Pregnancy Update 13 weeks ⎮ Risk of Down’s Syndrome

Pregnancy Update 13 weeks ⎮ Risk of Down’s Syndrome

Hello! Okay, I’m really sorry this
pregnancy update is a little bit off because I am in my car. Um, I just have been putting off this pregnancy update for a really long time and then recently something came up which is not so great and I got put off again. So I am gonna do this pregnancy update and probably do another one definitely within probably two weeks, but first for the update. I am almost 14 weeks. It is Sunday today and I will be 14 weeks tomorrow. Um, so far I’m not sure what’s the last pregnancy update. I think it was like… mmm ten weeks? I don’t know something like that. Um, but
yes I’ve had a lot of stomach problems, a lot of nausea, not morning sickness.. that has.. I’ve had that, but it’s gone away now and it’s just regular nausea quite a bit. My stomach’s been hurting… um not sure if it’s related to drinking water. I know recently my water intake hasn’t been that great… so yay. Then other problems I’ve had is sometimes I’m just a little bit gassy and burpy, but you know that’s pretty normal. Um, my emotions, I mean they’re all over
the place. I’m not really being too detailed about everything. I haven’t been like typing up my symptoms every day. I don’t know, it hasn’t been awful but it
could be better. I can say that. So now I’m gonna put down all of these baby stats. You know what size the baby is and all that. So I’ll just do it for 14 weeks because why not right. So there they are. Oh, um.. let me think. We went to see our midwife. I think that was 12… no that was 10? That was at 10 weeks yeah. So it was just after 10 weeks. I think it was like a Tuesday or Wednesday that we went. So I was like 10 weeks and a few days. We went to see the midwife. I think
it’s a second appointment and we heard the baby’s heartbeat on the doppler. Not ultrasound, but a Doppler and sounded really good. I think the number was like in the 160s and we went ahead with our first trimester screening, which means we had blood work and an ultrasound and the reason we did that is not really because we care about the results. It’s just because I wanted to see the baby again honestly. Um so we went ahead and did that and that was a couple Fridays ago. Not the most recent, but a few weeks ago On Friday um… I think that was September the 6th… I believe. Pretty sure it was September 6th and we
got the ultrasound and Mikko actually had to come because our babysitter forgot…whoops! So we brought him and he did not like
that. So we’re probably gonna try not to bring him again. Um but we had the ultrasound and they didn’t say anything and then I’ll tell you why I’ve put this
off again. I wanted to film actually before we went on vacation which was… I don’t know… the week of like Labor Day weekend and then that next week I was supposed to film and then I just didn’t because I forgot on vacation and then I thought I’ll come back from vacation I will film… and then I forgot. Then just recently on
Tuesday, this past Tuesday I was about getting… I was ready to go to work and I noticed I had a missed call from the midwife. It said, the voicemail, it said pretty much you know I need to discuss the test results with you and I was like crap, because I totally forgot about the whole first trimester screening thing… Hold on… Okay sorry I need to keep checking the time cause I have to go into work soon. But I totally forgot about it and then they
had already closed. So I really still wanted to know and I was actually driving to work and I called and I left a message and said please call me back. I was calling my mom I was in a panic cause obviously that meant something
was bad. They usually don’t call if everything is fine and she was like “oh no I’m sure it’s fine”. But anyways I got to work and I think I worked at 5:30 and I’m pretty sure I got there at like 5:05, or 5:10, something like that. So it’s about 20 minutes… it’s like physically going to work and be on camera looking great, and she called and she said “I’m sorry but your first trimester screening result came back and you have an increased risk for Down syndrome and I was sobbing. I already knew but she pretty much said you know the risk is small but it is still increased and that’s kind of where we are at this point. That’s what we know. That’s all
I’m really gonna be able to say at least in this part. The next thing that
we’re gonna do is we already have an appointment with a genetics counselor at the place down from our midwive’s. So we’re seeing a genetics counselor.
We’re going to talk about the results of the blood work, the ultrasound and all of that information. We have two different options for testing of what we can do and I’m not really gonna discuss too much into that. Obviously I don’t know what’s gonna happen yet but I will post another video once we’re actually done seeing the genetic counselor and we’ve had the testing and that is done and then I will update you with the results. Obviously I mean I’m really.. I’m nervous. I mean if our child does have Down’s syndrome, it’s not gonna change anything. It’s not… we’re not going to terminate the pregnancy. You know we’re just gonna become high-risk and we will deal with that. I mean yes it is gonna change things because obviously babies with Down’s tend to usually have risk of heart problems and other things. So yes that would be a huge life change
for us, but we will deal with it. So that’s all I really know. I’m sorry
this pregnancy update is kind of all over the place and not really not fun, but that is life. Right now I am trying to just be patient and wait until Friday and yeah like I said sorry it’s a sucky pregnancy update, but I will show you my belly if that’s possible because I’m in the car. So hold on. Okay, so that is the belly at almost 14 weeks. Um yeah again let me know what things
you want included on these updates. I’m so sorry I’m not really updating a lot
of symptoms and things but I don’t know, I kind of feel like this pregnancy I’ve been so busy taking care of Mikko and dealing with you know everything that’s been happening like the Down’s stuff now and I just haven’t really kept updated
and know what’s going on with this pregnancy. Second pregnancy… what are
you gonna do? Okay remember to subscribe and leave comments down below and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye!

13 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update 13 weeks ⎮ Risk of Down’s Syndrome”

  1. Oh yeah everything will be fine. My last son had austium (sorry can’t spell) I still love him in my heart no matter what! 😍

  2. Great video, hope everything is okay with the result.

    But this made me happy that you are okay if your child might have DS. I have and grew up with a little brother who has Down's syndrome, he is 8,5 years younger than me. My kids love to visit their uncle, he has always much fun things for them to play with at his place. 😊

  3. You look great!! , that's tuff news to her we just want our baby's to be healthy and happy and either way you guys will work it out! Cant wait till the next update !!

  4. So happy for you! My niece has Down’s S, and she’s fine! Graduated from high school couple years ago. Doing great!
    Can’t wait for your baby to come. Love Mikko! Been watching you since Mikko’s sperm bank. Always excited when your video comes in my inbox! 🥰

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