Prophase 1 – Phases of Meiosis 1 – Cell Division – Biology Class 11

Prophase 1 – Phases of Meiosis 1 – Cell Division – Biology Class 11

Hello Student start with the first stage of karyokinesis 1 that is prophase once 1. already told you the phases of prophase 1 the very first phase will Liptotene let’s understand what is meaning of Liptotene. the protin the term is derived from two Greek words first is Likto and second is Ting .Likto means thing an ting means ribbon so thin ribbon like structure called as Liktothin so what exactly is happening in Lipkting in the chromatin network which I already taught you the basic structure present in nucleus the kromatin Network condense the never contains completely the condense partially so when the condnes the network form small small thread-like structures and that redneck structure called lib protein that is why the stage is called as little team stage because in this stage inside the nucleus we can see only thread like chromosome and that is why it is called lip toe so this is how liquid end-stage look I will complete it with the labeling part so this is how nucleus look in first stage that is lifted in of prophase one the next stage is zygote T what happens in cycle T in case of Seibert in homologous chromosome comes very close to each other this deform coupling structure that coupling structure is called s bivalent and the process of formation coil s synapse so let’s see how it looks in diagram so this is how psychotic look cell membrane and nuclear membrane is still intact even the nucleolus is intact next stage of prophase 1 is packaging now let’s see what happens in packaging now payments ribbon next structure and vacuum is overlapping so this is the most important phase of prophase 1 one more important thing about this phase is it is a longest phase of prophase what you need to remember this thing the longest phase are service interface but in case of nozzles after interphase prophase is a longest and insightful phase PACA teen is the longest phase now what happens in packet in this is considered as a moose significance of the most important stage of prophase one because what happens over your results in to variation let’s see how it looks diagrammatic things so you can see in this stage the woman of this chromosome or now we can call it as violent chromosome the Bible and chromosome is undergoing twisting and coiling over each other now when they are undergoing twisting and coiling over each other the important process takes place and that important process is called as crossing over or join crossing now let’s see what exactly happens and crossing over in crossing over exchange of genetic material takes place now crossing over occurs at a specific spot the name of that spot is Gaius Martin so you have to remember this thing which is the point of crossing over it is called s guys matter now how many guys matters are formed if the chromosome is short or small then only one cares matter is formed if it is long more than two three cosmetics can be formed so what is cancer at a point of crossing over now I will show you how this guy smarter look and what exactly happens at the Caius matter now this is to Bible and chromosome which you have seen in the nucleus now you see carefully what is getting overlapped on another and the same happens when they are coiling and twisting around each other now the point where they are overlapping that is called as Caius matter what exactly happens at kiya smart are that result in to variation once the crossing over process is completed and drawing a diagram you see what exactly happened to be chromosome so exactly have seen over your student recombination took place the combination how because some part of what chromosome got interchange with some part of another chromosome so what they were set of DNA’s which they were having before crossing over now that said head changed in some point and the point is called as chiasmata so in that point the set had been changed that resulted in two recombination so Cosmo eight colors matter what happens exchange of genetic material this exchange results in two recombination and recombination results in two variation finally lots of variation results into evolution and this is a most significant step because we get best or the worst quality evolved from this hot in short we can say we get changes in the characters so student after exchange of genetic material the recombination takes place and recombination results in to variation this is how recombination routes and variation results into evolution now the next stage is dip floaties let’s see how the plot in loops in case of de protein the Bible and chromosome start pulling from each other but they are connected to Christ mater they cannot get separated from chiasmata this thing you have to remember again repeating the Bible and chromosomes start pulling from each other or start getting lifted from each other but they remain connected at once for that is chiasmata so let’s see how it looks diagrammatically so this is how the protein look diagrammatic teams you can see the chromosomes are getting pulled blue color and pink color chromosomes and what they are attached at is Marta and one more thing you notice the chiasmata is not present at the end of chromosome because that will be the difference between victory and Daikin insists so remember the same – Marta is not at the edge of chromosome in case of de protein but in case of daikon answers that will move towards the end as only distinguish between diplo team and baikin insist let’s see the last stage what happens and last stitch that is dye condenses so this is a diagram for dye condenses with it absorb it carefully many thing has happened over it the first thing which you can see clear leave and I told you to notice in deep floaty this is deep blue T anthesis guidances so I hope you understood the difference between the location of chiasmata of deep blue paint and dye condenses so first difference you should noticed is type what about shifted towards the ends or edges of chromosome next thing which knocked notice is nuclear membrane and nucleolus is getting distinguished so stirring the diagram you can see first thing which you have to observe is difference between the Bible and chromosome chiasmata location of the protein and the chiasmata location of Dyken ances so you can see the cosmetic all shifted towards the end first difference second difference which can be clearly seen is disappearance of nuclear membrane and this appearance of nucleolus one more thing you can see over here centrioles start dividing I mean centrosome started dividing to form sensual and sensual is getting shifted towards polar regions so for differences of four characteristics of died condenses first chiasmata got shifted towards the edge of chromosome second nuclear membrane disappear third nucleolus disappear and fourth the centrosome divide to form centrioles and central started moving towards polar region so here we completed prophase 1 thank you very much –

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