Slavoj Žižek: Why There Are No Viable Political Alternatives to Unbridled Capitalism

Slavoj Žižek: Why There Are No Viable Political Alternatives to Unbridled Capitalism

I still believe in the saying of this oath
Frankford School fellow traveler Marxist Valter Benjamin who said that behind every rise of
fascism there is a failed revolution. I think even if we strategically, I’m not
sure about it, accept this term Islam fascism for Islamic fundamentalist, this so called
Islam fundamentalism is strictly relative with the disintegration of secular Islamic
left, which was pretty strong in the ’50s, ’60s and so on, but then began to disintegrate. So I think we shouldn’t be too fascinated
with this phenomenon. We should rather ask what happened with the
left. I think this phenomenon of right wing populism
are strictly the obverse of something that did not happen. They didn’t just happen, they happened because
something else didn’t happen because the left didn’t provide a proper answer. And that’s for me the true tragedy today. On the one hand we are entering a period,
and we are already in this period for almost ten years, where rage, discontent are exploding
everywhere, even in our Western countries, Occupy Wall Street in Europe, the demonstrations
in France, Greece and so on. On the other hand it is as if the left, even
if it succeeds in, sometimes not always, in recapturing the energy of this rage cannot
really offer a new political model that would be not only seductive enough to mobilize millions
of people, but even in itself it doesn’t have enough consistency. What I’m saying is this, in Europe we didn’t
yet fully accept the fact that the 20th century is over. By this I mean the following: The 20th century
left, which had basically three strengths orientations, Stalinist communism, that’s
over. Not only it’s over, in a beautiful irony where
ex-communists are still in power they are mostly the most efficient agents of the most
ruthless new liberal global capitalism. Do you know what I mean? If you want to be a successful capitalist
today don’t go to Western Europe, go to China where every Chinese will tell you the main
function, almost, of the communist party is to prevent the formation of an independent
working movement trade unions to keep workers under control, Vietnam the same story and
so on. So, old Stalinism is no longer operative. Unfortunately because of the change economic
situation and so on, also we don’t have new social democracy. Social democracy in the sense of the old welfare
state it simply belongs to another era. It would have to be radically reinvented,
it didn’t happen. Which is why unfortunately some even right
wing analysts who claim that social democracy where it still exists is today the greatest
conservative force. In a way tragically they are right because
almost all the struggles of social democracy today is to keep the old rights, you know,
no they will not take from us, I don’t know, health insurance or whatever like to stick
to the rights which were gained 30/40 years ago. Now of course I absolutely sympathize with
it, but so many things are happening. Can you even imagine how our lives at all
levels were revolutionized through digitization, through new forms of science, new forms of
liberal capitalism? I don’t think that a simple return to old
social democratic welfare state can work. Then we have a third orientation subterranean
one, which still is popular among some people. This idea of rejecting big state representation
mechanism, political parties, state power and to opt for local democracy, transparent
local communities managing their affairs. I also think that we have to drop this last
dream. It doesn’t work. It’s good when it happens but if nothing else
today’s problems are global problems in a much more radical sense. Think about what is happening with capitalism. I know works that are popular at least in
Europe Jeremiah Ripken, Paul Basin, this idea which I find wonderfully attractive, although
I think they’re simply fighting a little bit too much, namely what is happening today with
digitalization, biogenetics and so on, is almost a new beautiful example of the most
orthodox Marxism when they say with the development of productive forces a new situation emerges
where old relationship production no longer can cope with, isn’t this happening today? Everybody knows even, the how is that guy
called from Tesla boss Elon Musk or what, he said recently private property will no
longer work. We will have to introduce some kind of citizens
general income plus government; we have to pay for it. So everybody knows that, at least the way
we know it the model of capitalism is reaching its limits. On the one hand with so-called cooperative
commons, free circulation and so on, it’s over. The market economy is approaching its limit. Of course, there are attempts, even very successful,
to re-privatize we took over again these commons. For example, Internet, ideal place of commons,
we all communicate and so on, but you know you have Facebook controlling private communication,
if you want to buy books and so on all this it’s controlled intellectual exchanges by, just name them, software controlled by Microsoft and so on. But nonetheless, it’s clear that capitalism
is approaching a limit. Okay, but I don’t believe in this simplistic
answer where they say oh this is this self-organization without central power and so on and so on. No, I think the big task today is precisely
to reinvent large-scale very strong social political agents structures with strong authority. Just think, for example, about biogenetics. Tremendous things are happening today. We really are on the edge of creating a new
man like reconstructing through biogenetic interventions our genetics and so on. Who will control this? Should these be privatized and so on? Intellectual property. Everybody knows it’s a mess, it’s ridiculous
how big companies try to control it. Ecology, it’s no longer this individualist
approach which is very intelligently supported I hope you noted this by big companies and
state apparatuses, the way to divest us or redirect us from really approaching the big
problems by addressing us as individuals, responsible individuals like let’s say, simply
by situation, you criticize big companies for polluting environment and a typical ideologist
today would tell you, but what did you do? Who are you to criticize it? Did you recycle all your Coke cans? Did you put all newspaper aside and so on
and so on? And this works wonderful. It redirects your attention to yourself and
then it makes you feel guilty, at the same time it offers you an easy way out, redirect,
buy organic food and so on and you can go on living the way you are. So back to the main points so I don’t lose
myself, it’s clear that we are approaching different levels a critical moment. But the left, and this should be the natural
terrain traditionally of the left. The left was thriving in such critical moments,
now let’s be frank, it doesn’t have a solution. Let me give you a metaphor that I always like
to use for this. I hope our viewers have seen a movie I think
about ten years ago it was popular V for Vendetta. I will not go into the story. The point is that at the end there is a revolution
in England, imagine England the crowd breaks through the police barrier penetrates the
British Parliament; the people take over and the end of the film. My idea is that, sorry for this vulgar expression
but it expresses precisely how I feel, I would like to see – I would sell my mother into
slavery to see a movie called V for Vendetta Part II. Okay guys, people took over. What would they have done a day later? How would they re-organize the power? The same stage how would they restructure
the power? This gap becomes like you could have touched
it. It becomes so obvious with here is a government,
big populous , they want referendum. No. A day later as you know, literally almost
a day later they capitulated, they make a deal with the European Union. Now for me it’s too easy to criticize them
traders; they betrayed it. What could they have done? Give me – accept from these empty phrases
of we need more true democracy; people’s voice should be heard, what does this mean? This is nonsense. Here I disagree softly with my otherwise good
friend I admire him, Yanie with his idea of DM democratize Europe. I always am telling him let’s take these two
cases how they dealt with the European Union, I mean the Greek state and immigrants. But if the European Union were to be more
transparent in the sense of democratically controlled, but in the simple sense of more
acting in accordance to the will of the majority, refugees would have been treated in a much
worse way. A big majority today in Europe of people,
I wouldn’t say how big majority, but clearly a majority are against any new immigrants
and so on. In this sense I write this about in the book
how this was a very simple but efficient right wing criticism of Angela Merkel, where is
her sense of democracy? She invited one million immigrants to enter
Germany. Who legitimized her in doing this? I am on her side but in a very precise sense. I think we should take this very painful lesson,
the majority is not automatically right. Now, I’m not saying there should be a communist
party which is always right, I’m just saying that a certain dose of healthy mistrust of
not democracy as such but will of the majority is for me totally legitimate. People quite often are not right. And I think Angela Merkel did something that
great politicians do, you enforce a measure knowing that the majority is against it hoping
that if you have enough time to enforce this measure retroactively through its success
it will become acceptable to the majority, but you have to take the risk. So, back to my big problem, I think that the
ultimate cause of all this populism and so on is the simple fact that we live in an era
of great dissatisfaction rage and so on, but the left doesn’t have a model, it’s all empty
praises. People should decide more through democracy,
blah, blah, blah, but what does it mean? Like what to do? How to re-organize the state? Because the big problem is this one, of course,
it’s still the old Fukuyama problem I claim. You know Francis Fukuyama have forgotten today,
and I don’t agree with him, but he was onto something in that sense. Even today the majority of the politicians,
even the leftists, are Fukuyamaists in what sense? They think that liberal democratic capitalism
is the ultimate form and all we can do is to render it better, you know, more health
service, more tolerance whatever you want, more welfare, but the basic model is accepted. No one is asking the questions that people
were asking 40/50 years ago like is capitalism the ultimate answer? Can we imagine social organization beyond
state and so on and so on? So that’s for me the big problem is this let’s
call it enlightened social democratic Fukuyamaism like what Tony Blair stood for in the United
Kingdom. Is this enough or is something more radical
needed? I think it is, not that I believe in any communist
revolution or whatever, but simply I think that the problems we are facing cannot be
resolved at this level. So, that’s my sad prediction. Either a new form of the left will be reinvented
or here is my simple but I love it answer, or look at Hollywood, I always trust Hollywood. Hollywood is warning us all the time Hunger
Games, Elysium and so on, that’s the society we are approaching. Twenty percent of people live in the privileged
zone, the majority is out. That’s the future.

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  1. Lost me a bit at 13:00 ; while I agree with his assessment of Angela and politicians taking risks it looks like her plan was terrible and did not retroactively justify itself. Evidence would be the ridiculous number of conservative, anti-EU, populists movement wins over there since 2016. Though I give him credit: his example didn't age well but his message is still solid.

  2. "They happened because the left didn't provide a proper answer". This is so true for Brazil under Bolsonaro…

  3. There is a viable alternative though all names are labels but China Russia are now using capitalism more successfully so there using the model more efficiently so my only problem with it is being allowed to improve it though democracy government needs to be more transparency ethically to moderate carbon footprint equality they have proved you don’t need unfettered greed to create in fact I see it a hinderance. We need leaders to come out of ethical models a new religion the left in west doesn’t exist it’s about gay rights and living wages just to get a few more crumbs off the capital giants mouth doesn’t work like that but what I say would actually save capitalism China will not thrive off capitalism once the west falls and the environment deteriorates then yes there may be a few city states that may survive. The test will go back to a short brutish life As long as no nuclear war happens that is.

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  5. Here is the issue. It is not a bad idea to think of various alternatives.

    However pragmatic progressive politics necessarily should build on the structures of the present.

    What we have in the USA are corporate Democrats mainly interested in maintaining the status quo no mater how dysfunctional while offering identity politics most of which is irrelevant, redundant, or not enforceable and in certain cases unconstitutional and obstructing real human rights.

    You also have a left that do want economic reforms equivalent to that of Western Europe namely through wealth taxation.

    Here is a possible alternative. What if the left completely accepted corporatism and made a different argument: "We the tax payer subsidizes the corporations in various forms including 0 interest loans, monetary subsidies, a use of the commons and shared resources and various uses of infrastructure. We will allow you this but we the people demand the ownership of stocks and dividends to be paid out to the public either in the form of cash, an expansion of the commons, or safety net institutions which were formally welfare.

    Yang's UBI comes close to this by making the funds come from value added tax rather than wealth tax.

    But there is no reason what so ever that other public funding can't come from stock assets and dividends.

    The issue is taxpayers do subsidized corporations and being that we do, we should demand a return on our investment in some way.

  6. So this whole notion about separating Coke cans and all is really quite brilliant. So a scientist from the Natural Resources Defence Council just wrote an article about how people from the climate movement don't really care whether or not folks on the ground like you and me recycle – our job isn't to separate out our plastic and paper but it's rather to hold governments and corporations accountable for what is ACTUALLY making a difference. We should feel guilty if we don't do that, not if we don't recycle.

  7. Our failed revolutions give way to the far right. Guys lets keep trying to start a revolution over our leftwing non problems! It'll work this time im sure.

  8. Angela Merkel ruined Germany (and Europe) by inviting millions of migrants in. Her actions will never be forgotten, and never retrospectively admired. Many young girls have been raped and/or murdered by the migrants.

  9. I wish this level of complexity of ideas and discussion was more mainstream.

    Especially compared to the drivel we see politics reduced to on TV.

  10. Capitalism is a great engine of producing wealth and power the downside is once you have enough to win you can win through force instead of competition. I like ubi because it's like putting a bridal on a mustang yeah you will always be ahead but you also going to take us all with you. UBI is not a ideal option but it is certainly the best of all the options available now.

  11. Why do they wear those stupid Guy Fawkes masks? I noticed that started happening not long after the film "V for Vendetta" came out, so they were basically making the point (as though it even needed to be made) that they didn't even have the collective brainpower to come up with a gimmick that was actually original.

  12. Winning and sustainable model (as far as economy goes): Capitalism (even flexible job market) + basic social rights protected (public free healthcare, free public education, retirement) + high taxes = Scandinavian model

  13. Can anyone tell me if Slavoj just supported Merkel regarding mass immigration? or did I miss interpret, or does he disagree and its a poor example he has used?

  14. I grew up in the Middle East in the 60s and the "secular leftist islam" he refers to failed because they oppressed the populations. The imprisoned without trial, tortured and killed in the tens of thousands. My father, a technocrat, was a "political" prisoner! I lost young friends. So this guy's darling left failed because they are monstrers.

  15. Professor Z should smoke a breakthrough dose of DMT. His explanation of the experience would enthrall me to no end. He would go on for 3 hrs.

  16. Anarcho-Syndaclism. Although brief, it proved to work in Revolutionary Spain. Or take Rojava for a current day example.

  17. capitalism within the US has many mechanisms to keep it in check. but abroad, american capitalism is unbridled and predatory and results in coups against democratically elected leaders, cia assassinations, unlivable conditions, wars waged by the US military and mass migrations to western countries. this is not good for anyone but the corporations that control the oil and other resources. i believe in capitalism, but it must be regulated to a degree.

  18. I think that Zizek makes one fundamental mistake, he says the answers have yet to come from the left

    There is no ‘left’ that is cohesive enough to make lasting change, the leaders of ‘the left’ as Orwell observed, use the proletariat as tools t feed their own hunger for power.

    My hope, is that the answers will come from the wealthy, after all, if they are bright enough to make money, they should be bright enough to know when they are taking the piss and they need to change the way the system operates so that they can keep their dynasty intact, albeit in a
    different guise.

  19. We cut your philosopher soft cock dick off! Read some Michael Parenti. The right are what they have always been, irrelevant narcissistics farting in the wind. The reason for your obsession with them is clear. Regards China, read some Jeff Brown, because you are absolutely clueless. Or best of all, just keep reading Hegel and shut the fuck up outside your world library bubble. And let less hysterical people engage in politics.

  20. 1:10 Right wing popu happened because leftism didnt provide a proper answer? Oh please, right wing populism, or rather national populism is happening today because the left all over the place got corrupt and tried to drown nations with multiculturalism, the nationalists correctly recognize that this is will lead to degradation of their own cultures and it's a ploy by greedy entities to bring in cheap labor( among other things),,

  21. The title is only slightly off I think. Zizek actually does say "why" there are no alternatives, because people are stuck in 20th century thinking. And he follows with that either we'll invent something new, or we'll be literally living the Hunger Games. Good old Slavoj, always such a ray of sunshine 😉

  22. The Age of Anarchism is upon us.

    Statist communism did not work (nor could it ever have worked, if we are being honest with ourselves), and social democracy is not working anymore. It is too conservative. It does not inspire the people.

    We need to reduce the influence of both the central government AND the authoritarian corporations on the lives of individuals. It is time for the workers to seize the means of production WITHOUT the State doing their work for them. Because, inevitably, the State overreaches. It is violence. It is oppression. It is tyranny.

    So are the wealthy. They hold power over us, just as the government does.

    Decentralize all authority. Eliminate hierarchy.

    Let experts lead with the consent of the governed. Communists put workers into leadership roles in the government. Nonsense. Of course it failed. The people should be in charge of their own lives. The workers should be in charge of their own livelihoods.

  23. Each and every communist believes that once the revolution is over, they'll be among the elite ruling class and not the poor working masses.
    Totally delusional.

  24. I do not recall anymore where I read this, nor whose quote it is, so I'll paraphrase (from Russian)…
    Revolutions are created in the minds of idealists, carried out by fanatics, but it is the wicked who profit from them.

  25. Various forms of socialism have worked for thousands of years throughout the majority of human history. Capitalism, however was invented only a few centuries ago in Europe. Since then, it has been violently spread throughout the world through wars and colonization, devastating countless civilizations and leaving a large portion of the global population in poverty. Now, capitalism’s demand for ever increasing production has lead to an environmental crisis which threatens to put our species at the brink of extinction in only a few decades. If unbridled capitalism was truly the only system possible, the human race would be doomed to extinction.

  26. Irony: In the U.S. 2019, Leftists are ready to shoot and ask questions later. (usually attributed to police). Conservatives ask questions among their peer group (bc they can't have a discussion with leftists) and shoot after calibrating their options.

  27. According to communist, capitalism has been approaching its limits since the XIX century.. and yet is still here. making everybody richer and richer. Certainly has not been communism and socialism that made people richer. If something those systems makes people poorer and less free..
    By the way the only real challenge for capitalism is gonna be automation.
    Because is not sure if those jobs will be replaced or a huge amount of people will be left with no job.
    But also… hard to say that we will not be able to thrive.
    That's the reason why i support (most of the times) socialdemocracies and reaching into space for resources. We need resources. We should strive to colonize the solar system to obtain all the resources we need.
    Also we should redefine citizenship.
    (Service guarantees citizenship)

  28. V for Vendetta was originally a comic written by Alan Moore, one of the best comic writers ever in the american/english comic industry. Alan Moore is also a lefty, a former hippie. The ending of V for Vendetta is actually far deeper in the comic. In the comic, the crowd runs AWOL, and V says to his young female student, that the people are now in a state of Chaos, they take what they want – exactly what Slavoj speaks about. But what the people need is ANARCHY, a difficult concept that has nuances and is about freedom, to do what you want, but not in the sense of taking what you want or harming whoever you want to harm. V in the last scene dies, because he knows that a violent revolutionary like him cannot exist in this World of Anarchy. What is needed is another V, that leads the people to true Anarchy. His student, in a nutshell.

  29. Well that is the problem with Slavojs Analysis:

    1. MERKEL did what she did NOT out of empathy or ethics, but precisely because she believed the Majority of German People were behind her on this. It turned out differently, she learned that this was not the case, and then Germany changed its open policy.

    2. We do not know who is right on these Migration Issues. More and more it dawned on me that actually the majority that rejected Merkel´s welcome policy were right, because the arguments tho and froth did not really support the unlimited acceptance of migrants into Middle Europe.

    3. Now, Merkel is de facto depowered, and Germany is in a deep political crisis, actually. This is the direct result of 2015. In that sense, Merkel´s decision also led not only to her own demise as a politician, but also to serious political instability. (Serious political instability of course means something different in Germany, which is a very stable and well organized society. So no riots and revolts are taken place. No large scale Violence)

    4. Merkel´s decision has also destabilized other european states, namely Austria and Italy, since many migrants went through these countries to get to Germany. Also Scandinavia was seriously affected politically. (But because those states are even more stable and well organized than Germany there are no riots and violence)

  30. Capitalism is not a political theory, it is economics. Political theories involve other matters besides economics.

  31. One more enemy of the people. Mass immigration moar we need moaaar. Democracy is bad because the people oppose replacement immigration. They should pay for being replaced with a smile.

  32. It's amazing how this slobbering buffoon calls himself a Marxist. There have been plenty of coherent proposals from the leftist economists and social scientists about how to rationally organize labour and distribution. Just because this lazy 'intellectual' isn't familiar with them or doesn't want to democratically engage with other people in deliberative councils doesn't mean The Left is short on concrete proposals. What a hack.

  33. Merkel, fortunately for us in Greece and the immigrants, accepted hundreds of thousands AFTER Syriza, a radical left party, opened the borders wide and let in all comers in 2015, imagine the situation in Greece and the Balkans if she had not accepted them!…another 'gift' of the "left" to Europe that we still don't know the consequences of!
    Douglas Murrey has written "the Strange Death of Europe", a concise and accurate narrative of this period and potential disaster we could still face (many are still not convinced they will all be assimilated into Western Culture, standards and the Enlightenment values we hold dear). I sincerely hope we are wrong, most are here to stay from the looks of it.

  34. I think he has (a lot) parasites in his body, he is touching his nose way to frequent. It is because his nose is itching, which is one of the signs of parasites in the body.

  35. I wish translations were enabled. I wanted to add a Spanish translation because this content is highly relevant to what is happening in PR right now.

  36. Zizek is kind of preaching to the choir because one of the biggest problems in leftism is sectarianism, we've got to get to the revolution in order to even achieve the day after.

  37. Slavoj, kao da ne znamo… Ima toliko stvari koje bi se desile, al ajde… Dan posle revolucije je dan za najvise rada

  38. Come over
    We do think …!
    The bright minds!
    GUADALAJARA, 2020.
    CHANGES IN FACT🇦🇨🇪🇸🇧🇧🇸🇽🇧🇧🇪🇹🇫🇷

  39. zizek doesn't think, for some weird reason, that anarchism could work worldwide. He consistently misrepresents the ideas of anarchism

  40. Really surprised by the total lack of understanding of Merkel's actions. The only reason she did "invited" and allowed mass immigration is for money. Germany is the oldest society in EU. They lacking manpower for work to sustain their system. The benefit of that is dual in nature: oligarchy gets them ants to their factories, low skilled, uneducated semi slave manpower, on the other hand, government destabilizes society, deconstructs it and divide, by introducing foreign alien culture. It creates animosity, polarise the society, divides thus letting it be weak, in every aspect. Divided atomized society is weak in democracy.
    Crowd control and money, that's all.
    On the other hand: immigration is bad for the countries which immigrants originate, weakens them.

  41. Spot on! Its as if we need a consortium of people from all sides to sit down and hash out every fine detailed idea against eachother. The largest thread ever and perhaps come to a new system of organisation

  42. Unbridled capitalism has always worked well for me. Freedom is a wonderful thing , capitalism brings it. What good came of Venezuela’s socialism ? Some rich people were punished. 90% of there population is now in poverty.

  43. This guy has to be on coke. I'm sure he or someone with make excuses but the amount of snorts and him touching his face points towards heavy drug use. 🙂

  44. UBI, taxation on international corporations that pays 0-1% , cancellation of national debts, reinstatement of glass-steagall act, stock speculation tax. What is so unclear? Financial deregulation since the 80's is the obvious culprit imo, we just need to reign in the monster. Or what?

  45. Every video with Zizek in it i have to turn on CC and turn off the sound. His voice makes my fucking skin crawl.

  46. Zizeks approach to a classless society: rotate everyone. He gave an example of a restaurant where theres no manager but all workers have meeting to determine what the restaurant will sell each day. Now you tell me whether you like to go to you favourite Chinese restaurant where you can get your fried rice or would you go to a restaurant where today it's taco made by a cook and tomorrow it's burnt toast made by a cashier.

  47. I firmly believe that capitalism is a social/economic paradigm that needs to be replaced, but at the same time we've not yet reached the point where we're capable to invent a new structure.
    Capitalism has many flaws and few virtues, yet right now it's the only social structure capable of maintaining a (somewhat skewed) balance in our civilization. Our views on the capitalist model will be tested in the future, and I feel at some point we will either fall in stagnation defending it, or take a large hit and recover some time later while trying to change it.

  48. Soon enough, there will be very little for most people to do, so it would make sense that instead of working class supporting the elite, the elite support the “working class”, ie, universal basic income, corporations pay far more tax than ordinary citizens and basically have a trickle down economy instead of the trickle up one we currently live in

  49. I'm not going to talk to you – what I want is Carlyle – a very superficial writer – no, I'm bored. Neitzsche said 'I love' and then….

  50. It's beat for everyone to stop breeding obviously.

    Before we existed – we never had a single problem.

    No people = no problems…

    So just stop creating problems (babies)

    And then we'll stop needing solutions…

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