6 thoughts on “Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) images of plant cell microparticles in urine sediment”

  1. @stefanogbt
    Thanks Stefano,
    I really wished to wake up the interest of some experts or pharmaceutical companies.
    (I've shered this video you to see, I have other thoughts in my mind -beyond music)

  2. @worktosser
    You may right!
    Rarely – the great amont of particles can cause a little discomfort, without any sign of an urinary infection.
    (paper test of lightmicroscopic investigation does not show any sign of bacteria or white blood cells)

  3. @nosztalgia1
    Köszi Zsuzsi, hogy a neked inkább "kínai" témát is megnézted!
    MInt privát írtam, ehhez nem válrtam sok hozzászólást.
    Senki sem foglalkozik ezzel a témával.
    Az elmúlt 100 év óta én vagyok a 2. aki ezt a jelenséget kutatta.
    És a No.1. a világon, aki erre elektronmikroszkópot használt.
    (Tehát csak önnmagamban töprenghetek)

  4. Thanks Amelia,
    to visit this video, it is not for an artist, like you, but this is my other side. I hope to find a journal this year, which accept my paper with the details I've mentioned you briefly.

  5. Thanks for the first comment and view,
    Maybe you are "sweet", but urine isn't , – and to make SEM pictures about particles in urine is a unique researche.

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