Solar System is a living organism just like you!!!!! by ManojKumar.P,Assistant Professor in CS,CUSAT

Solar System is a living organism just like you!!!!! by ManojKumar.P,Assistant Professor in CS,CUSAT

In the light of the teachings of Navajyothi Sree Karunakara Guru, Evolution which started billions of years before should not stop after human beings. The process should go on The life force evolves into solar systems, into galaxies, into universe and into multiverse. The evolutionary difference between a bacteria and a human is billions of years. The same is the case with human and the solar system. All the mystics have seen it. Lord Krishna Said:I instructed the imperishable science of uniting the individual consciousness with the ultimate consciousness unto the sun god surya, who taught it unto his son, Vaisvastu Manu, who related it unto his son King Iksvaku. This is Bhagavat Gita Chapter 4 Verse 1. "If I am intelligent in my innermost core, then the existence cannot be unintelligent, because I am born out of this existence. I am a by-product of this existence. If I am intelligent, then the universe has to be intelligent; otherwise from where will my intelligence come?" said OSHO Navajyothi Sree Karunakara Guru's words, "Jeevante aneka kalethe parinamangal attuvennirikkunnathinu thelivanu SURYAN. Athu padernne ee chuttiverunna chandranil adikkukayanu, iruttum velichavumayittu. Athu bhoomiyil vennittu jenmamedukunnu. Angine bhoomiyil parinamam cheythu verunnathanu GURU". Solar system has all the characteristics of life. It has birth and death. It has movement. It has growth. It responses to external stimulus. It reproduces. Now, I want to ask you, What is the ultimatum of evolution? Who will guide you to this path of eternity? A fully realized Guru who has transcended all the stages can take you there. And, it is none other than NAVAJYOTHI SREE KARUNAKARA GURU.

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  1. What nonsense is this! It's all bullshit and you guys are praising him for his work. He is misleading everyone by writing this article and why hasn't he published in any bigger journal like current science. He knows himself that his research is not worth publishing in a good journal.

  2. In the solar system as we all know the satellites (MACRO-SIZE) revolving around the SUN is the replica of electrons ((MICRO-SIZE) revolving around the nucleus in terms of Physics. In terms of Biology the life in this earth is the result of Combination of Male and Female , if think in MACRO terms we can definitely say that satellites like moon evolved due to combined effort of SUN and EARTH ie; MOON is the baby of EARTH produced with the combination with the FATHER SUN. Surely more experiments is to be made in this angle….. APPRECIATING YOUR GREAT THOUGHTS……. Reghu Raj

  3. We dont want to see your animation pictures or videos of universe.
    You show the actual pictures and videos which are taken by telescopes or satilights.So we think about it to discover the universe with our explanations also.

  4. No one saw how the planets stars were formed at the begining.We entered in to space  xxxx yerar and learning it and seeing the universe.During this period we have not seen formation of any new planet ,star,etc.So how can we say all this fault imaginations.We developed ssi&tech and it is being used to discover unknown things.
     Some one (GOD),/thing,/power is there we may call it science.We coulnot see any new formation since we inveted science and tech.Big bang.I imagined that during B.B test some /any living thing may be produced due to chemical and physical process but nothing happened.god give us some thing to play and to improve further .
    Finally I can't belive your stories about formation of things in the universe.
    1)Beauty is bramha.2)knowledge is vishnu/vasya3)Brave is Eswar/Kshatriya. These are gods.4)A grade worker is sudra5)B grade worker is untouchable/SC.
    At last these five mingled together and formed as PANDAVAS like five fingers of hand to do work.They did war and wone.First three sections took assistance (SAHADEVUDU)of last 4&5 sections people.This is india and it is going on.
    You have telwscope so you are searching/browsing the universe.I have PC and net so I am browsing the world through the internet.

  5. Hello Sir… what you said here is not something new. In  B.C. 360 Plato has the same "revelation"
    : "… … So because of this reflection He constructed reason within soul and soul within body as He fashioned the All, that so the work He was executing might be of its nature most fair and most good. Thus, then, in accordance with the likely account, we must declare that this Cosmos has verily come into existence as a Living Creature endowed with soul and reason owing to the providence of God". ~ Plato: Timaeus – 30 b. and I wonder that you said research is yet to be done on your "paradigm shift" theory.

  6. കഷ്ടം , കേരളത്തിലെ കുട്ടികളുടെ കാര്യം കട്ടപൊക ! 

  7. If I am intelligent in my innermost core, then the existence cannot be unintelligent, because I am born out of this existence. I am a by-product of this existence. If I am intelligent, then the universe has to be intelligent; otherwise from where will my intelligence come? OSHO

  8. Is Earth really a sort of giant living organism as the Gaia hypothesis predicts? A new discovery made at the University of Maryland may provide a key to answering this question. This key of sulfur could allow scientists to unlock heretofore hidden interactions between ocean organisms, atmosphere, and land — interactions that might provide evidence supporting this famous theory.
    Search solar system is a living organism in net.All the revoutionary thoughts were foolish thoughts in the begining

  9. Please read this Guruani " Jeevante aneka kalethe parinamangal attuvennirikkunnathinu thelivanu SURYAN.Athu padernne ee chuttiverunna chandranil adikkukayanu, iruttum velichavumayittu.Athu bhoomiyil vennittu jenmamedukunnu.Angine bhoomiyil parinamam cheythu verunnathanu GURU"

  10. Thank you for your valuable comments. Multiple dynamic equilibrium adjustment and regulation mechanisms make homeostasis possible.Researchers need to say this true or false.But our Guru starts from where science stops.Guru Charanam Sharanam.

  11. Really Solar System is a living organism. It is a reality of the nature. It is connected with spiritual science which is the core science of all the sciences. Solar System is like a human body having birth, life and death. All the religious text one way or the other have established the unending movements of the Solar System . Wish you all success in this noble way.

  12. manushyante rekthakuzhalilulla rendu bateriakal vadikunnu manushya sareeram ennonilla athinu jeevanum ella .nam kanunna rektha kuzhalukal mathramanullathu!!!! the real truth is always beyound normal perceptions. "anandam anjanam avernaneeyam ii looka golam thiriyunna margham athingelengad oridathirunna marthyan kathayenthu kendu "

  13. Out of millions of sperms one will acquire the potential to be a human being.The same process is actually happening in Universe.We are a smaller replica of the system.All these informations are deducted fom the teachings of greatest spiritual scientist the world has ever produced "NavJyoti Sri Karunakara Guru of SANTHIGIRI ASHRAM.

  14. Do u mean 3.5 billion years!!! … from a single cell to humans.. then its a waste of matter and time… and then man to solar system and another solar system and another, and another but I think u r right on one count that the process goes on….

  15. The first living cell took approximately 350 crores of years to get it converted in to human beings.Thanks to fossils.Your point is correct the evolution does not stops after human beings.Depending on visions or extra sensory perceptions the evolution of human beings is categorised.Nav Jyoti Sri Karunakara Guru has given a detailed description about it.Out of this 720 crores of humans one will acquire the potential of a solar system and he will create one more system and the process goes on….

  16. Congratulations for going beyond charles darwin.If darwin is correct evolution does not stops after human has to go on……………………………………………………………………..Your theory is going to give anew insight to the scientific world.May you get a nobel prize for this great discovery.

  17. And you'll also have to consider scale of both size and time, a nano second to the universe may be a billion years to us!

  18. First…How enormous is the universe?…How much stimulus would it take to make such an enormous organism respond? I bet enough to wipe out a few galaxies at least…especially if the size of a solar system equates to an atom, and a galaxy equates to a molecule!
    Second….From our perspective at the microscopic level, how would we see anything that's happening on the other side or even the other hand of the organism?

  19. i dont have to prove computer virus a living organism.But i will tell u some interesting facts.All ur questions comes from normal consciousness"panchendriya bodham" but the answers lies in "athindriya bodham".if u are capable of understanding the working of universe then u wll understand there is no clasification called nonliving.even a stone which is considered non living is universal consiousness energy can be created and the greatesT scientist einstein FAILS.THEN THE TRUTH BEGINS.

  20. hey so u comparing planets with living organisms? then i asks another doubt
    if a computer worm can multiply and and increases its count to maximum is it living too?

  21. 8) Considering earth as an organism , there is a lot of similarities between human and earth . The energy flow around both human and earth is in a " torroidal " pattern.We have blood , similarly earth has water and petroleum etc flowing inside . Both have 7 chakras. Near the Crown Chakra we have 2 eyes , Earth also has a crown chakra which is " Mount Kailas , Tibert " and near it there are 2 lakes Manasarovar and Rakshastal acting as the eyes of planet earth, which also represents duality ..

  22. 7) Every planet , sun etc has a vibrational freq or sound. It is called Schumann cavity resonance in case of earth . The sum of every vibration in this univese adds up to give the sound OM( wavelength 7.23 cm ) , it is discovered by Bell Lab. This is why it says the universe came into existance from OM.

  23. 6) I would say the entire multivese is a living organism containg smaller and smaller living entities like univeses , solar systems , planets etc which work together like cells work together in a human body to function as one.

  24. 5) The entire universe is a living organism and evolves using " thought/spiritual energy " . A creation itself embodies the knowledge of all living things within it. It is an organism. This is also the concept of " Brahman " the all en composing spiritual web that connects all things and being aware of itself. The cosmic consciousness, the field .

    The Field is the soul governing agency of the particle – Albert Einstein cont…

  25. 4) Steven Greer said

    " The space within us and the billions of galaxies and stars within us and we are one and the same. We are all part of a greater holographic universe that is awake " cont…

  26. 3) Bruce Lipton. "Every cell in our body is an individual organism capable of living functions. These cells work together to create an organism called human. Now when every human in this planet collectively realize they are one, it create an organism called humanity in which the evolution of humanity is complete. When all beings in the universe work together with the planet , it completes the evolution of a planet. This is how the living universe evolves " .

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