Quest for Meaning and Purpose in Life | The Preaching Humanist 01.07

Quest for Meaning and Purpose in Life | The Preaching Humanist 01.07

welcomed viewers welcome back to the
preaching humanist with David Oliverio that is I who we are in mid March 2015
time flies when you’re having fun having a great life today we get right into the
topic and by the way we’re coming from the great city of Austin Texas USFA
going to speak today on a very important topic which you Christians have heard
most of your life for many of you have turned to Christianity because of this
very topic the insecurities of survival and the quest for meaning and purpose of
life meaning and purpose in life or what Dr most people to mythological concepts
that’s why many of you have now you need to Jesus to find meaning and purpose
election today we will discuss two different views were discussed the
Christian view of finding purpose and meaning and fulfillment in life and the
alternative is a very overt preaching humanist atheist will offer you
Christians and alternative how to find meaning and purpose in life without
mythological concepts which is the Lord Jesus Christ without any gods so through
the pervasiveness of Christianity the preaching of Christianity one of the
most important themes that has been used to attract people to the christian
movement for the last two thousand years I used to do it as a preacher when I was
a young preacher and many preachers continue to do it is preaching that life
with our God is a life of emptiness and vanity and I’m here to tell you not
necessarily true my dear Christian threats so we’re going to discuss how
you can do that let’s start with the Christian view number one let’s get
right into the Christian view and finally purpose meaning and fulfillment
in life I will use as I love to do if you watched all the episodes about the
way this is episode number seven time flies when you’re having fun and I
was driving last week so an episode 6 this week I had me a couple of good ol
hot coffee so I’m kind of flying right now two cups a week at all I can handle
when I drink it and try to I’m going quickly hopefully not going to lose you
start chasing rabbits with all this caffeine in my bloodstream right now alright so I will use the bottle today
the book of Ecclesiastes written in about 9:35 be CEO what you Christians
call before Christ we call before commentaire Solomon the alleged writer
of the ecclesiastics was the third king of the nation of the tribe of Israel
they were saw that of course King David david’s son Solomon which was allegedly
wink wink the smartest man on earth why because God Christian God gave him this
great wisdom right let’s see what the smart guy talks about on the topic of
finding meaning and purpose of life I will begin reading from the book of
Ecclesiastes chapter 11 chapter too quickly and briefly hang with me
christians I know you’ve heard this before why have you heard this before Christian preachers love to use this
verse to make human beings feel that all is vanity that life is empty and
nihilistic without the Christian God now keep in mind we will come back with the
alternative so i would tell you the Christian worldview number one chapter 1
verse 1 the words of the preacher the son of David King of Jerusalem vanity
vanity which means emptiness says the preacher vanities vanity is all is
vanity chapter four chapter verse number fourteen I have seen all the works which
have been done under the Sun all I don’t think you’ve seen all the works and
behold all is vanity striving after the wind that skip over seventeen of Ecclesiastes
chapter 1 I set my mind to know wisdom into madness and folly I realize if this
also is striving after wind because in much wisdom there is much grief and
increasing knowledge results in increasing pain little contrary to those
of us later found me in person purpose of life its study moral
philosophy and science in world history just being humid actually increase in
knowledge and wisdom is a good way to find true happiness in life we will
discuss that in a moment chapter to listen to what the smartest
guy in the world says about vanity and finding meaning and purpose in life
chapter two verse 1 I solomon said to myself cum now I will test you with
pleasure so enjoy yourself and behold two utility I set of laughter it’s
badness actually saw me wrong I think most of us know that laughter is good
for the soul right it’s good it brings about good mood so far proven in
neurology and science it is madness and a pleasure what does it accomplish
explore with my mind how to stimulate my body with wine who saw me drink it
seemed like it low alcohol in it while my mind was guiding me wisely and how to
take hold of folly until I could see now what you notice something my dear
Christian friends this man allegedly ordained and anointed from the Christian
God the smart guy right notice how many I he discusses in talks
about in this book called out here that’s all I want you remember this very
closely I could see what good there is for the sons of men to do under heaven
in few years of their life hi enlarge my works I built houses for
myself very selfish guy here I planted vineyards for myself I made gardens and
parks for myself I planted in them all kinds of fruit trees sounds pretty good
to me so far I made ponds and water for myself there is again all about me me me
from which to wear get a force and growing trees first 7 or chapter 2 I
bought male and female slaves gross it’s immoral you have a low MQ leader do so
below moral quotient moral people don’t have slaves and I head home grown slaves
get to that some other time I possess flocks and herds larger than all who
preceded me in jerusalem also collected for myself silver and gold in the
treasures of kings and provinces provided for myself male and female singers male or female
singers and the pleasures of man ok nothing anything wrong with that but OK
and many concubines first nine then I became great increase more than all who
preceded me in jerusalem my wisdom hang with me I’m almost finished christians
listen to me also stood by me all that my eyes desired I did not refuse them I
did not withhold my heart from any pleasure for guys looking for meaning
and purpose to life for my heart was pleased because of all the labor costs
are considered all my activities which my hands has done in the labor which I
have exerted and behold all and striving after wind and there was no profit under
the Sun here’s a man desperately seeking to
find purpose and meaning in life notice the eyes noticed the myself
notice the MIAs now if I sound like your preacher it’s because I used to be one
and so far yes here’s a man I would agree with your preachers out there I
would agree with you so far christians that things of this world as you would
call it a session riches hedonism pleasures of the flash as you work all
my friends are all momentary type pleasures that coming go there’s a
deeper way to find true joy happiness meaning and purpose of life Solomon wasn’t going about it right so
the Christian preachers haven’t bread and you have filled our minds as a
Christian nation with this very thought you will never find meaning you’ll never
find purpose in life without a relationship with the Christian God
that’s why this book has been used so successfully to make you people believe
that you got to have a god to have meaning and purpose let’s see what Solomon says the last few
verses of the book of Ecclesiastes he said the conclusion my conclusion of the
matter is this the wisest man on earth given this wisdom from God this is what
they believe that’s what most Christians of the top here I have tried all the
women and men to all the sexual pleasures of this earth have tried
riches I have try planting vineyards and everything for me to bring me pleasure
and fulfillment meaning purpose in life said it is vanity I don’t really look for pleasure in
things but there’s more important things in life than naturalistic there’s nothing wrong with
him physical pleasures and other things you gotta find a balance things which we
will discuss show too solemn an end to the Christian
worldview you cannot find purpose and meaning in life human human beings are
incapable of finding fulfillment meaning and purpose in life without help from a
transcendent sentient almighty invisible deity in the sky and let us say to that
is 100% wrong there are many of us outside of the Christian faith who do
not believe in God’s myself and many other human estate dias even-handed
whose other religions who have different gods who have failed purpose and meaning
in life said the conclusion of the matter is this I tried everything in the
world nothing brings me happiness pleasure for film and media here is the
conclusion fear God keep his commandments for this is the dude wow I
remember this man was up with me as himself this is a Christian view that you human
beings fellow Homo sapiens out there you can’t find any purpose in life Christianity as much as I disagree with
it has done some things correctly they have master their marketing scheme and
propaganda for two thousand years to make you my dear fellow Christians out
there not fellow Christian sorry fellow human beings who happened to be
Christians to believe with all your heart that you can’t find they have
mastered it thank Jesus said I didn’t come just say stander well those that
have figured through life without God I can to seek and to save those that are
lost income for those that do not need a physician I come from those that can’t
find purpose and meaning is hard arduous life I just have come to give
your life and that much more abundantly according
to gain from words of Jesus in the gospels now again as I Drive around the
great state of Texas I visit my children my grandchildren in North Texas up and
down it never fails for me to see billboards all around Texas in the
southern United States in the Bible Belt they’re all these assertions and
populations everywhere in the radio Fox News Christian radio stations and
billboards for that purpose and meaning only be found through Jesus Christ
meaning to life can be found only in a right relationship with God now got an
alternative for you let’s talk about the different pleasures are two types of
pleasure if you study any kind of philosophy there two types of pleasures
and keep in mind they’re both ok we gotta find a balance homeostasis the
balance of life between the two number one these are called undeveloped
pleasures undeveloped pleasures all of us experience and it’s okay these are
the physical physiological pleasures in life eating a good meal going out with your
friends are looking forward to a good meal there’s nothing wrong with that catch and undeveloped pleasure think
about undeveloped pleasures in life they only last a few moments when it’s
finished it’s finished after a great meal you stuff yourself with something
very tasty and good looking forward to this great meal after you feel the
pleasures kinda gone you feel little bit full grant you your satire T the feeling
of fullness another undeveloped pleasure would be set anywhere you gonna get into
sex one day when we can talk about how Christianity is made 60 secs would be an
undeveloped pleasure to beautiful thing between two people consensual obviously become a reality
gotta be consensual whether these are the undeveloped pleasures of life award
must balance them with the develop pleasures some people are able to get to
the the the developed pleasure the higher levels of moral development of humanism the seven seas
of character and all the other beautiful common moral decency ease of humanism
which far surpass the ethics morality of this Christian Bible book The develop
pleasure would be a statics aesthetics is the appreciation appreciation of
beauty and the arts symphony classical music anything with
literature or poetry another form of develop pleasures would be moral
philosophy developing immorality another one would be intellectual pursuits and
getting knowledge and wisdom through study and I can tell you it’s a
beautiful thing and these types of pleasures which you can develop called
develop pleasures those that are thinkers it’s not for everybody but
there’s a beautiful balance homeostasis between the two so yes there are
different types of pleasures and we’ve got to find a balance between the two
let’s look at the humanistic world view of how to find meaning purpose of light
creases route they’re saying Mr preacher humanist how the hell Dr find purpose
immediately for that Jesus because if I let go Jesus I wouldn’t have meaning
purpose and when you say that I feel so sorry for you because I’ve been where
you’re at used to think that way but you’re wrong
you been lied to they’ve been due to falling for the greatest of all times
which is called Christianity famous quote secret to happiness what’s the secret to fulfil it meaning
purpose life and happiness find something that matters more than
you do in this life and devote your life to that find a cause find something there is
outside yourself that would benefit the good of humanity that would benefit
something else outside yourself that is beneficial a philosophy that is good for
all you can devote your life to anything like that that’ll help you to find meaning and
purpose in life there was a philosopher German philosopher that live back from
1844 to 1900 unfortunately died at a very
young age in his fifties or sixties the same as Friedrich Nietzsche and forgive
me if i’m pronouncing his last name correct incorrectly was a German
philosopher yes he was very anti theistic like I am he talked about
finding purpose and meaning in life without God and what he postulated which
I believe to be true it’s called self creation know God is going to find
meaning and purpose in life for you no one else is going to help you to find me
personal fulfillment life outside of yourself you must find and create
yourself so what you come to the realization that you’re at that point in
your life my dear Christian friends while was 25 years ago and you
discovered the conclusion of the matter is this like Solomon said for me twenty
five years ago it was the conclusion of the matter is this for me David Oliverio that there is no
empirical evidence or demonstrative evidence of anything supernatural I’ve
been in the depths of Christianity as a preacher born and raised in for the
first thirty one years of my life never experienced anything supernatural did
not give me true joy and pleasure and when I found out that there’s more to
life than study this little book that brought about purpose meaning of life
now that was a start how did I create happiness how do I create that purpose
in my life no one else gave it to me no one else gave it to me from having no
other human being told me what to do I had to find out myself how to create
myself now the question is the Christians love to do this especially preachers christiane you’ve heard this
for years why was I born why am I here on this earth there must be a reason and a purpose and what people christians
ask me all the time that are you doing here god help the place you here for a
purpose why am I here I can’t believe she’s actually ask me these questions in
there because you’re not thinking if you think about this is simple natural
explanation for your supernatural claims you are here simply because they may
also gender of the species Homo Sapien had sex with a female gender of the
species Homo Sapien that copulated April proliferation and there you have it to have to explain that that’s
biological you’re here now what do you do when you’re bored what do you do as
you mature as a human being how do you find purpose in your life it’s call self
creation you must fine meanie purposeful life on your own now can everybody do
this I think every human being has a tools and availability everything you need to live a life of
fulfillment meaning purpose of life without God but most people don’t know
that you do I’m here to encourage you to investigate to read to find out how you
can do this without it can be done very easily now want to talk about for the
next five minutes or so and I’m going to keep it short today to receive every
week right now go over 30 minutes wanna talk about Abraham Maslow abraham as
well American psychologist the father of
humanistic psychology he live from 1908 to about 1970 he died back in 1970 he
wrote and many books on meth labs hierarchy of needs and here he discusses
how you can find without God purpose fulfillment and meaning a life and I
will quickly go over it now sells ha recruited needs starts at level one of
needs we all have needs physiologically in our bodies the basic
needs level 1 our food water nutrition warped set
belonging relieving oneself going to the bathroom
longer survival this is called the base these are called the basic level one
needs in human nature this is perfectly normal the strongest
need in our life is survival my dear Christian friends ok so to meet these
needs we actively move out of ourselves to meet these needs more hungry we go
out and eat when we’re thirsty we drink now level to have security on the level
of needs number three was our social needs going
out and making friends going out and finding a girlfriend or boyfriend to
keep in mind the first four levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are all
based upon selfish needs we have to take care of ourselves no one else will take
care of you guys take care of yourself this is one of the humanist manifesto
the humanist manifesto is this will not help us why because we don’t believe in
God God will not help us we humans must help our selfs so we must find
meaningful film each individual person myself creation level 3 of Maslow’s
hierarchy of needs was social number four ego finding fulfillment with other
human beings to give us that feeling of importance now keep in mind that the
first four levels of these needs are all self centered and we need to do this
very few humans are able to get to the fifth level called the self
actualization I encourage you to read and Google mass m aslo W Maslow’s
hierarchy of needs if you’re interested in psychology and neurology helps you
explain how to find meaning and purpose of life without transcendentalism
spiritualist been a naturalist without any guide your spirits now you people are able to transcend
above that without God’s level five would-be self actualization I like to
call this the level 6 of moral development which is the humanistic
worldview viewing the world like Thomas Paine set by religions 22 good to do
good coffee maybe I shouldn’t drink coffee I’m flying everywhere my religion
is to do good my country is the world and he said it were all one species is
my race is human when you begin to see the universal mystic world view we break
down xenophobia we break down walls of racism and we see the human species has
one race the human race then you begin to get out of yourself to begin to care
and be concerned with the welfare of others level 5 up to level six and seven on the
hierarchy of needs and moral development is humanistic worldview that you help
and your concern for a cause outside of yourself let’s go back to
Solomon for a moment dear solomon if you were here right now I would love to sit
down with you explain to you dude you’re missing everything you tried was all for
your self was all geared toward levels one level to level three and level four
on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs it was all about pleasing yourself you’re never
gonna find full fulfillment meaning and purpose in this life unless you reach
out of yourselves find a cause and they need greater than yourself that has more
value than you to help others I know some of my clients are non-christians
I’ve got some female and male clients that do not believe in Jesus or any gods
that commit their life to a cause I’ve got some women that commit their life to
helping young women who have been battered and beaten by very diabolical
young man man who have been been abandoned by
their husbands and left with two or three small children now it’s very
immoral from and to do that we know that but humans need to help humans there is
a cause these women she the need outside of themselves outside of level 123 and
four out like Solomon all about me and myself my money my gardens my women my
man whatever trying to find and fulfill that mission that void that you
christiane say we all have you can fill the void you don’t need Jesus you don’t
need a mythical mythology to feel these needs the need is there till it if I
haven’t need for marriage I’ve been single for twenty years of
pretty happy without a wife was Mary wants and if I do have a need or a whole
which you Christians assert that only Jesus can feel he wrong there are many
things out there that can fill that need an voi devote your life to a cause here’s some little tidbit of true three
questions to chew on for a while christianity’s find any purpose in life
use your biological strengths and abilities not gifts from a god biological we both genetic and
environmental influences structure our behavior we all genetically have been
predispositions for certain abilities and passions in life if you find a
passion in life some people are able to find a job and a career that Cohen shot
at coincided with their passion in their love in life for life you find your passion in life you find
what you’re good at what drives you perform that whether it’s a cause or a
major kind philosophy in life pursue that out of yourself into helping
others you’ll find passion you’ll find meaning in life and I can tell you
myself I give your personal testimony anecdotal evidence right since I left Christianity twenty-five
years ago I begin to find what makes me tick in life what kind of genetics what
degree of relatedness from the chromosomes 23 chromosomes of each
paired with all the DNA copies of my myself copies of DNA and you begin to
find out I found out what really makes me happy and ticket life you pursue
these this is called self creation what meat was talking about you don’t need to
find it from a deity you don’t need to find it from a primitive book now is
searching and meaning for a meaningful purposeful life without a guide easy
know and that’s why it’s so easy for people individuals to fall into
infantile credulity because this my dear friends is easy it says hey come to me
and I’ll give you rest he says come to me jesus said and how silly you will be
completed me all you needed to fill you up with my spirit allegedly the bottle
says this is the easy way faith is easy but thinking requires work thinking is
not flowing with water downstream thinking requires going upstream against
the grain and again like the quotes are used for many many great philosophers
have the past that most people would rather die than think most of them do
die before they actually saw this life a finding fulfillment meeting in life does
require thinking it does require study and rationality and being it an
objective tanker you must create wealth creation find your passions in life find what you’re good at in life get
away from mythological concepts find something that helps other people near
Solomon the conclusion of the matter is this fear God and keep His commandments
now you are wrong you were nothing more than a self-centered hedonistic
nihilistic human being could not find meaning maybe you were brainwashed do this
religion of Judaism like most people are expressing America that it’s impossible
to find purposes without God people I’ve been there done that I am able to do it
I’m not perfect far from perfect many other humanist secularist and atheists
and agnostics and other people from other religions have found meaning and
purpose in life without Jesus Christians and you know that this book is full of
absurdities atrocities doesn’t make sense to you anymore you will find
meaning in life close in about two minutes got a quick
little story for you course the last twenty to twenty-five years I’ve had
many dialogues with many people to go out a few years ago literally looking for Christians to talk
to make a cup of coffee on my slower days without many clients you know go to
different churches during the week I’ll go in there and talk to pastors and have
to pay its kind friendly talk show them masked hard critical scrutiny questions exercising free speech which I have
speaking for men giving opinions and of course I’m the bad guy I speak but it’s
okay for you guys to preach but if I do you actually I am pretty sure I would go
into church here in Austin few years ago and start talkin 25 and staff members
was a full gospel Pentecostal church kind of background I had talking in
tongues on the sick very fundamental Christian three shemales all their
safeties my age and two guys course the females were the subservience the email
they were preachers of course they were the secretaries and that you guys the
system pastor and he’s coming down now able to think it’s slowed down on that
black liquid drug called caffeine so little hedonistic undeveloped
pleasures ok so and the other guy with the youth pastor so basically asking the
question which I’ll ask questions why my dear Christian friends do I need your
God if I already have love joy peace fulfillment meaning and purpose in life
why do I need your gone because that’s why most people are trying to brainwash
has a child because you try to find meaning to ask you this hard question
which no one can ever has answer they looked around very confused
dubious looking at each other looking for someone hurry up Sun come up
with an answer for this crazy and they were they were quiet why do I need your
god now I’m not perfect but I’m on my way to the level high levels of Maslow’s
hierarchy of needs and other people are too that god they couldn’t actually
finally the bold when the secretary she goes i no data asset what was your
answer to my question to you can be even happier than you are if you come to
Jesus and humanism and eight years and you come back to Jesus you’ll be even
happier than you are and let thank you for signing the contract with
us on the dotted line I could be happier than I am people out there you can find
meaning in it right now and I hope this has helped those of you watching me and
I hope my caffeine in my bloodstream hasn’t lost you times but please understand me again my
plea to you is to offer you an alternative would love to have an altar
call I could do it every thinking that you can happy there’s
nothing that chris Christie has nothing to offer a happy man or woman living in
intelligible universe we have found and we’re finding meaning by plies reason
for saying you have to do is let go of this and be human stand-up self-respecting be proud of being a
human you have the tools available within you to live a life of fulfillment
do like nietzsche said self creation and it doesn’t mean you’re proud of your
self creation just means autonomy self-governing it doesn’t mean we should
clear ourselves from other humans no one can succeed or remain successful without
the friendly cooperation of others or social species we need one another but
it’s up to you to find personal life redundancy find those passions finals
abilities that you have used to develop those outside of Maslow’s hierarchy of
needs levels one through four get out of this basic needs once in awhile into the
higher levels think of others think of a cause that
helps you manage II think of a call to help other species of animals think of a
cause as beneficial to all make sure to make sure that based on reality she
alright hope that helped you today and as usual I’ve gone through three minutes
too long so thanks for watching the preaching
humanist with David all very next week will be episode number eight come across
a couple other good topic for the whole pizza beneficial for you Christians
thank you for watching and I’ll see you again next week have a wonderful day
remember the life of the good life is what guided by reason and motivated by
love and know God is required for life of love joy peace fulfillment meaning
and purpose in life you human be proud of it other have a great day

3 thoughts on “Quest for Meaning and Purpose in Life | The Preaching Humanist 01.07”

  1. Although I agree completely with your position, having a lifelong atheist one myself, I hear some sarcasm when you address your audience as, ''my dear Christian friends''. It sounds mocking and insincere, and I'm on your side. The overall tone doesn't come across as natural, but I'm a weary, intolerant heathen. Maybe it's just me.
    So I'll continue to search for their feedback to this format, while offering what support I can for your success.

  2. As an atheist, I am looking not so much for meaning and purpose; I have found those. I am looking for good value preaching and moral guidance. I want support for being a charitable secular person, like I used to get in church (sometimes) for being a good religious person, but without the false beliefs and fear-mongering.

  3. I believe you are right: most people don't realize it, but we all have the tools available to make our own purpose and meaning in life.

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