[Music] they were in high school and then things got kind of awkward the sparks in the air he would stare at her and claps she would try to act cool but it was obvious I could [Music] it would be together [Music] sort out the face sort out lies Oh baby there was a part of me that surprised [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] we’ve just been getting ready this morning and I got a late start to the morning just because I had to do some YouTube stuff and kind of finish up a video that’s actually going to be going up tomorrow even though by the time you guys are seeing this that video has already been up it’s almost 11 o’clock right now I still need to head out into the kitchen and kind of tidy everything up Liam’s gonna get home around 11:30 or so because he just says like half-day kindergarten and then I’m gonna take the little boys while Luke is still at school and we are going to go to Hobby Lobby let me get this I’ll show you what I’m doing Halloween is next week I don’t let you guys like my kids always change what they want to be so many different times and they always want to get their costumes early on and I’m always like no no and then I finally decide okay we can get costumes and it never fails they change what they want to do but then Luke decided that he wanted to be marshmallow like DJ marshmallow he sings all the songs I feel super old right now what’s saying it like that but he taught me who he was but I did not want to spend $30 on a helmet and then have to get like the rest of the costume and so I made a helmet out of a Louis bucket for like three dollars no you have to go get your clothes on no I took his clothes off no go get your clothes on go Google if you go get your clothes on you can put it on your head and show them okay oh okay go get your clothes on really quick okay okay so I have to spray paint it white obviously and then I’m also gonna be getting like some type of like mesh or something to go behind the eyes to make it black so that he can still see out of it but it looks black and then I’m also going to put like a little hat and kind of cut it up wherever just so that he has something to actually put on his head to keep the bucket still on his head but this is like he’s gonna be okay actually this is nice I’m the coffee guys up right here because I was going to chat with you for a few minutes there we go okay perfect so I have been getting so many messages from you guys asking about the Hashimoto’s and just doing an update a lot of you have asked me because I think a lot of you guys are thinking that you might have something similar to that in order to get diagnosed my doctor did a full thyroid panel he tested my hormones he tested my t3 zante fors which actually came back pretty normal that’s like your actual thyroid function and then he tested my thyroid antibodies I can’t remember what they are called exactly basically that is Hashimoto’s and those were like through the roof so basically my immune system is attacking my thyroid constantly if it goes undiagnosed for too long then eventually you will be diagnosed with hypothyroidism so I don’t have hypothyroidism yet but if I don’t get the Hashimoto’s under control then that’s what it will end up doing because it will mind me into some will attack my thyroid enough to where it just kind of kills it he just recently put me on like a very natural medication kind of just like helps everything I don’t know I feel like that sounds silly I feel like I’ve been kind of telling a difference I just started get I got put on that maybe like a week ago or so and before that I was just eating gluten free and dairy free and sugar free and corn free and just away free so I feel like there’s a lot of things I wasn’t eating but then I went in and they are putting me on a paleo diet so basically it’s the same thing as I was eating before except no grains at all no rice no oatmeal like none of that stuff oh and no beans so it’s been a little bit more restrictive but I feel really good on it for the most part other than when I cheated on my birthday and had some cake cuz I just had to when I turned 30 other than that I’ve been pretty good like sticking to it and I’ve been starting to lose weight which has been really good that’s been like my main thing buddy your shirt is inside out and backwards come here let me fix it and then you can have a bucket hi everybody have everybody see what you’re doing today I didn’t get gay we’re gonna vlog huh yeah we’re gonna take the camera with us yeah and bring everybody with us where are we going today Ali laugh and maybe warmer I’m not really sure huh equal and uber mine to pick some marshmallow costumes and some and some and some typically Danny yeah we need to take a treat candy before it’s all gotten huh yes you’re so smart how old are you three three we’re free all right almost we’re gonna set them on the bucket before just like having to tell one more thing and then you can do the bucket cake okay so I finally started to lose weight it’s felt very slow because I feel like as soon as I sort of like stopped eating that stuff like everything I should have just started like dropping it like it should just melt off it hasn’t just melted off at first it was doing pretty well but I’m happy with it still because I was consistently like gaining weight for the last like year and a half and I was trying like all these are things like I was eating plant-based I was eating nothing was working some things would stop me from gaining weight momentarily but I definitely was never losing anything and so the fact that I’m actually losing some just makes me really happy so hopefully I can get back to what I was and even lose some from there but I just wanted to share that because you guys have been asking like how I’ve been feeling doing this new diet and now that things have changed a little bit not letting me get Dory oh I don’t know honey now that I’ve been getting a little bit better about like knowing what to eat and stuff I will start sharing more recipes and things because I know a lot of you guys struggle with the same type of thing or if you don’t you just like this is a good way to eat no matter what your situation is and so I will definitely be sharing more food related videos like recipes and things like that this later on this walk that’s enough about that if you guys have any questions you can leave them down below and I will try to answer but I’m gonna let Noah use the bucket which is my tripod stand right now and then I’m gonna run in the kitchen and just kind of tidy up before Liam gets home and we will head out in catania one who are you know who are you now your marshmallow yeah are you marshmallow Noah [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] no you putting that back ya know it grabbed a lotta balls and put it right back in the middle all right so Liam just got home from school and we’re about to go out but I wanted to make the boys lunch and I didn’t want to take the time to have a meeting here yep I’m gonna show more gonna eat this actually in the car okay I’m actually going to get a salad from a little cafe area but they have our drive-thru so I’m gonna get a salad there because I actually ran out of salad last night and I just have to pick them up today so I’m gonna grab a salad while we are out and then but I’ll show you guys what I packed for the boys these are what I got for the boys know what’s in here these are little like freeze dried peaches just one Dollar Tree a fruit strip bar and then there’s also these little peanut butter filled pretzels and then in here I just have some little rice crackers they’re super good I miss having these which I can’t have like on paleo along with a little hummus and then some carrot so they can dip the rice crackers and the carrots in their hummus they both love this I’m gonna put some extra protein and then also just a little roll up of Turkey so it’s pretty simple kind of like a little snack lunch but I know what the boys are gonna look [Music] we just got Hobby Lobby we’re sitting outside the boys ate their lunch and now they have a little cookie do you guys have any cookie to show left what does it look like oh you ate all the top it used to look like a pumpkin no what does yours look like all right you guys both a at the tops of your problem your pumpkin cookies oh yeah that’s where the teeth were no pumpkin they were like cute little pumpkin sugar cookies I got them because they were eating their lunch so good I’m going to eat my lunch now so I got a little salad it has like Alba kados tomatoes cucumbers bacon onions and then like a ton of like mixed greens and then I also got a balsamic vinaigrette I don’t think the most on my vinaigrette is a hundred percent paleo but don’t usually eat out and so sometimes I feel like a little bit of like non paleo dressing is not gonna do that much of a difference I’m gonna give this really quick and then we’re gonna head it inside a Hobby Lobby and see if we can find the things for Luke’s marshmallow costume [Music] you found Santa yeah skin and white he has his hat like that King Santa another Santa that’s the scene in Santa I’m gonna have to come back here and look and see what they have for Christmas because it looks like they have a lot [Music] that one’s max oh this is so cute yeah I know the way out you guys about ready to go yeah just got some mesh and a shirt we have two got a puzzle and a couple little cute things [Music] Noah get up off the floor this has been NOAA throughout the entire store we are ready to go home we only have about 25 minutes or so until you get home from school before I have to go pick him up so we’re gonna unload everything and bring it in the house and then I’ll probably have Lou kind of help me out a little bit just kind of include him in the process of making his Halloween costume [Music] [Music] so here is our marshmallow moment and this is the mesh it’s not super dark I’m gonna have to like glue it in here somehow then I got this shirt and it’s just a long-sleeve white shirt and I got this hat – basically it’s hard to do this one-handed but basically I’m gonna put this in here like this I will probably have to take the bill off and then just kind of like glue it in here so that he has something to attach to his head otherwise it’ll be kind of wobbly definitely in a paint at first but we did get the spray paint it’s got some cheap stuff from Walmart and I think that’s it now I pretty much just need white pants the boys are being crazy no I just dropped all of his brand-new clothes but I just got him down the stairs something like that I don’t know did I tell you I shared that picture of you being like not impressed yeah yeah we were rolling your eyes at me I did I thought that when you said put a bucket on my head and I didn’t think they’d turn out like that something just be like a like X’s and then a smile but it doesn’t it looks like exactly how like one that you could buy from the store okay so this I’m thinking we’re gonna have to like definitely double up but I’m almost thinking like well this is the hat yeah this is a actually a pretty decent nice hat yeah but I was only four months yeah come over here so it doesn’t stay yeah you normally actually wear this sweatshirt yeah but you’ll be inside a tent when you get hot oh but it kind of actually looks like a sweatshirt she’s like a lightweight one so you’ve just great thing is you wanna go scraping with me okay no no no one go and be a team okay okay okay so do you know how to do this yeah cosplay painting stuff before you want to go from like a ways away and you don’t want to keep it in the same area yeah you never want to be [Music] [Music] here’s what’s the bill go to get done so you can see you here’s what’s the bill you can finish the pout yeah looks like I just have like a cat oh so we’re gonna like glue the top of this to the top of the bucket just so it doesn’t like one glare out on its head pretty cool [Music] we do spend spray-painting ink and now we just have to glue the net in yeah it’s like then that isn’t fixed done here we have to fix it to fix it but it’s still that looks really cool Luke that looks super good you can see out of it good yeah I can see out of it great my dad’s my math at this you learn math we have to attach this mesh in here and then we also have to attach the hat that looks wearing silent we’ll have to like put the hat down in here yeah looks super good you like it I love it yeah that’s a cool costume Noah is passed out in work ho and I think he just went into our bedroom so we are just going to have kind of a family night and spend some time with each other since the boys have been a school day and Kyle’s been at work yeah oh yeah we might have to run and grab a glue gun from the store because I guess somebody used all the glue shame the glue gun and maybe even lost the glue gun you did you lost it was not me anyway I hope you guys enjoyed today’s vlog and I will see you in the next one bye guys [Music] [Applause]

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