12 thoughts on “Soil & Diverse Cover Crops Part 3 Ecology”

  1. I piss in my weed because the caseworker said the higher ups won't let me buy soil for my garden cause I don't want their damn poison. This man is a patriot.

  2. Thank you so much for presenting your series and for posting them free of charge on the web. Your systems presented in these videos are truly looking to complete cycles in nature and working with natural systems to create the best environment not only for plants, farm animals and, soils, but also for the rest of the planet, air quality and all of life–truly making our world sustainable. I posted this video on my facebook page and asked my friends to watch it. None are farmers, but many are interested in ecology.

    I wish that you (Ray, Gabe, and other presenters) could be on Oprah and tell your stories and share your knowledge–now that could bring change about not only in public opinion, but possibly expedite a global shift in farming/ranching practices exponentially faster for good.

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