productive day in my life | my merch, lots of cleaning, getting my life together

productive day in my life | my merch, lots of cleaning, getting my life together

omg wait you can see me Hello what’s that you see? is that my- is that my merch? you guys probably saw me. I tried making a fancy entrance anyway hello my friends it’s Nina and welcome to another hopefully productive day in my life first things first I do want to mention I have merch I have this nice beige cream shirt it’s got oh no, oh yes on it kind of like an inside joke I also have hoodies I have this white one then I also have a pink one I do have a black one, but I don’t have it with me right now I’m gonna wear a hoodie later on but first I have to actually wash some dishes and then maybe I should do some laundry and then catch up on some stuff on YouTube I also have a Christmas tree. It’s not Christmas anymore So I should actually take it down But the thing is I’ve been using the Christmas tree as a light you can’t see it, but there’s LED lights connected to it Maybe you can see it Maybe not. I’ve been using it as a sort of light source, but it’s not the holiday vibe anymore So I think I think I might take it down basically there’s just going to be a lot of cleaning in this video because the holidays are over I need to get back in the mindset of 2020. I need to actually get myself together. I need to get things straight I’m also going to mention that the merch is only going to be up for probably until the end of January It’s been up since Christmas Eve. So it’s been a while I think it’ll only be up till the end of January and then we’re going to move on but if you want to get something the website is in the description I’ll plug my hoodies later But for now, let’s go! ow by the way, the shirt that I’m wearing is a medium The design is handwritten and it features my initials and these are just some of my favorite colors Okay, moving on as you can see I still haven’t really unpacked since I got home from traveling I did some traveling over the holidays and I still need to move the suitcase away and kind of clear this space Hopefully we can get it done today. and then my makeup is down here I’ve just been doing my makeup on the floor. It is a time to get things together i have done one load of dishes I still have to do another I’m gonna do that later But now on to the next thing I might need a cup of tea soon delicious I think right about this point I’m going to start doing stuff for my room. I need to do my bed sheets laundry It’s been a while That wasn’t me slurping Or is it I’m going to go do some laundry now. letsgetit well that’s part-way done Sorry It is currently 2:30. I’m not really sure about going outside today it is overcast today. I’ve actually never used that word I always say it’s really cloudy But then I remember that word exists I also had a list of things that I wanted to get done today But I’m not sure if I’m going to get everything done BTS had their comeback today that was intense It was the comeback trailer and yoongi was in it and wow, just wow. I am honestly ready for some content I just love new songs and interpreting the lyrics and just having fun with it. It’s always a good time watching the comeback trailer, I almost cried. Do you guys want to see my hoodie? Let me go get it So this is the t-shirt that’s available and then here is the hoodie This is a size medium and this is the pink one It comes in pink white and black as I’ve said before this is what it looks like This is the hoodie in a medium It goes all the way down to here maybe but honestly who’s going to pull it down all the way like this? I like to kind of tuck it in a little bit just so that my waist doesn’t get lost and here she is I completely forgot. I need to give joonie water. I’m gonna get a watering pail soon This is from my Korea trip reusing I also know this has BPA and stuff so maybe I should stop using this I’m going to water my plant real quick Anyways, this is the pink hoodie and I really love it. This is after a wash. It doesn’t shrink. It’s already pre shrunk So it doesn’t shrink anymore. It has oh no oh yes on the front and then on the back on the back it has oh no nina Just like a little watermark so if you want a hoodie as well, it’ll be in the description if you don’t get anything that’s fine as well, this is just my first merch and there’s probably going to be more in the future Maybe even more than hoodies. I also forgot to mention there are different products available as well. Not just hoodies so yeah, that is my merch i am going to go put this in the laundry now hope to see you with my merch if not, that is fine too I love you guys always i am currently taking a bagel break. it has hummus on it Delicious It’s so good this is like my sixth time watching it to the people who write translated subtitles for my videos Thank you so much It always takes me at least two hours to write subtitles And just the fact that someone else is doing it as well in a different language That’s just mind-blowing to me So thank you guys again, and I’m always approving them anyway back to it Hello, so I’m in my bathroom I’m going to be doing something that I’ve been meaning to do but I’ve been procrastinating I’m going to clean my bathroom floor I’m also going to replace these rugs with new rugs. These are just smaller cushiony rugs first i’m going to disinfect the floor and get rid of these rugs and hopefully vacuum I’m not sure if this still has battery I should have charged it. But anyway, let’s get to it The floor is finally spotless I’ve been meaning to clean up my bathroom for the longest time and it’s done I still need to laundry my towels, but that will come soon I was actually thinking about not cleaning my bathroom just because I was kind of tired pushed myself to do it anyway and it’s finally done. I replaced all my rugs. I’m feeling good. I’m feeling fresh. also can we appreciate that this hoodie is matching my bathroom right now Also that clocks wrong it’s not working. Anyway, I’m done here The floor is finally all clean I got rid of my suitcase and everything that was there so i could actually walk through here and then everything else is clean I am so tired it is currently 6:30?? so apparently it’s only 6:30. I still haven’t finished doing the dishes and I’m doing a bunch of laundry right now I have to laundry my towels. I think after that I’ll be done This is an accumulation of everything over the last, I would say, two months. The holidays is always very busy you don’t really have time to keep up with everything It’s good that I’m pushing myself to do all this I should also be having dinner soon. I don’t even know what i want Will I have energy to cook? We will see Now for an activity I don’t particularly enjoy I’m going to put my sheets back onto my bed This requires a lot of arm strength which I lack but 2020 we’re going to make our arms stronger Let’s do it This is quite the grandma pants look nina is grandma confirmed MY ARMS we’re almost there not really but we’re almost there There’s nothing better than clean sheets especially when you freshly showered everything feels clean like you were just bo- I was gonna say like you were just born but that’s not really the cleanest feeling is it we’re almost there you guys I’m doing just fine let’s go tata omg chimmy are you okay are you okay omg tata i’m sorry we’re done bed is all made tata and chimmy are comfy all good okay I am currently waiting for my laundry to finish I still need to fold my laundry and I want to do that today So I’m going to stay up a little bit it’s I hope that says 9:15 I don’t want it to be too late today i woke up at like 6:50am or so obviously because of the comeback but otherwise I do wake up pretty early just because I am sleeping earlier and I want to keep that as a habit when I Was 16 or 17 I stayed up till 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. And that was like a normal thing I guess I really am a grandma But I just wanted to talk about today a little bit being productive really just means, to me, just doing stuff that you keep telling yourself you should do but you procrastinate and you put off but you finally just do it people tend to think that you have to be doing really rewarding things or things that have some sort of rewarding outcome but I think being productive is just doing things that will better your health and better your mental, physical states today I cleaned basically everywhere so that I can have a more sound and peaceful state of mind in my bedroom I literally couldn’t walk anywhere and it was just kind of stressful and messy now I feel like I can breathe more I feel like it can be more productive just think more clearly and get my life back Another thing that I’ve noticed Is that because I’ve been doing something this entire day I haven’t really been online that much like of course I came online to tweet and obviously check on YouTube But otherwise, I was really just moving around a lot I think just keeping yourself busy with the smallest things and finally taking things off of your to-do list I think that’s just being productive anything that really just helps you feel a little bit better clear your head, clear your literal physical space things like that just helps you navigate life a little bit better and also you find yourself at 9 p.m in a cleaner physical state and it’s literally almost your bedtime you just had a full day Anywho, I’m going to get my laundry I think I’m going to do the dishes tomorrow I have another full busy day tomorrow just a bunch of other stuff and then I also have to edit so much folding my laundry is pretty therapeutic and so I like to fold laundry while I watch some YouTube or some shows So my TV has this little HDMI cord that I connect to my laptop and then I can watch literally anything through my laptop onto the screen anyway, let’s do our laundry I don’t think I’m going to take down that Christmas tree for awhile I think at least until nearing the end of winter but the most important thing that I wanted to say is try not to be hard on yourself try to be easy on yourself sometimes doing the smallest things will have the biggest impact on you So try to just take it easy sometimes and take care of what you can and remember that that is something you’re doing your best you’re living, you’re breathing, you’re existing and that is always the greatest thing. Anyway laundry time i completely forgot I’m wearing makeup so I have to remove that This really has been an entire day of just cleaning and more cleaning so i turned off the TV and I put my towels in the dryer but I am pretty much done for today It is 10:30pm, still not too late I’m going to take off my makeup but that is going to be it for this productive day in my life I think I did a good amount of stuff I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope that this inspired you to do something on your to-do list and as I mentioned in the beginning of the video my merch is available till the end of January after January it’s going to be bye-bye and we’re going to move on to other things I hope you guys can get a t-shirt or a hoodie or anything and if not, that is also fine Thank you for joining me on this productive day and I will see you in my next video! Let’s bring it in goodbye my friends 🙂 goodnight~

100 thoughts on “productive day in my life | my merch, lots of cleaning, getting my life together”

    why your merch gotta be SO EXPENSIVE


  2. your productive day videos are my favorite because they push me to be productive. even though I feel like I’m always doing something….
    anyway, thank you!

  3. “Try not to be hard on yourself, try to be easy on yourself. Sometimes doing the smallest things will have the biggest impact on you, so try to just take it easy sometimes and take care of what you can and remember that that is something. You’re doing your best. You’re living, you’re breathing, you’re existing, and that is always the greatest thing,”

    this made me so emotional ahh thank you nina this reminder really meant a lot 🥺

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    Give it a try ‘cause you don’t have to exercise your arm strings anymore💁🏻‍♀️

  5. i love the productive day in my life series. they're always so therapeutic and every time i finish watching them i get inspired to be productive as well. thank you for sharing a day in ur life with us again, nina! :')

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  8. I am watching this video which is making me want to clean everything……it’s 10pm😶

    I love you Nina! You are really inspiring and I love watching all your videos. I actually started learning Korean and Spanish again because you inspired me to learn and never give up 😊 thank you!

  9. At this point I think that Nina and I are part of the same being. After a few years of watching her I think that bathroom clock was the ultimate confirmation… Love your videos Nina!!!

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  17. im currently going through a really hard time suffering with my anxiety & gcse exams right around the corner, but watching your videos brings me so much peace, joy and has inspired me to get out of bed and be productive. thank you so much nina! 🙂

  18. Hi Nina! Thank you and please continue to upload vids like this. They truly help me in many ways. I dont just get motivated to be productive but I ACTUALLY GET PRODUCTIVE! ❤️

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