Shenzhen: City of the Future. The high-tech life of China’s Silicon Valley

Shenzhen: City of the Future. The high-tech life of China’s Silicon Valley

They have a saying in China to see the country’s past go to the Bejing for present to visit Shanghai and for the future It has to be Shenzhen. By Chinese standards Shenzhen is a very young and futuristic metropolis The city is positively bristles with innovation. Just 50 years ago it was nothing but a tiny fishing village but today hundreds of sky create dominate the skyline At first site, Shenzhen may appear to be just a another densely populated Chinese metropolis But for entrepreneurs and programmers it’s a technological Mecca It’s hardly surprising that Shenzhen is considered to be China’s Silicon Valley The whole country is rapidly growing electronics industry is centered on city. Every month, at least one international exhibition or trade fair, is held here either electronics, IT or automotive. New enterprises sprout like mushrooms here in the sub-tropical climate of Shenzhen The standard of living is among the highest in the country meaning that many foreigners and people from other Chinese cities aspire to live here Li Chao is twenty-eight He’s lived in Shenzhen for ten years But is originally from a northern town called Bauwer-Zee It was true love that drew himself to China’s silicon valley He really loves robots But Li Chao can’t even imagine life without robots today The company he works for develops and produces androids human like robots These machines have almost everything a person has arms, legs a torso and head So far The Ubtech company has built three android models that are selling well, and not just in China, but worldwide Li Chao’s degree is in engineering but now, his job is to promote the robots on the open market Today they have yet another presentation featuring the “Alpha One” model Androids don’t just look like people on the outside Ubtech has recently released a new enhanced model called “Alpha Two” The robot doesn’t just move like a person, it communicates too. It can study, and even help people with their work. This is how a typical working day begins for Ubtech CEO, Zhou Jian. Of course, not even “Alpha Two”, can fully replace a human employee. That’s not what it’s for. Ubtech android’s are mainly used by children A robot like this is seen a pretty cool toy, because it’s seems so alive, but it can also be a great help with homework Many company employees were until, recently wearing holes in the back’s of their trousers in universities lecture theaters. Even then they could barley dream of a visual aid quite like this. After achieving the opportunity of doing what they loved staff members often work long hours. Li Chao is no exception, but today he must finish early, because of he is visiting relatives. Robots can be fully fledged family members and seem like real friends, but not just for children, but for adults too. To reach his brother’s house Li Chao has to cross almost the whole city Shenzhen is divided into eight districts. Ubtech’s office and manufacturing facilities are in Nanshan district. And Li Chao’s relatives live in on the other side of the city In the Pingshan residential area. The intellectual park is a complex of futuristic skyscrapers It could be the set of a science fiction movie. Shenzhen is a skyward city. It made the top ten list of mega-cities on the planet for having the most high rise buildings. In 2011, a 600 meter one hundred floor skyscraper was built here. But unlike in many other cities, in Shenzhen, the glass and concrete giants don’t create the impression of a concrete jungle that crashes passes by That’s because the city is full of green areas. There are many well maintained parks. It’s no coincidence that Shenzhen is one of the most environmentally friendly cities in China. One hallmark of Shenzhen apart from the skyscrapers and parks is motorcars Hybrid cars in particular. These are vehicles with two engines, petrol and electric. Li Chao’s car was developed and produced in Shenzhen by the BYD company. And it’s not just private cars. Most of the cities police, buses and fire service vehicles are hybrids too. Every Hybrid has been especially developed by BYD, and commissioned by Shenzhen city authorities. The model Li Chao drives was named after an ancient imperial dynasty. Tang Mai Yang is one of the leading developers of this cross-over technology. This model was launched in the market in 2015. But creating it began back in 2007. To solve problems like that, a whole separate laboratory has been built a BYD. Where new materials are studied and synthesized. For an example, scientist here have created a special type of silicon carbide, that conserves cold air for the electric engines cooling system. BYD’s factory is in Dapeng, Shenzhen’s most remote district. The company is like a city in itself. As well the administrative and manufacturing facilities, The complex also include employees residential halls, and a lab complex. There’s even a testing facility. They don’t just test new models here, But old ones too. Random cars from every batch are given compulsory test drive under various road conditions. Company employees use a dedicated light rail system to move around the companies sprawling grounds. BYD has started laying out a similar light rail system in the city itself. Pan Lina has only worked at the BYD plant for a year. She moved to Shenzhen from the north of China to join a technical institute. She dreams of becoming a programmer, and manages to reconcile her work with her studies. In the factory Pan Lina is a quality controller, on electric engine production. Electric engines and power cells are BYD’s main signature products. On average one charge is enough for an electric car to travel through all of Shenzhen form west to east. That’s about eighty kilometers. There are many charging points on the company’s ground so that the people don’t have to search for on in the city. Every staff member is entitled to a discount on a BYD car. Pan Lina hopes that one day she’ll buy one too. Power for the recharging points are generated by the most environmentally friendly way possible. Solar Energy The cars are most literally charged by the Shenzhen sun, Which shines here for almost 365 days a year. Almost every roof in BYD’s huge production complex is covered with solar panels. By 2018 Shenzhen will boasts more the 10,00 electric car charging points. All powered by solar energy. The city is a perfect example of how life has changed as a result of market reform. It’s thanks to Deng Xiaoping the architect of those economic reforms that this mega-city was created. Futuristic Shenzhen is very close to the Hong Kong border, and today the city’s living standards have risen even higher than its neighbor. As recently as the early 90’s Shenzhen population was barely half a million. But today it’s thirty times more. Nearly fifteen million Almost every plot of land is taken up by offices or residential buildings. Parking for the cities’ numerous cars has become a major issue. But Shenzhen authorities has an innovative approach to solving the problem. Just a stone’s throw from Li Chao’s relative house is a multi-story car park. It was developed here at the chinese IT innovation hub. The Yeefung company is quite old by Shenzhen standards It use to make fans and industrial furnaces, but now has been developing new generation car parks for more than ten years There are now Yeefung multi-level car parks in many large office buildings, hospitals, and close to the most popular metro stations and parks. With a multi-level car structure, one car takes up a third of the space needed in a regular car park. For a facility that could of accommodated a hundred cars that’s a big difference. Land is in short supply in Shenzhen. This system allows it to be used much more efficeintly Car parks like this are no big surprise. There are already several systems like it in the USA. But Yeefung’s unique development is its third generation car parks are robotic. At last Li Chao is with his family. His little nephew is in for a high tech surprise Shenzhen style Shenzhen is a skyward city of high technology Where everyone inspires to be a builder of the future And not just people, but robots too. This mega-city might truly be called the “Eighth Wonder of the World” It always surprises its residence. Just as one amazing robot born in China’s silicon valley brought joy to a little boy.

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  1. Greetings from America to you citizens from developing countries. The USA is not your enemy and we hope that Jesus Christ will bless your country like He did America. When the USA was founded in the 1700s, our Ancestors used the Bible to guide our political and economic systems. USA isn't in a contest to be superior to the rest of the world, we hope to please the Lord with our society and that has lead to Greatness. God bless you citizens of earth!!

  2. In India, the political parties fight each other and hence very slow development…no party is interested in development….

  3. well, you may be fond of Shenzhen, because of your high salary, but someone like me with only 11k CNY can't pay my daily life. Shenzhen never protects the poor man. at the same time, I have no way to increase my salary.

  4. Well done Chinese people you have been making the enormous progress in you country keep it up, but name this beautiful city different name than Silicon Valley, because this city is more beautiful and more sophisticated city than Silicon Valley of USA.Name it like China high tech city. You Chinese people have beaten USA, in everything. I am really proud of Chinese people because you have been doing the great job and progress and you are my Northern top superpower neighbor country. I wish you all the best Chinese people.

  5. Historically, China has been a wealthy country. It did not lag behind until the last 200 years. Now it is in a recovery period. It is fast.

  6. Shenzhen…
    I through a challenge to you..
    How about developing
    Robotic Traffic control systems..
    You know human traffic control is not very good…..
    They are under great stress…
    Please don't ignore..
    Take it as a challenge..
    Love from India

  7. The only big difference btn China and USA is, US is a problem Creator while China is problem solver simple, that's why China is a big brother cz young brother always does mess for the big brother to clean

  8. I currently live in China but have never visited Shenzhen. That skyline is amazing! I need to go film some stuff there for my channel.

  9. Most of Chinese know that(especially Chinese government): If we use energy like western people or in origin way,we will suck out of every drop of oil in this world within 50 years and pollute every single corner of our land, so we have to focus on clean and recycle energy.

  10. This is sad. I would ask anyone who thinks that China is headed in the right direction to please just give me a moment of your time to share a perspective…a large one.

    If you pay attention to the video at the 8:00 min mark, there is a young engineer discussing how he is gifting a robot to his nephew as a late birthday present. He states he could not attend his birthday party because of work, and the robot will keep his nephew company since his parents "are very busy."

    The next engineer states he wanted to make robots because he was "very lonely" as a child and almost always left to his own devices. He wanted a robot to not feel alone. In the scene where he ask the robot," what are you doing" it answers," making you happy."

    In this video the culture in China has been conditioned to value working over personal relationships, and creating technology to replace the human need for contact with another. They have been trained to think evolution is technological achievement at the expense of their spirit. Now throw in a government that tells them how many children to have, makes protest of government illegal, and decides when they can travel if at all (under their new social credit system/surveillance grid, one can be banned from travel for living in a way the government deems 'unproductive', like buying "too many video games.)
    Check out :

    My point is the Chinese government is creating a virtual prison from the time someone is born, making each person their property under the guise of the common good and evolution. It is voiding individual needs, human freedom, and has emotionally damaged intellects promoting artificial replacements for love.

    Now as for the Chinese government. Would you marry someone who would punish you if you criticized them? If they told you your life choices 'they' disagree with will prevent you from traveling. That it is your willingness to work at cost to your family that makes you worthy? Seriously, what government is so emotionally imature it cannot handle any protest by those suffering under its rule? To the point it makes it illegal? Would you marry someone who catalogued you at birth with tech, and monitored every aspect of your life in order to ensure you did exactly as they say, or be punished…until death? All in exchange for technological gadgets?

    Now…people are being born into that government 'marriage' and being conditioned to think its great, instead of abusive. Where people must sacrifice for the future, and the future is in technology…a borg collective where human spiritual and emotional needs are irrelevant to materialism… The Dragon of Revelations/ Reptilian mindset.

  11. Both capitalism and communism are evil and corrupt. But communism is worse.
    Technological advancement means nothing if there's social manipulation and economic Injustice done by communist China. Look what they have done and still doing to the Uighurs in Xinjiang. They are brainwashing, torturing and denying basic rights like freedom and access to their own resources. People are either disappearing, get tortured, get killed, "re-educated," meaning they are brainwashed and forced to embrace communist shit. The result: Family crisis, mental health problems, fear, lowliness, lack of freedom and suffering.

  12. I haven't seen anything even remotely close to this beautiful city anywhere in US. Sure, the cities in US are much older, but seeing this technological progress for "those communists" and comparing it to shit-ridden streets of biggest cities in US like LA, SF, NY, ridden with needles and homeless tents…. Gives you a new perspective.

  13. as Chinese people dont know what a que is and like to walk to the front of one i hope you build into your soft ware something to stop 1000 of them messaging on their phones 15 mins before they leave work to have their cars ready at the exit.

  14. Rate of development must equal or be greater than needs or else a country gets confined to under development. Africa is a consumer nation with very little investment in development because of laziness and corruption.

  15. Looking at China’s progress, I could say China could take over the world one day. And you only have two choices in the future; Globalization or China Invasion. So enjoy the democracy now while you still can. 😄

  16. Know thou that, according to what thy Lord,
    the Lord of all men, hath decreed in His Book, the favors vouchsafed by Him
    unto mankind have been, and will ever remain, limitless in their range. First
    and foremost among these favors, which the Almighty hath conferred upon man, is
    the gift of understanding. His purpose in conferring such a gift is none other
    except to enable His creature to know and recognize the one true God—exalted be
    His glory. This gift giveth man the power to discern the truth in all things,
    leadeth him to that which is right, and helpeth him to discover the secrets of
    creation. Next in rank, is the power of vision, the chief instrument whereby
    his understanding can function. The senses of hearing, of the heart, and the
    like, are similarly to be reckoned among the gifts with which the human body is
    endowed. Immeasurably exalted is the Almighty Who hath created these powers,
    and revealed them in the body of man.

                (Baha'u'llah, Gleanings from the Writings of Baha'u'llah, p. 194)

  17. We are hard working people. This is recognised widely. We have a large population to feed. Per capita, China is still poor, but we are on the way to getting better. Welcome friends from all over the world to work together. I love Shenzhen. I love China!

  18. 日本人は嫉妬しているでしょう。いわゆる「狭隘」という国民性はここで見えてきます。

  19. China's silicon valley if the Robot can be an outstanding proxy in logistic tunnels or canals levelling up social media( dealing with statues instead of matters) and you don't need to pay for the whole set of your living services even taxes instead the Robot save them for you in a Robot account carries an ID as you do too as human.The Robot can send this capital of your bills to revenue and you cover them all plus your insurance not that all your capital will be your Robot salary( monthly services bills) here you have two wings inside and out side the hectic world .The problem is that the Robot will keep you in chaos 'an anthropologist life cycle 'which most called nostalgia and this one too has no pragmatism to laws (statues & matters)However,the problem can be solved changing statues to matters not in chaos neither it's membrane nostalgia to realms the biggest globe of thoughts for those whom have no sources or resources .China's silicon valley I can't have anything I want although the internet main services is pressing one button to get what you want and you can't get it .People in saudi Arabia have no silicon valley and have a magic stick for whatever they need via plane or ships.China's silicon valley you can do it so please do it .

  20. Nothing impressive here. Even the technology is trivial mostly just copied shit. Cheep Made in China crap. When people were giving there responses they were not very articulate. They came across like children.

  21. If a country's cultural tradition is not dogmatic, conservative, religious, radical and respectful of commercialism, then the culture will be conducive to innovation, and what the political system can do is to maintain the stability and prosperity of the society. No society in the midst of threats and unrest will develop well.

  22. I'm from Sweden and I have been to China. It's way more developed than Sweden now, and salaries are also higher after taxes……it's crazy how fast they have developed. Sweden is 20 years behind China.

  23. When BYD employees were brainstorming in that meeting I wondered…
    Not a very diverse group of people, apparently China doesn’t fall for that diversity is our strength BS.
    No wonder China looks strong to the world, while the western countries appear weak! China hires the best person for the job, while western societies have to have so many minorities in every company regardless if they’re not qualified. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  24. The secret of the Pharaohs is that they are work and word nerds. The Chinese and the Indians are that way, so if they're not Pharaohs as yet, they'll soon be that. As for Jamaicans, we have been and still are attacked because we're work and word nerds, but where would the world be if we're that way.

  25. In the next few years people form Shenzhen will sell you electronic components to make your satellite at home.

  26. There is still a long way to go for Chinese people. I am a college graduate and I am working for my tests at this moment, and I will go to Shenzhen for my higher education and start my own career. I believe I can make it. See you in 2020!🤝

  27. Good documentary. Learned a few things on life in China. I know what to expect when I go there.
    However this system of automation propelled by robots is making humans a machine devoid of feelings and emotions. Further. are they, the Chinese, by investing too much on robots creating a future Frankenstein monsters?

  28. 8:33 that guy, just instantly let all his inner desires out. aww. hopefully despite the technological advancements, it does not hamper their chances to develop meaningful relationships

  29. No wonder the west don't like China it's a simple jealousy and an attitude of wanting to be the dominater, god bless China

  30. why people always project china with negativity.Now i can say China is best country on Earth.These people are hard workig

  31. They have the power to create everything but they only copy… never making better… Do you know that most of cars have only 1 or 2 people inside daily (even for a long distance drive) ? Why not a better powerful Quadro Qooder scooter 4×4 (rain, snow, sun) for 2 people with : big roof, no helmet but security belt, heater for snow, rain, very powerful, big double batteries removable to charge at home or in a restaurant (1 click exchange on wheels) ? No : China is only copying… never ever create the future. They have the power (low cost employees) as nowadays they have money coming.

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