Russian Angel Otrok Viacheslav The Prophecies 1 – (Eng Subtitles)

Russian Angel Otrok Viacheslav The Prophecies 1 – (Eng Subtitles)

The Second Film What a doomed moon… the Earth is silent, restless and severe The silence is aspiring to reach eternity, listening to the revelator’s insight I John, your brother and your partner in tribulation, and in the kingdom, and patience in Christ Jesus, was in the island, which is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus. I was in the spirit on the Lord’ s day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet I am the forthcoming, the first and the last And in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks, one like to the Son of man, And his head and his hairs were white, as white wool, and as snow, and his eyes were as a flame of fire, clothed with a garment down to the feet, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle. Forever alive, the Alpha and Omega This is dedicated to all the Orthodox patriots struggling for the Holy Faith, forthcoming Tsar and rebirth of Holy Rus THE RUSSIAN ANGEL The Prophecies When the Earth will be full of sin and the truth will not be found, God will send his prophet to save at least some people And you will come, God’s Messenger, though you’ll be the target of fools, and your people, from those closest to you, to the passer-byers will not start to cry and fast So you will be wandering alone, fasting and crying for the dead place Oh, you, reminding of God, don’t go silent… don’t go silent… Leaving you Youngster Viacheslav for the salvation of many. The God of the Holy Prophets sent his angel to show his servants what will happen soon He that hurteth, let him hurt still: and he that is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is just, let him be justified still: and he that is holy, let him be sanctified still. The Saint Apostle John the Evangelist’s Book of Revelation, chapter 22, vs 11 The word “angel” means “messenger” The messenger was sent by God to tell people God’s will The Righteous Youngster Vyacheslav is such an angel and messenger to us. And the Lord God of the spirits of the prophets sent his angel to shew his servants the things which must be done shortly. Rev 22-6 THE RUSSIAN ANGEL Youngster Vyacheslav part one The mother of youngster Vyacheslav Valentina Afanasyevna Krasheninnikova Slavochka said that in the end of times, when really hard times will come, unusual things will happen on Earth that have never been described anywhere by any prophets. People don’t know about these prophecies, and that’s why even the chosen ones will think: “What is it? What’s going on and how are we supposed to understand this?” What Suffering there is, that would be the reward. This pure child was sent by God to tell us the most important words which we have to know nowadays. In our cruel and truly the End times before the Antichrist, when truth is mixed up with lies and when everything and everyone can be sold Even faith can be sold and that is called false ecumenism. They say that all religions come from God and it’s time to cooperate. We are numbered like cattle, we are forced to have passports, personal tax reference numbers, and plastic cards with Satan’s number on them and they say that it’s good. And that we shouldn’t struggle against it. We are imposed with an awful thing – a lifelong electronic name with Satan’s mark, and homebred theologists bless people to accept this dirty thing. They say: “Don’t be afraid, it is alright”. People are already implanting chips like dogs and they assure everyone that it’s good for health. We are literally wrapped with the devil’s lie and are being pushed to the abyss. How can people understand it all? How can we avoid these nets, which are set by the devil on the way to our salvation? Brothers and sisters, for this, for our understanding, God sent us his young prophet. He sent not the adult man, who would not be believed in our cunning times, but a Saint child. This clean and blameless child was sent to shame the pride of rational people, to reveal Satan’s lie and to show us the right way to salvation. Leaving you Youngster Viacheslav for the salvation of many. The righteous Youngster Vyacheslav left prophesies for us. These prophesies are severe and unflattering for sinners. Prophesies which are warnings for all of us. God is testing us by these prophesies and He waits for our confession. We will either confess and turn to God or we will be even more persistent in our sins and in our betrayal of God. The Sinner’s death is awful, as we read in the Holy Scripture. Up to our last days God knocks on our heart and waits for our confession. How will Russia be destroyed When Slavochka was telling that in the communistic times there would be a breakdown of Russia, and that the communists would no longer be in power, that the houses would explode, the light in the Far East would go out, the heat would be turned off, that products would be very expensive and substandard, that medicine would be disgusting and people would be poisoned to death by it, nobody believed it. Everybody smiled and called him a dreamer. The attention of powerful people is often driven to our country. Margaret Thatcher once said: “As the global community estimated, it’s economically expedient for only 15 million people to live in the territory of Russia.” Her translator thought he misheard her and translated it as 50 million. But the Iron Lady clarified: “15”. “The era of hesitations is over. Our nation wants to be the first again – Reagan claimed in 1981. He told that the policy of discharge in the relationship with the main rival in the Cold War was defeatism and called the USSR “the Empire of the Evil”. He abruptly forced the arms race to drain the Soviet Union economically and suggested the ambitious project of the missile defense which was called the “Star Wars Plan”. But it wasn’t only this that helped the US win the Cold War. A lot was decided in the personal contest between the two leaders – the American and the Soviet. Reagan completely overplayed Mikhail Gorbachev in this contest. As George Shultz wrote, “starting from the Reykjavik summit, Gorbachev was placing gifts at our feet – concession after concession” He agreed to reduce symmetrically reduce arms, withdraw his troops from Afghanistan and in fact abandoned his control over Western Europe. And what about Reagan? In response he just patted Gorbachev’s shoulder. Reagan, as he himself said, was trying to strengthen Gorbachev’s feeling that the whole world would help him with the reformation. He realized that Gorby needed it and that’s why he was behaving like a friend, walking arm in arm with him in the Red Square telling Russian anecdotes and pouring out proverbs. After winning the Cold War, Reagan entered the Pantheon of the greatest American presidents and even the friendliest and the most trustworthy relationship couldn’t make him take the mask off. 4/11/1990, Moscow. An important guest visited Kremlin – the head of the Korean organization “the Unification Church”, Sun Myung Moon. He was greeted by the president of the USSR. The leaders communicated warmly and easily, and the next day “The News” newspaper published a short article: Raisa Gorbacheva got a present from the Reverend Moon. It was a bill for 100 thousand dollars. Before his departure, the guest was allowed to visit the Dormition Cathedral, Where, by his rite, he lead the ceremony of sanctification. Nobody knew yet that Russia’s invasion of the sectarians started with this legendary meeting. The Russian Ministry of Justice officially registered the Moon’s movement and all the formal barriers disappeared. A brutal authoritarian organization, its center in Moscow, and thousands of offices countrywide appeared. When Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev was in power, the upper-form pupils came to ask Slavochka: “What is threatening our Russia? Will it get better and what kind of power will be afterwards?” He told them that Mikhail Sergeevich would no longer be in power soon, that Raisa Maksimovna (his wife) would get really physically and mentally sick and die, and then there would be a new ruler – that would be Yeltsin. He told that Russia would fall apart into the regions and every one of them would survive on its own. Will the USSR be or not be – the question, which sounded absurd in the eighties, exposed old urgent problems in the beginning of the nineties. In the first and last All-Union referendum people said”yes” to the Union, but a lot of politicians at the time were least interested in the nation’s opinion. Shortly after the referendum, the Belovezhskaya Agreement was issued as the verdict for the USSR, which was first reported to the American president, George Bush Sr., and only after that to Mikhail Gorbachev, who instantly became the former president. Everything changed in one moment on December 8th, 1991. Something happened that could only be compared to a natural disaster, but could be way more tragic by its consequences. On December 9th, 1991, we woke up in a different country. And even today there are very few who know what this country is. As a geographer, I realize that not only the earth was cracked, but the nation’s fate – every separated country had to survive on its own. Slavochka told that when the moving of the nation would start, there would be an endless bloody war in Caucasus, that many people would die, and that every region would have its own problems. He said that there would be huge disasters, every region would again have its own problems and they wouldn’t help each other. (Nina Ponomaryova, Chebarkul) He was talking about the war in Caucasus. At that time, in December of 1992, nobody was saying a word about war. I worked in a factory and I knew what the level of defense and the war itself was. And suddenly he said that there will be a war in Caucasus, and people will kill those who will be on their side? And it happened. The war happened. There were a lot of Russians there, and many were beaten “On the other side of war”, Alexey Poborskiy’s movie Chechnya, Grozny. 31 Dec 1994 I swear to faithfully serve the Russian nation After the Budennovskaya tragedy the war with Chechnya stopped to seem like something happening far away. In spite of the enormous sacrifices, it was hard to reinstate constitutional order in the rebellious republic. The funerals of dead soldiers in Chechnya turned into massive anti-government protests. The war was extremely unpopular. No one knew when the war was going to be over. Yes, there would be an endless war in Caucasus, he said, many will go missing, Many will die, and not only – he said that even more people would die without a war than during it. Moscow will live idly and help no one – the center won’t help the regions, they would have to do something to survive on their own. And Yeltsin will get really sick, he said, and he will be removed, and after him there will be an unknown ruler. This ruler won’t belong to any party. He didn’t say anything after that. Slavochka said Russia will be in peace with the US, and lots of American soldiers will be standing by our borders. But they won’t move inside, he said. It isn’t a secret that with the collapse of the USSR the US labeled the former Soviet Union republics and central Asia as a zone of national interest. It seems that so called “Islamic threats” were made especially for the new Russia. It is interesting – the former Soviet republic first claimed its neutrality, and then demanded to remove Russian troops and military bases, and then lead military exercises with peace makers from NATO and, forgetting about its neutrality, opened the door for the masters of the new world order. This picture isn’t from Afghanistan and Iraq. That’s how the regular army of the US is patrolling Kyrgyz villages, situated in the suburbs of the base. The other political idea was also really livable. Anyway, how else would you explain the aspiration of the military block of NATO to be so close to the borders of our country. The North-Atlantic Alliance will lead a row of military exercises this year, the biggest ones in the last six years, in the Baltic region. The aim of them is to check the ability of the Baltic armies to accept and place foreign people. The question is why is it needed there? The US is behaving like an empire today. There are hundreds of bases similar to those in Kyrgizia all over the world. The American military applies a template, despite the changes of political administration in their own country, they carry out the old settings. The main thing is to scare people on the occupied territory. It is a big idea, a new world order “And everything will be American” – Slavochka said, even the movies will be American and people will get so tired of all of this – and then somebody gave him an album with post stamps. I suggested that he look through it. He wasn’t really excited about it, but looked through them out of respect and said: “Mommy, when everything will be American, people will be happy to see even a tiny Russian stamp, they will be missing their own things and will be looking for them.” Then, he said, the military towns in the Far East will become empty, the light will go off, people will leave and everybody who lived close will move in – the Chinese, Vietnamese, and they will feel themselves at home. As you can see, it came true – the military towns in the Far East are empty and you realize how bad this is for the defense of our country. Meanwhile in the US, in Obama’s administration, a new geopolitical topic is discussed: the opportunity of creating a political alliance between the US and China. The reasons are obvious – China is moving closer and closer to the foreground, and in the US many are convinced that today’s global crisis will seriously damage the world influence of the US, but will clear the way for the political strengthening of China. “No country will economically win from the crisis during these years, but separate countries- China first of all – will strengthen their positions in the world,” – the influential American magazine”Foreign Affairs” forecasted. On the 13th of January, those who had had a Chinese plan against the USSR, came to Beijing for the celebration of the thirty year anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between the USA and PRC. These were President Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, the Secretary of State, and rarely appearing on the scene, Carter’s National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski. He was sent to Beijing in 1978, to use China in a confrontation with the Soviet Union. And thirty years later, Brzezinski announced a new U.S. proposal to Beijing. The content of proposal was the creation of the G-2, “the big two”, containing the U.S. and China, and the start of the global geo-strategic cooperation. The USA was ready to recognize China as a second superpower and involve it into dealing with problems in Eurasia. There’s a Chinese proverb – When a tiger and a lion are fighting, the winner is the monkey, observing the fight from the hillock. And what could be suggested by Washington to Peking in order to make the Chinese get off the hillock and help the Americans The USA will most likely try to dissolve Moscow and Beijing, promising China a super-partner status. The news in this situation is that the USA isn’t capable of resisting the Chinese rise, so the Chinese population must be turned against Russia. And what could prevent them from playing the “Chinese plan” against Russia? China needs resources. It is moving fast in its economic development. There is a problem of space and resources, it needs access to those resources, and this access is in Siberia. The problem is that if Russia and China can find a way to solve this or not then the conflict is unavoidable. Will the USA manage to push China from Russia? Slavochka said that before the war with China when Russia will become friends with America, Americans will bully the Chinese and when the Chinese get angry and will be on the verge of war with the US, the Americans will get frightened and come to us, and the Chinese will go to Russia and before they start, our army will be ruined, our techniques will be in poor condition, and the Chinese won’t have any problems coping with it. RUSSIA ORDERED TO DESTROY Episode by episode a grand tragedy of the death of the most rebellious people on earth will be played out. We?ll create chaos and confusion. Literature, theater, cinema – everything will glorify violence and sadism. Excerpts from a secret Council Directive of the national US security plan, which received the name Dallas, guided them from 1948, and the CIA will begin to make the USSR fall apart. The Dallas plan was implemented within three years. On August 20, 1948, the US National Security Council issued a directive numbered 20/1, which caused wild delight in the White House and became the base of American policy toward the Soviet Union. In many ways, even in its numbering of the plan, it is similar to the famous directive number 21 published about 8 years before – to the Barbarossa Plan. Sowing chaos there, we are quietly replacing their values and make them believe in false ones. How? We’ll find like-minded people and allies in Russia. Alcoholism, drug addiction, animalistic fear of each other and impudence will become the life norm. Nationalism and enmity – it all will be imposed deftly and quickly. This way we will ruin generation after generation. We will take people from their childhood and youth to decompose and deprave it. We will break up the army from the inside and the moment will come when the army will go against its people. At the time when the army will collapse we will have a powerful police state, there will be wiretapping cordon and if someone will start to talk about something, these teams, he called them ‘rapid response teams’, these teams will appear unexpectedly, quickly, and quietly and kill the movement in the very beginning. Slavochka said that the wiretapping will be at such a level that it will be worse than it was with Stalin. People will whisper on the streets instead of speaking out loud. There’s an area on the base where only officers with special passes can enter, it is protected. There, there are two story buildings with no windows. There is strict temperature control there – many conditioners, multi-functional radio systems and E-intelligence . This wiretapping covers the whole world: every fax, each e-mail, and every call from a mobile or regular phone is recorded and processed. In the United States there?s a station built that controls all of Central Asia, a part of China and Siberia. And here in our town, just like Slava said, they’ve created a rapid response team – no need to go far to find an example. The purpose is so that these people who aren’t chipped yet will be chipped by these teams. It was transferred to another place. Slavochka said they would be created in order to see if there was a suspicious movement somewhere and to destroy it before it even started. In 2010, the first phase of creating a new image of the armed forces was completed. The Russian army gained a new control system, instead of 6 military districts there were 4 powerful troop groupings created. The training and support system was updated. Serdyukov finally pitied the people, and, bringing the journalists together, announced the parameters of the reforms that he was going to start. Such reductions were not even present in the Yeltsin era, when the Soviet army was reduced. And certainly if everything is brought to its logical conclusion, we can say that, in fact, our army will lose its combat capability because these reforms are so radical. It means that the base of Russia is its railways and everything that is connected with military transportation, it was like this since imperial times and it refers to the organs of military communications. They are going to leave only military commandants and if this really happens, there will be an actual collapse of the concept of mobility in the Russian army. It will be impossible to move, in this case, for example, the emergency division of the central part to somewhere like Caucasus, because the civilian railway experts won’t manage it, it’s a completely different type. Since 1991, combat training in the Russian army was stopped. Combat training has become a concept existing only on paper. Who is Serdyukov going to get rid of? He’s going to get rid of those who have served 25 years or more. And this is just the very small core, the remainder of the Russian army – the officers capable of anything, the officers who have received training in the Soviet norms time, who have served there, who managed to get a worthy experience. Serdyukov in this case is trying to condemn us to a complete collapse of our armed forces and to degradation. When behind closed doors they say: why do we even need military medicine, the whole country is getting treatment in clinics, it all needs to be cut, then you can tell them that one of the few effective things in our army is our military medicine, which has reached the world level, where, let’s say in the last war the percentage of the wounded dying in hospitals decreased to 1/10 percent. They’re going to eliminate military lawyers, financiers are going to eliminate the military, they will cut various military posts where possible. In this case, I’m not trying to discuss the military-strategic plans to eliminate the four-stepped system of organization, as he says… It’s all been written yet forks on the water, not counted economically, no one knows what will come out of these experiments. And it all costs an enormous amount of money. What happens as a result is written on each of the hefty bags – after the product is spread, the real sale begins. Just in a few minutes from a distance of 100 meters, even the most sophisticated spy will not understand that it’s fake, they’ll only understand that it’s necessary to prop up the trunk. The pump, which is hidden inside should run continuously or the tank can be quickly blown up at any time. All of this can burst – in front of an inflatable army there are many dangers. The same standard 5 min pass by and the unfolding of a formidable air defense system – as seen from the cabin of fighter, can be scary. Optionally, the inflator missiles can be stowed in a firing position. The level of Russian armament has become the main subject of today’s meeting with the Ministry of Defense. “Transformations will affect everything” – Anatoly Serdyukov said in order to sum up the meeting during the press conference. We specifically looked at each genus and species of troops right now, as everything will look and from which specific units will consist… and what I wanted to say – first, these pieces will only be those of constant readiness. The administrative institutions of the armed forces today all have a division and a regiment. We are moving to another system. The military districts will remain. In the meantime, as soon as the pump is turned off, the air war will end very quickly. Gregory Vdovin, Alexander Chukanov, News, Moscow None, I repeat, no army in the world has abandoned the divisions because divisions are the basic tactical formation of troops. In the division there are missile systems, artillery regiments, SAM regiments, all tone technical service provisioning are in the division, so to say that we are leaving it out means we are destroying the ability of our army to fight on land. A conference on national security strategy took place, and there, it was said that the current stage is almost the final liquidation phase of the Russian armed system. A direct question – the army needs the elimination in order to not become a core of the armed destruction of Russia. That’s what the Russian army is being destroyed for. Pious Emperor Alexander the Third Peacekeeper, the father of the king Nicholas the Second, once said these golden words: Russia doesn’t and will never have any allies. It has only two allies – its army and its navy. A wise man. And smart words. Only the enemies of Russia need the collapse of our army, and therefore, it is indisputably correct to find out who is ruining our army today if you want to know who is the mason and the enemy of Russia. “By their fruits you shall know them” – said the Lord. The fruit of the masons – the collapse of our country, the collapse of the army, the persecution of our Russian patriots, the corruption of the youth, the hidden persecution of the Orthodox faith, that’s their fruit, by which we know them. All evil is recognized by its fruit. For official use only, October 25, 1995, Washington, Department of Defense: We have done what President Truman was going to do with the USSR using the atomic bomb. However, with one significant difference – we got a raw material appendage, and did not destroy the atom state, which would not be easy to recreate. From a speech by the President of the USA, Bill Clinton, at a private meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In Russia the economy will collapse. Slavochka said the power outage will begin from the Far East, and then slowly begin to turn off all across the country. Moscow will be the last one to be disconnected. Due to the lack of fuel almost all equipment will be useless: planes – no kerosene, generally, in the country there will not be light, and there is no gas, no heat, and all the schools, all the kids would hang out on the street because the street is warmer than their house in the winter. He told that in our school in a military camp, instructors would wear coats and still teach something, the kids would come in coats and sit there, there would be no paper, no chalk, in the beginning they would collect old notebooks and use the empty fields to write something, then it would stop too. People would hope that everything would change, everything would be fine, but after that they would throw away all of their refrigerators from the kitchen, all chandeliers, all TVs will be disposed of in the trash. He said everything would be thrown in the trash, and people would try to fix the stove to heat their houses somehow, and then they’d go away, because heating an apartment is very difficult. Everyone started talking about their fate after pictures, taken in the once prosperous mining towns, were uploaded to the internet. Many were not ready to believe that nowadays, people – and there many in Yuvileynoe and the neighboring Shumikhinskoe villages – can humbly live in such conditions. Our reporter went to the place. it is not a consequence of the bombing or nuclear explosion – this is life after the death of the city enterprise. The Shumikhinskaya Mine. There was a school of 1,000 students here, and this once beautiful building is the Palace of Culture. Ten years ago, the population of the two villages was about 20,000, now it is less than 3,000. Coal mining ceased in 1998, the miners got memory mugs and were sent home. We were thrown here. We don’t have anything. Even water is not available. Water is given by schedule – in Shumikhinskoe it is twice a week. There is one clinic for 4 villages. The queue for planned hospitalization is filled until the end of March. There’s only one ambulance. No regular buses. A few mines are left – they were taken for the sawmill. Everything else was torn down to the ground. Most of the workers are prisoners. There is no work for free people. Abandoned houses sometimes become houses of the homeless or victims of black realtors, for example, there’s an advertisement, which we saw one of the sites – a house in the beautiful village of Shumikhinskoe – 150 thousand rubles – seemingly cheap, but the real price is much lower. This house will soon turn into a ghost too – almost all the neighbors, Svetlana says, have left for the mainland. Once the empty apartments turned off the heat, she felt a chill of loneliness – literally. The hallway is as cold as the street. The fridge is unplugged, and all the products I’ve got here – they won’t spoil because it’s cold. almost all the neighbors, Svetlana says, have left for the mainland. There’s not enough heat at the local school – the building needs repair, in some classrooms children sit wearing their coats. For lack of other entertainment, they often walk through the ruins of the past life, and do not hide – after graduation they’ll immediately leave. My grandmother lived here. Here is the room, here is the kitchen. The administration of the Perm region says they are trying to solve the problem of former mining communities and are now preparing a project to replace the water mains. It is much more difficult, they say, to solve the employment problem. We couldn’t ask about the working-age population of the two villages. Here it’s difficult to find middle aged people, almost everyone left to work in other areas. And without that lonely street at is even more emply when it darkens, the lantern lighting is absent and not everybody has enough courage to walk in the darkness among the ruins. Inna Opisova, Artem Kifalov, Natalia Zbrozhik, Andrew Moshkin, NTV Perm region. Slavochka said that the country would not have metal. The cemeteries will all be without metal fences and crosses, everyone will gather the metal and remelt it. Even a small metal knife won’t be found anywhere – no nails, no knifes, this is what Slavochka told the people who came to see him – stock up with shovels, crowbars, stoves, nails, all that will help in a difficult time. He said that you will need a lot of plain fabric, I asked why, and he said: “Mom, no one will have a single piece of cloth. There won’t be any fabric at all. And all the sickness will come back.” He said that I needed to stock up on medicine, too. I needed to store alcohol to disinfect wounds. In general, according to his predictions, a terrible time will come. Slavochka said that during this time, actors or composers won’t be needed, none at all, and no art or culture. The forgotten knowledge, like when people were looking for water, how to survive in such conditions – that’s what people will need. Madina Hakimova (Anastasia after christening), Chebarkul: My son went to a music school. And I wanted a lot from him, although he was always so neat and systematically studied in school and music school, my son was friends with Slavik. Slavik saw that a lot of energy was being used for music, and he told me: “Auntie, the music is not useful to your son. In the future, no music will be needed, musicians and artists will not be interesting to people. People will not have time for art. ” Life will be very difficult Today in Bashkiria even a child is able to stick a cane in the ground. The greasy black soil in the fields literally cracks. You can see how the land has dried. As a result, there is nothing that can grow here. Take a look at the map. It’s 39 degrees in the Astrakhan region. It is 40 in the Volgograd region where in a few hours, a whole lake dries, 38 in Voronezh, Tambov, Ryazan region. It’s 37 in the metropolitan area, and even 35 in Arkhangelsk. Everywhere the hot air and wind gusts contribute to the firestorms when any space can turn into a furnace in flames. Slavochka said, the water will go from the ground, especially in the central part of Russia, where the water will completely go away. Every year it’s going to get hotter, and there will be no water. And people will dig hoping to find water. They might find it, but then again they wake up the next morning and there’s no water again. Therefore, it is necessary to stock up water. Slavochka said that this is the time when humanity will become divided on those who will stand up for God and those who will be against God, but in this short period there will be enough holy water for those, who stand up for God. If only we asked questions … The fact that’s interesting for people – there is no consistency, which events will happen, one by one. On this subject, I want to say that the sequences are not present because when he was asked, he answered. I brought him to the monastery, so talk to him in sequence. But still, there wasn’t a consistent conversation. We asked – he told us. We remembered it and now we are speaking. The rapid response teams have been established, and they’ll feed us, and then make hunger, there is a war with the Chinese, the praise of the Antichrist, as opposed to the arrival of the king and of the Orthodox Parish of the Lord – that’s the whole sequence. The Apocalypse will come. It’s described long ago in all the books. It dips into the voids in the care of hell, the trees and grass will stop growing… We have lived up to the extreme. Slavochka said that before the dollar disappears, It’s going to rise in price. When it rises, we will need to buy medicine, at least all that is necessary, because diseases will return. He was not a physicist, not a doctor, he could not explain, but said that the sky will push lower and lower, people will get sick in the head, and it will turn out that a professor will secretly give a half of an analginum pill to another professor. Because you will not find analginum. The time is about to come, as I understand. Right now there is still medicine. Store it up. Tetracycline, chloramphenicol, analginum, aspirin, alcohol, cotton, bandages, iodine, potassium permanganate, validol. Then Slavochka said sad people will come to the stores and see that and the zeros will be removed and the products will be there. People will not be able to believe it. They will buy, buy, they will deliver, deliver, they will eat, and be satisfied, thinking: Now it will always be like this. And when they think so, these products are going to be hidden under the ground in storages and refrigerators. And the hunger will begin. And those who are corroded will pass from animal meat to human meat, almost without thinking. All doors in garages and storages will be opened wide, so people do not think that there is food. A lot of people will die. He was struck by one case – a mother with dying children, above a refrigerator where there are a lot of products. It struck him as he took his hand to his heart, when he said it. There is a whole basement of products, and those people are directly above them, dying from hunger! The state personnel are located deep underground, at depths greater than 100 meters. You can get here on the trunk of the mine in a special cage – an elevator. The constant humidity and the temperature of 10C is maintained in the storage, located inside the former mine. It provides sugar preservation for 12 years. The huge steel bulkheads, 7 tons in weight, ensure the conservation of strategic reserves in case of flooding and the impact of other external factors. But this hunger won’t last long. The war will happen quickly, hunger will be fierce, but short-lived. And during this hunger, icons and antiquities will be the most valuable. And people will take their jewelry, icons to Chelyabinsk (he talked about the local region), where the prices will be more expensive. The hungry sellers will create a separate icon shop. These shops will be burned. And the Lord will burn them with anger, said Slavik. Slavochka said that during the hunger all the diseases that are known to mankind will return – and leprosy and the plague and cholera. Return in a more brutal version. There is no cure for them. People will die in enormous numbers. But apart from this disaster there will be a new disease and it does not have a name. I asked: “What is this disease? It should have a name anyway. “He told me, Mom he would take a look. Well here is a woman, she is simply out of strength. She is going to her door and sees that her friend is dying, stands and thinks, “Should I help? And am I able to open the door and see my children?” And she did not help her, saving the strength to go home. And he said he did not know the name of this disease. But a lot of people will die from it, and no one will bury them. They would just die on the go. The corpses will be everywhere, and in our town too, all over the Earth. A BLACK DEATH GHOST And the dust will rise everywhere in the land of the Egyptians, people and livestock will suffer from inflammation with abscesses. And there will be a wail in the land of the Egyptians, not one house was passed by death. This is the Biblical Story about the sixth Egyptian plague that was sent to humanity by a wrathful God as a punishment for the sins and vices that people have mired in. Perhaps, these lines are one of the first mentions of a terrible disease – the plague. Drunkenness, debauchery, robberies and despair followed the plague. People were burying themselves alive, realizing the inevitability of death. The Black Death, which claimed more than 50 million lives, became the source of inspiration for artists. Dance of Death is one of the more famous stories: death leads a number of figures to the grave, among them there is a king, a monk, a boy and a girl. Another story is the triumph of death. Giovanni Boccaccio started to write his world-famous “Decameron” during the time of plague. Faster and faster, over the last 60 years the world’s population has increased almost thrice and more than 2 million people moved to the cities. Faster and faster – Shih-Jen, now a huge city in China, with hundreds of skyscrapers, and millions of people, only 40 years ago it was a small fishing village. Faster and faster – in Shanghai there are 3000 towers and skyscrapers that were built in just 20 years, and hundreds are still being built. Today more than half of the world’s population lives in cities. Slavochka said that Satan wanted to stir up a world war between the Muslims and Christians, but God wouldn’t allow this war, so the Buddhists will rise. The Chinese will come to Ural The country will start a war with the Chinese. The Chinese will come here and claim it as their territory. Either we will sell it, or they will consider it to be their own. They have their own prophecies, and they know that they are going to be here, some will try to resist them. You will wake up in the morning, you will look in one window and see Chinese, you will look in the other window and again, see Chinese. Did you know that the most powerful military power is growing by leaps and bounds in our neighborhood? Just in a few years, the Chinese army became one of the most important factors in world politics. Beijing is constantly increasing its military spending. Last year, China spent 150 billion dollars on upgrading and buying weapons. By comparison, in Russia, this amount is equal to 75 million. By the way, Russia contributes a lot to Chinese military power, selling weapons on a large scale. Andrey Vorobiev was investigating the phenomenon of the Chinese army. The Chinese army has 25 million soldiers and officers today. This is 25 times larger than the Russian army and 50 times larger than the American. Moreover, in the case of a total armed conflict, the Chinese can draft another 400 million. Then, the population of China’s army will exceed the population of America and Russia together. China is unbeatable, based on its comprehensive strength. 2009, Beijing, China. In honor of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PRC a military parade was held. For the first time, in addition to the usual tanks and armored vehicles in the parade, there were anti-aircraft guns, missile systems, and even the newest continental ballistic missiles. For foreign guests this was a true sensation because 10 years ago the Chinese army was considered one of the worst in terms of weapons. Several years ago, military experts believed that the Chinese army was poorly armed and in case of war, the Chinese would go with the weapons of the 70s. But today the situation has dramatically changed because the Chinese have started to buy huge quantities of weapons. The most important thing is that instead of spending years on new items, the Chinese take quality examples of foreign weapons and dismantle them. Then they learn and make full copies of originals. It happened, for example, with the Russian Kalashnikov assault rifle. The Chinese are good at making copies. So they made a huge amount of military equipment. In addition to standard weapons, China is paying attention to exotic weapons of strategic importance. The Chinese have a unique project – since 2006, PRC leadership has formed a detachment of hackers from graduates of universities. This is a promising development of the Chinese army, because the hackers, 12 computer users, will be able to completely destabilize the situation in the country of the enemy, leaving them without light, electricity and water. It is said that this unit is regularly hacking the server of the Pentagon and stealing blueprints on the latest developments of America. Chinese serve, like most of the world, at 18 years. The age limit of the call is 30 years. Evading military service in China simply does not exist. Serving the country is the duty and pride of every citizen. Not to mention the fact that many young people choose to stay in the army after 2 years of service, serving as officers. Simply because most of them are villagers, where 65 percent of the population is on the verge of poverty and service in the army is prestigious and well paid. But most importantly, three years ago the Chinese government adopted a decree to teach young people the basics of military affairs. This means that 50 million young Chinese people will go to special military camps where they will be trained in military affairs. The same situation existed in the Soviet Union during the Cold War, the country introduced a compulsory subject in school – basic military training. These Chinese will be killing people. They will be very cruel to our people. And so Slavochka, who never let himself curse, seeing what the Chinese will do, said: “Ugh, squint-eyed!” I was very surprised that he had called someone that. Endgame. Blueprint for global enslavement Red China is a model of the planned society of the new world order. China has received more awards for its policies from the UN than any other nation. Authoritarian China is the future. The Red China laboratory destroys those who disobey their plan. Almost half a billion people live their lives as experimental rats at the test site for the formation of a brave new world. The Chinese state ruthlessly crushes any form of disagreement with its policies. Alternative religions, supporters of the Falun Gong movement, preachers of compassion, are all sent to forced labor camps. Their blood and organs are ready for sale. The Chinese government sells the organs of prisoners in the world market of donor organs. If the patient agrees to an operation in China, a prisoner is killed. Then the organs are transplanted. If the organs are derived from the country, the rapid response team executes a man and retrieves his organs on the way to the waiting aircraft. Chinese social instigators euthanize elderly and the disabled. China should be fully globalist on the device in the world. The same system is constantly moving worldwide. Here are these new temples, mosques; they will get Chinese roofs and their dragon. And this dragon will gather people to worship him with a dull twang. Those who resist will be killed, hanged immediately. A lot of blood will be shed. And so now, when knowing Slavochka’s prophecy, seeing it all being built, I feel bad. Slavochka said the population will be sterilized. Almost all men and women will be killed. To such an extent, that women will serve as priests. I was very surprised and said that this wouldn’t happen, I would not be able to. And he smiled and said: “You would, Mommy”. Slavochka said that when the Chinese reach the Urals, they will go further. And when they’re about to do that, the Americans, for the first time, will use psychotropic weapons on them. Slavochka said that these weapons were meant for all nations, but for the first time they would be applied to the Chinese. And the effect will be so great that they will run back to their China and hide in a dark place, and even there they will tremble with fear and horror. These people will never be normal. In the next decade a genetic weapon of mass destruction will be created. The progressive development of genetics is capable of causing ethnical cleansing of unprecedented scale in the near future. From the report of the British Medical Association, 1999 History teaches us that any scientific advances are used primarily for military purposes and genetics is no exception. Over the past decade, science has made a huge step forward – back in 2003 it was announced that the human genome is now artificially creating strains of viruses and bacteria cannot act at random, and sighting, according to gender, appearance, and other characteristics. After all, they are encoded in our DNA. A ridiculous amount of money from the Pentagon – 7 and a half million dollars, was used to create the impression that nothing serious is happening in American laboratories. Since the early 70’s of last century in the world were a dozen new previously unknown infections. Only atypical pneumonia took 813 lives. By the way, 770 of them are ethnic Chinese. Slavochka said that the Lord would punish the Chinese for their misdeeds. A huge crack will open to the underworld. And this crack will bury a lot of people, but in addition to it, it will release huge amounts of radiation. Slavochka said they will froze in horror when they see such a large release of radiation. They will not tell anyone at first and will try to do something. He even said: “secretly from you, Mommy, I will be brought to China. But I won’t help. This can’t be done without the will of God. ” The catastrophes of the whole planet A lot of literature appeared and people began to talk more openly about the impending disaster, Slavochka, as well as others, said that flooding did not threaten the planet, the planet will be threatened with fire. The frost will reach minus 200 degrees, I was afraid to say it, for me it was an incredible figure, but now I say it. And ice storms will happen in Siberia, in precisely those places where my relatives live. And of course it is very sad for me. And there, huge chunks of ice will fall from the sky. The magnetic field, when its strength is normal, works like a hat. It protects the planet from solar wind and cosmic cold. If you remove the hat, then the person just freezes, but when the magnetic field disappears, radiation and frost will destroy all life on earth. According to experts, ancient animals died at about the same time. Not just one mammoth, all of them died immediately. And all at once the Siberian rhinos and saber-toothed tigers went extinct If in the stomach of the mammoth, undigested grass was found, then he froze in the summer, and this happened very fast, otherwise the grass would have been digested. Animals had to die in the strongest cold. And we are not talking about the usual Siberian frost. Only at temperatures below 200 degrees this huge carcass could freeze almost instantly. Carcass weighing 5-7 tons with a body temperature 36.1-36.2 degrees literally froze in 20-30 minutes, because the grass is not digested. The reason for this rapid freezing, according to many scientists, was a dramatic shift in the Earth’s axis. The atmosphere did not have time to move beyond the globe and broke in several places. The planet was left without natural protection from the cold of space. Therefore, the temperature in those areas immediately fell to minus 273 degrees. Then it is clear that this giant beast was frozen in 20-30 minutes. I cannot find another explanation. Earth’s changes can happen in the near future. Scientists suggest different ways to be saved. The most common of them is a modern Noah’s Ark and the underground shelter. But no ark, no underground shelter will save us – everything and everyone will instantly turn into ice. After all, the planet will experience space cold – minus 273 degrees. Hydrogen will turn into metal, and the Earth will be chilled to the very core. Slavochka said that we shouldn’t fly into space. A rocket, when coming back, brings invisible crystals that are deposited in one of the layers of the atmosphere. They have the ability to divide, grow, and under certain conditions, they will fall to the ground. And most of it will be over Siberia. He said it was the crystal lattice, and if the person was in its empty space, they still have a chance to survive and get out. Everything else is going to be like an ice field. And when it falls, it will crush everything – plants, people. It’s just going to be ice with blood. This ice does not melt in space nor on the ground. It will remain so. Slavochka said that the whole movement of the earth is threatened. That huge layers will begin to move and everything will start to go in different directions. In the Urals there is the city of Zlatoust. During the Ural earthquake it will be stoned and drowned. This will happen so fast that not even one dog will escape. And your glass will crumble, he said to me, and a nearby kindergarten will be destroyed after years of repairing. Here it is, being repaired for many years and not done yet. Slavochka said that Miass would not suffer, broken glass is not much of a disaster. But there is an old train station, and nearby there is a two story or three story house. And Slavochka said that there was a strong poltergeist in that house. That house will also completely fall apart. He did not speak of more such disasters here. He said that the village of Nepryakhin and almost everything on this side will be saved. And the village Nesyazh, there will be a relief valve that will fall, but no one will be run over. In the Urals, a terrible accident will happen in only one city. Slavochka talked to people while going on walks. And he once told me, “Mommy, one officer did not believe me. He built a garage, and I told him that he must build it in a different way. And he looked at me and said: “How do you know?” And I told him that it would soon begin to move, and he looked at me and said that it would not move. Slavochka said the ground would move and so would the garage. Others will move, but not be destroyed, and his garage would be destroyed. And he did not believe him. When it all starts he will think: “So it is!” This officer will always think of Slavik. The layers of earth will begin to move in different directions and people sitting will suddenly look at the Kashirin monument and see that it’s moving. All over the planet it’s going to be the same way. Prior to this, there will be a blast on the Black Sea. Slavochka said there would be a big disaster on the Black Sea. He explained, in this cup there is a puff of hydrogen sulfide and a small puff of water. And some microorganisms, like worms. climb on the bottom of the sea. Big, black, and gloomy. They are smaller at the top and they give off hydrogen sulfide. And this huge bowl of hydrogen sulfide and the small puff of water – it will all explode. And by fault of people, the accumulated waste in the upper atmosphere, when there is an explosion, the sky will explode too. All will burn. Odessa will be saved by a pipeline, the water will be pumped out of Dniester. And the country … as far as I remember, he said Turkey … will be partially incinerated. All will explode – the ships and the vessels. But the sea will not die all at once. This will only be the first most powerful explosion. Then it will gradually burn, and then it will disappear. I asked, what about here in the Baltics, they are so opposed to Russia, is it true, or does TV show it this way? And he said: “Mom, in the Baltic they will have their own problems. There in a broad daylight, a huge wave will rise and go to the coast of the Baltic, it will cover the coast of the Baltic and carry everything away. And there won’t even be any rubble left. It will be the same in Vladivostok. And Slavochka was very surprised – how is it that all is washed away, and the plywood pillar that stood under the Soviets is left? That is how big the waves will be. All of this is written in the Bible. He’s just talking about it in details. We won’t be warned – a wave comes, a wave goes, and everything is washed away. The worst tsunami happened in the days of the Soviet Union after the release of the Kuril Islands from the Japanese invaders in 1952, on the 4th of November. Then the village Severokurilsk was completely washed away. About 4-5 thousand people died. And now pay attention – the forecast of the Tsunami Laboratory, sadly, does not promise anything good to the residents of the Far East – a prolonged seismic silence is about to be violated. The powerful aftershocks of almost 9 points – to imagine what it is, it is sufficient to recall the Spitak – it was 7 and 2 tenths in magnitute. The Japanese know how to build earthquake-resistant buildings – in Tokyo, for example, there was almost no damage, although the epicenter was only 373 km away. The main problem is the tsunamis. Two prefectures suffered the most- Miyagi and Fukushima. A giant wave came, to a depth of 5 km. Many escaped to the mountains. Only now a complete picture of the disaster appears – burning oil storage tanks, floating through the streets of ships, houses, carried be the flow like matchboxes, not to mention cars and trains, which are generally like floats or debris. All world channels were broadcasting online. The cameras were everywhere. It seems Japan has leaped forward in terms of technology. If the end of the world suddenly happens, it will look exactly like this. We talked to him about St. Petersburg and I said, Slavochka, why are we burying so deep? I always had the feeling of dread when I read about lethargic sleep. And I say: “What if a person does not die? Not only is he in the coffin, he’s nailed and also buried two meters deep? In Israel people were buried in caves. There’s the possibility of getting out, reaching out somehow”. Slavochka smiled: ?Not all are buried deep. Well you said yourself that a rotting corpse is harmful and should be instilled. And in St. Petersburg they don’t bury deep.” And why? Because the groundwater is rising there. They will first dig a little deeper, the water will rise, and then they will be allowed to put one coffin on top of another one. And still the water will rise, and eventually people will bring the coffin to the cemetery, put it in the dirt, bury it with mud and quickly leave the cemetery. St. Petersburg will still be poured. He said that due to the fact that people so freely use the land, dig careers, mine for gold, oil, gas, huge voids were formed. They were closed before, but now the earth will fall in them. Slavochka said that people, who will fall into such holes, where the oil is pumped out, they would survive, look at the depth to which they have fallen, and see that the sky above looks like a very little cloud. And the bottom of these dips will look dry. Even the foundations of the earth, the white stalactite pillars on which it stands, will be bared. The stones will fall. And he told the story of two survivors who are at the bottom of such a dip. They are from the same town, they walk and talk. One of them went ahead and went around the stones, the other walked behind. And the one who goes ahead, is talking and hears the second is not responding. He turns, and the second is already gone, he was killed by the one of the falling stones. He was alone. He saw a huge falling stone, ran up to it and put his head under it. That is a horror some people will endure. In Russia, Slavochka said, where the oil is pumped, there are holes everywhere, especially in Bashkiria. There are 4 cities, where all the oil is pumped out. He showed that there is such a depth, and a little amount of land on top. And below it everything will break down, then fall. These 4 towns will fail to a huge depth, where there is no exit. Slavik knew us as his closest people and once said: “Let me tell you about your home town,” – although I did not ask. And he began to tell me that my city, where I was born and where I spent my youth, would go under the earth, and no one would be saved. Our town is this oil town called Ishinbay in Bashkiria. Since 1941, oil is being pumped there. The underground is a huge emptiness. Because of this, our city can go into the ground. And his predictions all come true and I’m so scared that this prediction will come true, too. Slavochka said that the center of Tyumen will also fall because of the oil pumping. The holes will be almost everywhere where oil was pumped. When I asked him about Chelyabinsk, he said, all the factories, the heavy engineering equipment on earth will fail. And he told a story. In Chelyabinsk there are many factories. He said there wouldn’t be any fuel or light, the plants would be deserted and there would be only a watchman left. And suddenly the night watchman would feel that something is happening. He will jump out of the lodge and feel that the ground beneath his feet is moving like it is alive. So he will run from this factory! And the factory will go underground. No one will be killed because no one worked there anymore. And these factories will go into the ground without people. In Chelyabinsk, all heavy factories will fail because the land is about to crack and will not stand. This will happen all over the planet. In Moscow the cases of soil failure happen more often. They appear on the roads, in the courtyards of the houses and building squares. The capital is at risk, they say. Failures of soil on the streets of the capital are a usual thing. The car yards of new homes with construction equipment will go underground. Diggers, examining the underground of Moscow, are sounding an alarm. They undoubtedly indicate locations of upcoming failures – in the heart of the capital. For example, on the Belarusian station. A church is on one side and on the other side there’s this crack. How does this fit? These buildings are dominant. The depression funnel appears here because of the depression area. It gathers all the water. The more the zone is loaded, the greater the depression funnel is and the greater is the risk of failure. Diggers say that the massive building without proper research is one of the main reasons that the city is going under the ground. Scientists also warn of the danger. According to them, because of human intervention under the earth, processes, which have been preserved for a thousand years ago, come to life. In underground construction, the impact of the underground and surface transport, the static load of a larger complex changes to a geological and hydrogeological situation. And there is something starting failures and subsidence. We can see them almost everywhere. One of the most striking examples is the century building of Moscow City, built on lime ground. The skyscrapers are standing, but the area around is full of cracks. Here’s what we’re seeing here, cracked tile – this is the result of sagging on 10-15 meters from the building. We must protect the underground environment, and it’s worth the money. And in terms of construction, when profiting is at the forefront…. Moscow has become a city of consumption. This is the new religion. The center of Moscow is settled on oil and gas money. The more you pay, the better it is. Moscow is moving ahead of the west very quickly. None of the capitals of the world have so many millionaires. Luxury shops, giant advertising, expensive machinery, private jets, artworks, and ski resorts. A terrible fate is awaiting Moscow for its idle life. Slavochka said, he even “Here Moscow stands, then it moves on an incline, stands for a bit and falls to such a depth that only a part of the Kremlin and the star will be visible. And when the Lord Jesus Christ will set His foot on the Red Square, the Kremlin, this part with the star, will finally fail. The masonic government in Russia will move after the failure of Moscow, I do not remember in what city, but it seems to be Bonn. Because I remember, the word sounded like Bonn. I was surprised. Is it in Germany? “Yes, Mommy, and they will rule the people from there. And they will send rapid response teams from Bonn.” In the center of Russia, except Moscow’s, such failures will not be strong. There is another problem. Slavochka said the water would leave. The inhabitants of the central areas just have to stock up on holy water. Water will not be accessible, but the land will be preserved. The people there will also survive. Yes, when there is no water, all of nature will die. The forests will dry up. And Slavochka was surprised by one person. When the forests are dry, there will be one person who will be thinking about others and will make medicine from birch, and it will massively help people. Slavochka was surprised, he smiled and said: “Well done.” In Chebarkul there will only be water in one place, although now there is water everywhere, there are many lakes. Slavochka said that in the Urals more people would be saved, because there will be water, smelly, damped, the sun will be hot, they?ll put the water on stones and it will boil, and people will swallow it, hot and smelly. I asked if the water will go away everywhere. He said: Why? Some places will drown. England will flood. And the British government knows about it, but they do not believe it. And when England will start to go under water and when a small part will remain, only then they will believe it. And Slavochka said firmly: “They will evacuate all the people to Russia” It became clear in April 2007 just how close we came to this point. For the first time in the history of climate change and its impact, the UN Security Council considered it. It was unprecedented news. The Security Council, which controls the issues of war and peace, that is the resolution of international conflicts, began to study the climate. The initiator of the discussion on global change was the UK. But why did this prosperous in terms of today’s climate country initiate this discussion? Today, it is impossible to hide the true extent of future changes He said that in the Caucasus an endless war would begin, a lot of our men would die, many would shed blood. And in the end, the whole Caucasus will be flooded with mud and almost all of these mountains will be under a stream of mud. And so this dirt, under the sun, will cement, there will be only small islands. The rest will be under a layer of this dirt. For even nature is seen as a rebel. Well really, is it not clear that the wave in Taiwan is a punishment from the Lord? This is the first wave, it will be in Vladivostok too, and in the Baltic. The youngster said that they would rise across the face of the earth for human wickedness. Slavochka said that in America two identical buildings would blow up. When I saw these two blown up buildings, it was so fantastic and impossible that I could hardly believe that it was true. And I thought: “Wow!” I saw then for the first time that these buildings were really identical. Moscow, September 8, 1999 It’s Moscow, the Pechatniki district, Wednesday, one minute to midnight. Most Moscovites are at home and getting ready for bed. 23:59, a powerful second explosion shook building 19 on the Guryanova street. 00:08 – the place of the tragedy is approached by firemen and rescuers. 00:28 – the first survivor was pulled out of the wreckage. They managed to rescue 70 people. 94 people were killed. The news shocked many people. September 13 was declared a day of mourning, but before it could begin, there was a new bomb explosion at 5 o’clock in the morning on Kashir roadway. The house was built of brick, so the chances of survival were tiny. Only 4 were saved. 124 people died. The new terrorist attack took place in Volgodonsk. At 6 am, in Oktober roadway, 35, there was a third explosion. A truck that drove right up to the building, exploded and killed 18 people. In Russia, too, they will blow up houses. I asked him: “Slavochka, who will blow up, who cares?” He looked at me and said they would blow themselves. That’s the answer I got. In three weeks of bombings, in three Russian cities, 300 people were killed. The government immediately blamed Chechen terrorists. But when another explosion occured and two members were arrested, the government to everyone’s surprise ordered to discontinue the investigation. Reporters forced the hand of the state “were they terrorists or agents of the FSB?” NTV showed the program with the prosecution of the FSB in the blasts, and the FSB exposed each other. Everyone who worked on this, was killed. It’s Sergey Ushenkov, Litvinenko, Anna Politkovskaya, Trepashkin, Golovlev – all of them were affected to some degree. And apparently, according to what we studied in Ryazan, and made a great story, we were almost able to prove that these were RDX and detonators. The independent experts at Ryazan held an examination, the police arrested the officers of the FSB, whom Putin then awarded, supposedly, for successful teaching. It was not an explosion, not prevented, and did not clearly work; it was a lesson, there was sugar. The explosive was not there. How would you comment on this statement? Today, almost all investigations have been completed and all of these questions … And the name of the article for which you are conducting the investigation? The article was originally one … What is it? About terrorism, preparing to commit terrorism. The general security service opened a criminal case, exactly, opened a criminal case against itself? A criminal case on the discovery … How did it happen that even the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in a curious situation, has learned about this teaching only after two days? Why was there such a time lag? I think there could be some inconsistencies, but in the case of the exercise … Sorry, but we are asking you to provide us with the people who laid these bags, provide us with this car, where are they? I want you to repeat what has already been said. If necessary, during the exercises, we use all of our forces. But in my opinion, they made fools of us once again. The point of the exercise is the FSB itself. Well, it will lead the case and finish. It is scared to talk about it, but it seems to me that in fact it was all true ? that it was not an exercise. I appeal to the other tenants of Novoselok,14, who are here. Tell me if that nights exercises were successful, or this situation did not seem to be training? No, we did not think this was training. Then you do not have the impression that this was training? No. No, it was not a drill. We lived through that night, but when Mr. Patrushev announced that it was an exercise, the pain was a hundred times stronger. How is that our native people laughed at us for two days? Almost two days passed when it was announced that it was an exercise. Well Chechnya, there are some terrorists. But these are our people. Our fellow citizens. And we are terrorized. And right now, do you believe that it was an exercise? No. And why? It was very believable. The residents of Ryazan and other cities do not believe in this whole story. And I do not believe it. I am also a former military man, I have a lot of experience, and the fact that respectable people here talk about these exercises, it hurts my ears. Then he said that America will blow up the bridge. It has no strategic value, and is in a weak condition. But the attackers will help it to get destroyed faster. And I just recently learned that the bridge was partially destroyed, and Slavochka found out that they thought that it had collapsed. But someone thought that it was helped. And I’ve seen this bridge already. In 1886, in the memory of the Union of the US and France during the War of Independence, the United States was presented with the Statue of Liberty. According to some reports, it was established during the celebration of the centenary of the founding of the first Masonic Republic. The raised right hand of the statue holds the torch, The symbol of the sun, the full name of the Statue of Liberty is ?Liberty illuminating the world?. It was created by French sculptor Frederic Bartholdi, a Freemason. In the creation of the monument, the sculptor received help from engineer and Mason Gustave Eiffel, after whom the Tower in Paris is named. The first stone of the future statue was laid during a Masonic ceremony in 1884. The Statue of Liberty is proof of how the Masons know how to mask secret messages. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants from around the world and millions of tourists admire the Statue of Liberty, not knowing that it is a Masonic symbol of enlightenment. He said that they will blow up the Statue of Liberty from the bottom and it will move as if it came to life. It will all tremble, and vibrate like a living creature, and as if to take a step. And it will begin to crumble to pieces. And they won?t have their statue. Slavochka said that major disasters would occur everywhere, they would affect Iraq too. There attackers will spill oil on the water. Even when they collect the oil, the water structure will be so spoiled that many sea creatures will die and people will not be able to clear it. And he said:I will be brought directly to the water and put there, they will take my hand and strike the water. And I will help them.? Slavochka said that Israel would start a war. It will be so cruel that Arab Muslims will conquer Jerusalem, and Israel’s occupation, and during the war the Israelis will show miracles of bravery, but will still be prompted. And Muslims will desecrate Christian shrines, which will greatly offend God. Dear brothers and sisters, the Lord gave us the earth as His gift, so we can take care of this land, so we can cultivate it, so we can thank God for this wealth that He has given us. Often, the priests are asked questions such as: what is a blessing and what is a curse? It is a blessing when God gives us his mercy, his grace, his help, and a curse – when the Lord takes that grace for unrepented sin. This fall can be traced clearly in the history of the Jewish people, if you take the Old Testament, it is very clearly seen. God spoke to his people: Hear, O Israel! If you keep my commandments… and the Lord will multiply all the blessings he will give to the people, then you will have all the cities which you did not build, the fields that you didn’t own, the wealth that you didn’t dig, your wife will bear many children and so on. All the blessings, all of the grace that will be given to these people for their piety. And then the Lord warns: Look! If you do not observe my commandments? and then the Lord enumerates all the curses that come upon this people, because of the lack of repentance. Your cities shall be destroyed, fields will be emptied, your wives and your children will be dragged into captivity, men shall fall by the sword, and in your houses, instead of joy, will live scorpions. That’s such a terrible tragedy to these people. God called these people for a great service so they can carry the light of the true faith around the world. Out of the lineage of David the savior of the world came into the world. They would have had to carry out his ministry, but instead they betrayed God. God sent prophets to these people, who denounced the nation. They killed the prophets, and in the end they crucified Messiah, they crucified the savior. The Lord punished them, deprived them of the temple and the homeland, and scattered them around the world. Now we’ll talk about Russia. Take for example our people. The Russian people. The Lord has given to our people such wealth, so many minerals, land, forests, fields, and rivers. The Lord gave us the holy Orthodox faith, this precious pearl for which the Gospel merchant sold everything. The Lord gave us a king, God’s anointed, who has brought our people to salvation. And we have neglected all these. We have betrayed God, betrayed Orthodoxy, betrayed the king, destroying our shrines, gave our country, our home to the hands of the Masons who destroy our country, our people, they are corrupt, we are dying, a million a year. What has happened to Russia? We are in first place in the world for abortion. We are approaching first place in the world for suicides. There’s debauchery, magic, Satanism. What do we have to wait for from God? Often, people in New Year greet each other “Happy New Year, it brings new happiness.” If you take it as a joke, that’s, like, nothing, seriously think about it, so what can we expect from the God of happiness? For these inequities, for all this Satanism, for this lack of repentance? How can we expect happiness, if we break the most important commandments of God? If there is no repentance, nothing will help and nothing will change. You can rearrange the rotten logs, but they will still fall apart. Today, therefore, the Lord calls us to repent. What is happening in the world, it is a punishment, discipline so that people will understand that they have dirtied and desecrated this divine garden which the Lord has given us and our people, the Russian people in particular. The end of the first part

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