Protein Skimmer Maintenance --- Gallery Aquatica TV

Protein Skimmer Maintenance — Gallery Aquatica TV

get out roofers I'm cam the fish guy thanks for watching gallery Aquatica TV today's episode is all about skimmers how to diagnose problems with your skimmer how to fix those problems and how to tune your skimmer so that you get the absolute maximum efficiency out of it okay so we're just setting up for the job we've put some towelettes towels down because when we take the skimmer out from the sump it could make a little bit of a mess we'll just take the pellet off so we can access the tank there's a lot of a crow bird's nest montipora sama Cora Leptis Eris this tank is really thriving we have Hydra fifty-two lights above this tank we've got Ecotec mp40 and Ecotec MP sixty-four wave makers there's a guy or 150 so it's a beautifully decked out tank but we need to look at the skimmer and work out why it's not skimming to its optimum potential so the customer has commented that the skimmer doesn't seem to be skimming consistently or at the height that he tries to turn it to so at first glance the skimmer looks like it's actually skimming quite well you can see that there's a little bit of foam in the cup and the neck is certainly dark with organic waste accumulating on it so the first thing that we'll look at is the height but the what that the level is the bubbles are skimming at so to do this we'll take off the cup and that actually looks quite good I think that the next thing we'll look at is going to be the air intake because sometimes you can have a clog in the air line that runs down to the pump I don't think this is going to be the problem but sometimes when you take off the muffle you'll find that the amount of skimming will increase but it hasn't really changed in this case so I don't think the air intake is a problem and I can actually feel that the venturi hose is sucking air so that's turned off that's on so I don't think the air intake is the problem so that says to me it's probably something to do with the pump so I'm going to turn the skimmer off take it out and we'll open up the pump and see if we can see what's happening with that so we've got the skimmer out of the tank and something that I always do is just have a look at a close look at the skimmer whilst it's out of the water sometimes you'll find that the body of the skimmer can be clogged with things sponges bits of debris some things like that but it looks relatively clean we're going to take this opportunity to to clean the skimmer up quite nicely as well there's a few app tasia on it and there's a fair bit of muck in the top of the neck so we'll clean that but I certainly can't see any reason why it would be skimming any different to normal so I'll open up the body and we'll have a look at the pump so this skimmer is in Isles 220 and they're a very reliable skimmer and to access the pump in this nyos I need to take off these screws that fix the body of the skimmer to the base plate and there's four of these so we haven't actually opened up this skimmer for at least six months now so it's a good opportunity to do some general maintenance on the skimmer and I'll certainly give it a bit of a clean vinegar vinegar it can also be good to vinegar bath the components of the skimmer all right so I need to access this pump so I'm gonna take off just a diffusion play so now we have access to the PAR things that can go wrong with the pump generally associated with the impeller so we need to access the impeller to be able to see what the problem is and sometimes you can have bits of sand that get in between the impeller well and the body of the impeller and that can slow down the flow and I'm thinking it'll be something like that because it did seem to be skimming okay and having a bit of grit in there can actually cause intermittent skimming so I need to actually remove this off the base plate so I'll take off these screws and this will remove this bracket should just be able to loosen really and before I forget something else that I'll do it didn't seem like it was an air intake problem but it's good to check the nozzle on to which your venture each two goes to ensure that it doesn't have any build-up that could slow the flow of air into the pump and I can see quite clearly that there is nothing blocking that you can't blow through it and it's definitely not blocked at all so I know it's not an air intake issue all right so we've got them the pump off the base plate to get into the impeller which is what I think will be the problem we need to take off four screws on the pump so this is a Phillips head so you want to have with this pump anyway Phillips head screwdriver as well as a flathead screwdriver this impetus pump was definitely true for a clean so most skimmers very similar in the way they work and a change in the efficiency of the skimming or the height that the water is foaming at is generally caused from one of a few things it's the air intake it's the pump it's the impeller things like this so pull this off okay so straight away I see the problem so this is the impeller and we'll pull this out in a second however the head of the impeller which has this needle wheel is clearly clogged with Kido morpha now that will certainly cause the symptoms as described by the client all right are the sweeps of it in there okay so that's our problem now Kyoto is a bit of a classic for causing this problem any kiddo that gets in here will almost certainly reduce the flow of the pump which reduces the ability of it to skim other things can cause this as well things such as you know even bits of sand shell can get in here human hair can get into this so we've cleaned that but given we've got the and we found the problem given we've got the pump out of the skimmer we might as well take this opportunity to pull the entire impeller out and we'll give it a bit of a clean okay so most impellers are all the basic same design they're cylindrical magnet with blades at the top and you can see that there's a little bit of bacterial accumulation on the magnet of the impeller and so what I definitely don't think this was what was causing the problem it's a good opportunity to give it a bit of a clean so I'm going to use a toothbrush I've got a little bit of tank water here any water's fine for this purpose and I'm just going to clean it off so normally I would give the blades a bit of a clean but they're spotless so that's perfect and I'm also going to clean the impeller well so I'm just going to go around a few times at the toothbrush yeah that's that's really clean sometimes you get so much bacterial accumulation in here that it can slow the impeller and that means you've got less water being drawn in and so the skimmer will fluctuate with the level at skimming at but this is pretty good so now I'll put it all back together the impeller goes back in just sort of pushes down like so and it will clean all the parts as we put it back together so the pump and the diffusion plate are reassembled we're just going to clean the body of the skimmer and put it back on so as I said good opportunity to clean these up tej or or and it's a nice easy way to really get in there I'm certainly not going to get this back to spotless we don't have the time to do it today but I'm going to get the bulk of the gunk off it sorry skimmers all clean we'll put it back into the sump and then we'll show you how we cheer just plug it in [Applause] so the majority of skimmers on the market these days have got two ways that you tune them the first is the amount of air that can enter the body of the skimmer and with this noise that is adjusted by this little dial at the top here now my preference is to have this at the maximum open position so that you can get as much air into the skimmer so I really try not to use that to control the height that the skimmer is skimming at the second way that you control the height that the skimmer is skimming at is with the main valve which releases water from the skimmer and so different skimmers have got different systems for this the noise is very easy you just spin one way to open a valve at the bottom or close it and that will control the height that the skimmer skimming out now I typically like to have the level of the skimmer between the bottom of the neck and about midway now depending on the tank and what we're doing at any given time we may choose to have it higher and that's called running the skimmer more wet and that will give you a more dilute amount of solution in the cup but I think I'll just turn it I'll close the bells belt a little bit and we'll just raise it slightly so it's certainly giving a consistent skin I definitely think that we fixed the problem with removing the kita from the impeller I'm just going to raise it a little bit more it also takes a little while for any adjustment to that valve to show in the height that its skimming out so it's a good idea to when you're adjusting your skimmer to do it slowly and give it a few minutes after every time you adjust it so it's just creeping up just to the bottom of the collection cup and I'm probably going to leave it there I don't want it to run too wet today the main reason being is that if it happens that this hasn't solved the problem we want to ensure that it doesn't over skim on the customer so I think I'll live it there for now but that's it that's our skimmer all fixed and cleaned and perfectly change so that's our video for today thank you so much for all your support we really appreciate all your comments and likes and if you haven't already done so make sure you subscribe so thanks for watching and happy reefing so that's our video for today if you enjoyed it hit the like button hit the subscribe as well we'll be putting out videos every week showing a new tank with new products there's going to be lots and all the videos I'm from the fish guy and keep on reaping

16 thoughts on “Protein Skimmer Maintenance — Gallery Aquatica TV”

  1. Awesome vid Cam! I am sure it is basic to most reefers but you explained everything clearly and all the time I was like "I thought that but now it's clear" – like the skim level keep the air fully open (I didn't know that) and just pulling apart the skimmer was something I felt was daunting.
    I'm gonna have to go back to the earlier video but that massive Acan (?) colony is insane. Also I love that the SPS is mostly plating like the Efflo's – this is what I love. The shape and design is just incredible. Big colonies, well positioned with a focus on form. I feel like the common thing to do is choose based on color but I like this approach of form first – tho it is sometimes really difficult to know what a large colony will be when you see the frag 😉

  2. Skimmer maintenance is always top of my list.. Had the same issue with chato
    Interfering with my intake in the pump on my curve skimmer so i placed a mesh meadia bag over the entire pump. Great informative video as usual.. Happy Reefing mate.😎

  3. Great video as always and I hope that is not another of Anyas toothbrushes sorry if I misspelled her name best wishes from the UK

  4. thanks for the video! It's funny how there is always just "one more screw" to undo when cleaning a skimmer…

  5. That was a very mature tank with that really large tabling acro right in the center. I have to ask, did those corals grow that large under the LEDs that are on there? Or were they under T5s and/or metal halides which did most of the growth and the customer switched over to the LEDs?

  6. That's it, I'm getting a Leatherman! Crikey that's a handy tool. It would also mean me not ruining anymore of my girlfriends tools (yes she owns the tools in this household)
    It really seems like I'm skimming too wet, if the skimmate is supposed to be that blackish brown. I think I'm having a hard time believing the foam will really climb that much. Thanks for the tips! I'll try implementing them to my systems.

  7. Great video, I also think cleaning the skimmer neck helped. Maybe your client should invest in a swabbie or similar device to automatically clean the neck

  8. Great video! Tank is immaculate. Not looking forward to cleaning my skimmer when it's time. lol….Much love from another Reefer in Houston, TX!

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