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    Super Powered Being​-​Physiology​,​Super power Mastery&All Body System healing​-​balancing -silent​,​subliminal


    Accept or change Your Sexual Orientation​-​silent​,​subliminal


    Unisexation​-​self esteem​-​desired look​-​subliminal​,​silent


    Body Changes​,​Health​,​Beauty​-​silent​,​subliminal


    Zodiac Empowerment series



    rain sound:




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    True Self connection​,​awakening​-​silent​,​subliminal





    Healing -Grabovoi healing Numbers


    Super Human​-​All Body System Health#Healing#Balancing​-​silent​,​subliminal


    FLUENCY IN ENGLISH,Knowledge Booster-silent,subliminal


    Rain sound subliminal's​-​silent


    Forced​-​Rain sound subliminal's​,​silent


    Health​,​Love​,​Self​-​Esteem e​.​t​.​c Agesta Sacred Codes


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    there is some subs that is not on channel 🙂

    My subliminal description-silent subliminal messages

    Silent subliminals are audio recordings with affirmations, which are hardly heard and not understood by the conscious mind, They are send directly to the subconscious mind, which changes the inner programming and therefore you and your life.

    If possible kindly clarify can this be kept playing in the range of 15 to 20 feet distance for the inner ears, the subconscious to catch up with the affirmations.

    listen on 30-40% of volume

    It's okay to listen to subliminals without headphones or earbuds as long as those subliminals do not contain any frequencies.

    i don't use frequencies

    you can manifest results in a few days, or several months, it really depends on the person using them. As a general rule, however, it will take 26 to 30 days to make permanent lasting changes to your subconscious

    superpowers can take longer than 6 month

    How long should I listen to subliminal messages? At least 21 days in a row, during the day and night. If you do not notice any clear change, practice active and passive listening for 90 days. Then, listen when necessary or when you feel the need.

    Can you listen to more than one subliminal at once?

    Yes you can, but it is really just personal preference. Some people prefer to listen to one album at a time, others often have multiple albums playing at the same time. This can really help expose you to a lot of positive subliminal messages, but it is not right for everybody.

    Do subliminal messages work you're sleeping? A test carried out on psychological studies show that a subliminal message has the potential to influence you regardless of your waking state because of its ability to go through the conscious mind and they do indeed work while you're sleeping.

    How long does it take for Subliminals to be permanent?

    Most subliminals have affirmations that make them permanent, but the length of time it takes to get results varies between people. It could easily take 5 months.

    What does a subliminal flush do?

    Here is a subliminal flush that is designed to work in seconds. … This subliminal aims to give you: • Safely cleanse your mind of negativity, damaging+negative affirmations, undesirable suggestions, blockages and clutter within seconds.


    About REQUESTS!!!

    if you want subliminal original from my channel-mp3 file-5$ USD

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    Custom request(after donation only)

    minimum for one subliminal with your written affirmations-20$ USD

    i write affirmations ,subliminal-50$ USD

    I don't send affirmations-don't even ask 🙂

    subliminal combos-if u want combo-add all links from subs u want-i will make combo:

    5 sub combo-10$(on the person's name-15$)USD

    10 sub combo-20$(on the person's name-25$)USD

    Meditation#sleep subliminal requests:-20$ USD

    if you like any of subs in length of 30 min to 2 hours rain sound

    20 $ donation


    [email protected]

    Have The Passion ,Take The Action ,&Magic Will Happen

    for multiple voices sub-you can listen-2 or 3 X-take brake when you feel you need -drink water

    if u want share results with photos-or talk about subs u use

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    Have subliminal requests?!


    Eny Results?!


    all subliminals includes:

    ask permission to all body systems to make changes

    all Blockages removal

    become-sovereign and free

    realise my Inner Power

    connect with Divine Love, Divine Self, Divine Power, Divine Health and Divine Beauty

    to be free from energy drains now and forever.

    release all energetic and psychic attachments .

    release all mind and body attachments

    release all energetic and psychic blockages

    release all mind and body blockages

    to be love, luck, abundance and money magnet

    to have extremely strong Solid Maneuverability in all levels

    build protection field

    affirmations transferred into:

    genetic code



    affirmations are permanent

    My subs-are religion free

    no spells,no bad no magic-just my divine energy..

    superpower listed powers are in wikia-most from comics and movies..there is nothing Satanic-it's fantasy world

    Like i Have Lucifer sub

    It’s from movie series..it’s not real Demon

    and superpowers exist

    There is people who say-even 10 years can take superpower manifestation

    Some say-you can’t manifest superpowers…

    I say can and can be manifesting 3-6 month

    6 month-1 year or even 3 years.

    I am making subs with numbers now-i do my best to make working subs

    And please-don’t leave here your bad and rude comments-i have link for that:



    You don't need headphones to listen my subs

    you can listen with headphones-if u like-it's work with one headphone to:)

    how much time i need to make request-subliminals:

    if requester have affirmations and i need to remake in i,you,why statement-about 1-2 hours

    if i making sub from Wikipedia-health and need to work with all organs e.t.c-around 5 hours

    if i make subliminal-from wiki-superpowers-can sometimes take full day or even two

    if i need to make already existing sub on persons name-1-2 hours

    if i make combo-from 5 subs-1-2 hours

    include upload time 🙂

    Jose Gabriel Uribe

    Agesta sacred Codes

    We are more than the Ego and the body, and each has a specific mission.

    By vibratory affinity we have met again to experience the process of Planetary Ascension.

    Many choose to live this experience through Sacred Numerical Code.

    These sacred numbers belong to other dimensions.

    Ascension is a gradual chance,it is a change of consciousness vibration.

    This process aims towards unity,towards recognition of our Divinity,and the experience of the Kingdom of the Heart.

    How to use Codes

    The codes must be repeated 45X

    45-it is a manifestador,crystallizer number

    it is a number of a number of demonstration

    Listen : 1X a day

    More about the Sacred Codes!:




    With Love!:)

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