(upbeat music) (pop music) (text alert) – Who is that? – I don’t know. – Maybe you should check. (deep sigh) – Look up. (text alert) Back right pocket. Oh. – What is that? (text alert) – Open door. – Open the door. – That was lame, dude. – Yeah. – Well, I need to go anywhere but here. – So why aren’t you in Malibu? – Well, I was. I’m back now. I’ve been thinking a lot about
what I said, and I mean it. I want you to be happy and
if I thought Eddie was right for you then I wouldn’t be standing here but I don’t think he is, and I think, maybe I could be. – So your magical pixel
girl didn’t work out for you and I’m like what, your consolation prize? – No, God, it wasn’t that at all. Okay Leone was great. She was funny, she was cool. – Then why aren’t you with her right now? – Because… – She what? – You’re going to say it’s lame. – No I won’t. I promise. – She wasn’t you. – God, Collins that isn’t fair. You had years to tell me that. Years. And now you pick the day I’m
moving in with my boyfriend? – What? – Yeah, he’s been asking, so
I decided to give it a shot. Look, I understand that you
haven’t really gotten along with him or even liked
him, but he loves me and he knew what he wanted. – What? Okay. (pop music) – What’s up baby? – Hey. – I wanted to show you this. – What’s up? – Check out this video. – Oh. – Yeah. – Wow. (laughs) Okay, I have to go study. – No. – I know. Babe, I have a test tomorrow. (sighs) – Yeah don’t touch that
board, I’m gripping it. (paper rip) (pop music) (record beep) – What’s up guys, it’s
Collins Key and first of all I know it’s late at night right now but I just had to post this. I had to get this off my
mind and yeah, I am aware that things have been really
crazy on my Youtube channel for the last few days and
there’s one more crazy surprise that I’ve got for you guys and
I’m doing a meet-up in L.A. So first of all, even if you
don’t live in L.A. I still have you covered because this
is going to be live-streamed on my Youtube channel. So, it doesn’t matter where in
the world you live, everyone can take part in this,
but if you are in L.A. I would love to see you there. So, I’m going to put all the information you need to know in the description. It’s happening this weekend. This weekend. So again, make sure you guys
go check out all those details and again, we’ll be live-streaming it so I’ve got you covered. I just wanted to do this to
say thank you because you guys have been with me throughout
this entire process and just showed me so much
love and support throughout this entire thing and
I’ve had a ton of fun. You guys were figuring out so
many clues and I don’t know, I feel like we got closer
throughout this entire process. For me, even though things
didn’t go exactly how I thought they would, but I think what
I’ve learned is that if you’re brave enough to just take risks and try out new adventures
and new experiences, they don’t need to go how you thought they would and a lot of times
they won’t, but that’s okay. That’s not the point. The point is you get to
learn about yourself, about who you want to be,
and who you want to be with, and I think– (knocking) – Hey. Cool if I study here? (pop music) – Uh so yeah, like I said, (laughs) I’d love to see you guys
at the meet-up and yeah. (pop music)

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  1. Omg I cryed because I wished my girlfriend could love me like that and she broke my heart her friend said that she wanted to brake up with me so she can get with somebody else I still love her so much and I wish that we can get together again in Hi.Hollend

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