100 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra — Day in the Life!”

  1. where the hell is the Instagram mode, can you please bring that up in your full review : Ig story with S20 Ultra, im curious with the quality…i subscribed Jenna

  2. For a huge price you should get that 45w charger and not even any case? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️I dont mind the 45w charger tho because its useless. You get 4-5 minutes faster charging than with regular charger.

  3. In order for samsung to compensate for its lack of computational photography and machine learning like the iPhone and Pixel it needed to jump its sensor to 108mp. Saw some comparisons its not that big of a difference. Most still iPhone performs better especially on Video.

  4. Wasn’t very impressed with the 100x zoom but other than that the camera quality is amazing! This phone might get me to switch back

  5. I love your Star Wars pjs Jenna and you look very very beautiful in this video… I think the 100x zoom was a bit blurry when you was at 100x and taking a photo of that seagull on the beach.. xx

  6. The camera is insane,dynamic range sharpness, also the display ,definitely the best phone out there, can not wait to get it

  7. Excellent video, thank you for a great review in general! Also if you could try low light shots on it I'd love to see how the 108mp holds up in low light, along with the other lens as well.

  8. Thanks for posting this great preview and thanks to you, I am convinced that it is time to replace my "Galaxy S7 Edge" if any of you even know what that is lol.

  9. You say you like 120 over 60. My monitor is doing 120 so I know what you mean because I have content that's 120. So you can imagine what it is like watching a YT that's 24.

  10. Super camera. I am asking myself why we need phones today if we need actually a photo camera ! Why someone not invent a super camera with phone functions inside !

  11. The size of S20 Ultra is insane. This is HandPhone not Tablet. Stop making bigger and bigger Handphone every year because human's Hand can not be bigger every year.

    Better put every highest technology in a S20+ size. Samsung oh Samsung

  12. Lol I watch these videos once a day I'm ordering mine soon about to get my taxes about to order the s20 ultra 512gb unlocked which is only available in black just saying I love this phone

  13. Nobody mentions this:
    All these flagship phones have 90hz/120hz refresh rate.
    But it's only implemented with the home screen and gaming.
    What I want to know, does the 90hz/120hz refresh rate work with streaming apps.
    Hulu, vudu, YouTube, vimeo

  14. it may have been shot in 8k, but she downgraded it to 4k because 8k takes up too much room. Also Jenna works out..

  15. Jenna Awesome Video can't get over how nice they came out very impressive Lady.Thanks so much for sharing enjoyed Deb 😉👍✌

  16. This was a very useful video.
    I do have a few questions.
    Where did you get that tripod and the phone mount for it?
    Do you have an idea on battery life? How long does it take to charge?

  17. 6:08, the Samsung selfie camera is still garbage. I’ve been a Samsung user for literally 6 years now and the one thing that always annoys me is how shit the front camera is. The front camera on my iPhone 7 is way better then than on my s10, there’s 3 year difference between the phones

  18. This phone really is quite long but how she said is was funny 🙂 . I dont know why that long, why such an aspect ratio. I like the size of the note 10 for example a little more

  19. I hope this is just first impressions as I've learned nothing other than the camera. I need to know is the reverse wireless charging faster than the S10, RAM management, overall processor performance and if ONE UI 2.1 runs better than other S series phones.

  20. Carrying a SIM card ejector on your keys is actually a good idea. I am traveling all over and need to switch my SIM card.

  21. Nice review.The only review which features slowmo and superslowmo and a quick comparison between the 11pro max.So should i upgrade from s9+ to S20 Ultra or 11pro Max??

  22. Very good video, lots of good real life useful info thanks so much, have mine on order be here the 6th arghh! (black 512gb so pumped) subscribe!

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