Reef tank *live update*

Reef tank *live update*

hey reefers we have updates coming up on the tank but went through a little a few issues here at home so it's got to take care of your home life first roof tanks still doing great actually thriving right now a couple quick things I just found out recently that this is a red planet I wasn't sure if it was a red planet or a green planet and you grabbed the orange glasses that's what I use the YouTube app doesn't have filter this and you can't really see it very well but there are red correlates in there other than that this guy right up front is blue and green is doing extremely well I can't remember the name right now it's a frag house corals coral where at least I got it in the live sale along with this one hey hey what's up buddy the Jason Fox jack-o'-lantern is I cannot adjust the color sorry about that but it's doing extremely well it's growing yeah oh that's cuz that's the wrong one there it is it's grown down past the plug alrighty Monte's have really taken off you can see there's still a lot of color on the outside from the new growth along with the worldwide coral slimeball in Acropora that's doing really well at the moment I just noticed that these guys these two the one on the left that's the Joker's that one I can't really point out where it's grown but it's cuz it's all on the back side but it's grown quite a bit and when I put this guy up there basically the whole top was burnout it was it was dead coral so that's doing way better the the one up top is kind of choking out the one on the bottom I don't know the names of those but the the green one on the bottom isn't supposed to be that white and it's not that white and real person that's the camera effect Lobos been pretty happy this side gets a lot of a lot of turbulence so that's why this sides kind of a little more shriveled up but it's really really open just like my egg cans green guys I don't like them the Jason Fox slow burn that you can you can kind of see here shall I get it on the glass a little bit more nope okay but it has a lot of lighter areas that are new growth on that shaky-cam I think there's a new new head growing up kind of on the top of the pagoda coral not sure but has that whole next row growing in I'm still thinking about cutting this branch basically that top branch and making two frags out of it that way it can kind of grow with three branches out of the base at the same height give it a better chance of a little more uniformity versus this is it's kind of shadowing some of the areas I'd like to have it grow out of the top shelf aquatic squirrels are looking good there's Optimus Prime still and encrusted in like a like a champ and there's sin city and it is some of the branches coming out of it I could tell our I mean I hate to say a lot longer considering they're tiny little sticks but they are a lot longer than they used to be hey buddy I like how that Ridge has kind of formed on the Walt Disney where you can kind of tell it's gonna start popping out some branches from there soon I'm starting to get some good color Asian back J's back where this was shadowed out before before I changed my lights back to the way they should be I think that's the reef pets radiant horizon and that one's in Creston really well or no no I'm sorry I'm sorry that's the world wide corals yellow tip it's that yellow tip that always gives it away kind of looks green on can that's the reef pets radiant horizon it's interesting but it it hasn't purple doubt at all I have a piece down on the frag tank and it's it's encrusted big-time oh-ho-ho there's my buddy I'm growing and growing like a champ that is a beautiful coral I can't wait until that thing grows out Slimers growing we've got quite a few new little branches yes I see you oh yeah good show there's the big are worldwide corals oh my god alright that's the actual Walt Disney the true yellow polyps and the green and purple we should grow a little bit quicker I can't wait until these three start showing signs of what they really look like I think this one on the bottom that one's gonna be pretty impressive a few things I moved coral around a little bit there's the I forget exactly which one it is right now but it's the color on camera is pretty close to what it is in real life it was though the rock was tilted and it wasn't getting enough light so I'm hoping now it'll it'll go back to its former glory the Aquaman monty is right here I am going to move it over into this area because I just fragged my frog spawn it's a quarter of the size that it was and it's still not all out but I bet they're twelve heads in there so I kind of placed the Aquaman before I put the frog spawn back and that was the only place I could get it back so I know it's gonna extend up that high within a week or two so it's gonna move over there but I think well I'll tell you I have I have a couple new additions coming down here my Santa Monica dropped one-point-two has been chugging along has been doing great it keeps giving me dark dark green algae whatever looking great but I've been getting green hair algae in the tank recently I got more diligent on my no pox dosing I do about 5 to 6 milliliters in the morning before I go to work I am getting a 302 aquatics I think it's it's the four cube per day model I don't know if I'll use the lights to their fullest capacity considering I feed two to three cubes a day and this is I have been feeding a lot trying I mean these corals are taking off for a reason and it's because of the reef roids the polyp booster the reefs know I've got my no pox I got plankton nice a shrimp cyclops that's what they all love but of course it's the most expensive the rods food and then some shrimp back there for the eight cans every once in a while the Lobo about once a month and that bags been in there probably two months I'm just gonna throw it away start buying them fresh since I do it every couple weeks to a month it's fine to buy fresh alright so the other update is this J Bo the pp 15 that one's going back down into the mixing tank and it's going to be replaced with a mp40 there was a person near my town that was getting out of the hobby and and he's selling it for a decent price I was able to get that the 302 skimmer or scrubber and some red sea trace elements which I'm just about out of so it's always nice to buy from people getting out of the Hobby you you get out of a reduced price and and they kind of you know and you're taking more than just one thing off their hands it's you know it's a good deal for everybody especially better than seeing it just going into the garbage alright well next update hopefully we'll have that stuff in the tank and an Ronin we'll see how that that mp40 looks I'd love getting that that extra wire out of the tank I can't wait alright see you next time reefers

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  1. Check out my tank let me know if you can give me any advice. Love yr colors. I use red sea everything mainly.

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