s talking
right now I did pretty fucking well carrier symptom mutated thank you increase whatever you can get now what
the fuck was these crushers oh yeah come on that has to be wing disciple
what the fuck are you and Tina why mission total failure the Queen’s
were highly protected by a pea torian’s and if we manage to kill the Queen’s she
was replaced by one of the strongest Praetorians in the height maybe was
impossible to repeal this threat let me wait just give it to me I will fucking murder you we’re doing good private your symptoms
mutated thank you I think we have every every country is
overrun now i think which is awesome and this has even got to a hundred percent
yet have these I was just sticking around and trying out different ones swimmers yet because they they increased
lethality a lot i’m sure they just keep getting I figured out the Predators
might have picked me over in the future I get predators but they to kill off
some magazine amorphs just helps me get predator aliens so just get all these I
think we should be good this doesn’t reach a hundred percent the first time
you who would have thought the human
Xenomorphs live with each other and the same planet Xenomorphs only take the
ones who are foolish enough to provoke them the humans will live will live the rest
of their lives in fear of the Xenomorphs even though they keep neutral yes some to continue the humans are
consumed by fear and this way what can I see my disease named here damn it can see here i can see this
almost got seriously not aliens I know it wasn’t my bacteria called
alien it was before I didn’t have a different name on it had seriously not
aliens all in caps but i had to retry again and i forgot to change the name
again oh but he did it hey I am I did have to fish in a
difficulty down to casual Mordor to do it because I huh I don’t know i was doing self the same
way all the same I think maybe the bear predators fucked me up that time and if
we hadn’t got them maybe then I would have actually
accomplished and in Normal difficulty but i had to change it down just like
you get the win I didn’t want to finish the episode on a bunch of failures
because that’s not fair and you guys must make for a good video so yeah we
got the victory I didn’t do thing is all that differently that this time around I
did get defending packed instead of aggressive packed and I I mutated my
aliens faster so i was getting some of the like the flyer ones and everything a
lot quicker this time to try and beat their to try and beat the cure and then I increase my face hookers
after that to get more of them so i think this one was a better one
altogether if you broke it only gets eighty percent was the last time you got
to a hundred then start it over again and got 200 again and that’s what fuck
me up at this time and only got two eighty eight percent the first time so I
didn’t even get to a hundred percent this time maybe it’s because I’m casual anyway I
did it and I’m happy and I’m glad that we can move on to the other ones I’m yes i would recommend that because i
was fun custom scenarios next I want to go off
and try out there the fangirl epidemic I want to try out these top ones that
look at the draw the social disease in franklin Potomac I think that might be fun to do but for
now thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it so much
that we put in the face like your pussy and my friends road shh shh thank you guys that was it actually you’re not blonde lady except my guys and it’s destroyed
already we’re reactors do you think the corner flag who some of
these are cool realistic zombie plague while some
realistic nazi zombies rapid mutator cool

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  1. Just imagine a person that is infected walks in the airport and says. "1 ticket please." Then he walks up to the gate and woman asks. "What's ur name sir and he says "Totally not An Alien"

  2. Jack in Jacksepticeye Virus episode: “You guys are so nice to me, I want you to stay alive”

    Jack in this episode: “We want the end of the wooooorld!”

    What betrayal feels like

  3. Don't forget that you can fail by killing everyone without having enough infected people don't remember check the? I don't know what you call it an! It was the manual

  4. "Totally Not Aliens" lol. Recently I named a disease "Nothing to See Here".

    Of course, they immediately saw it. XD

  5. jack:starts singing all the way

    me:opens up spotify put on all the way VOLUME ALL THE WAY UP

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