Structural Components of Cells – Part 1 – CBSE 9

Structural Components of Cells – Part 1 – CBSE 9

Cells form the basic units of life! We know this! And by now we even know how the discovery of cells, as seen in the tree cork, was a breakthrough in biological studies! Now it’s time we have a look at how the cells actually look under a microscope! For this we select onion peel as our specimen. But before we begin with the procedure, let us first collect the necessary requirements. We will need a microscope, a slide, cover slip, iodine solution, water and forceps. Anything else we are left with? Well, the most important of all is the specimen! That is an onion peel. Now that we are all set with the equipments needed, let us begin with the amazing experiment of observing the onion cells under the microscope! Firstly, we take the onion peel and with the help of the forceps pull away the thin lining from the inner surface. Before placing this on the slide, we first add a drop of water on then place the onion peel on it. We are NOT supposed to touch the peel and even the slide with our fingers. Next, we add two drops of dilute iodine solution. Hold on…Do you know why is iodine solution added to this specimen? We do this so that we can clearly see all the PARTS of the cell. Else it is difficult to study them as they are transparent… It would even be difficult to differentiate between the various parts. Now we place a cover slip in this manner and make sure that no air bubbles are formed on the slide. With this our slide is ready! This entire process of setting up the microscope along with the slide is termed ‘MOUNTING’. It is also important to see that there is enough light falling on the mirror of the microscope. Shall we observe it now? Here we go… Wow! Doesn’t it look amazing? Now before studying these, tell me one thing! Do plant and animal cells look the same? Do they have the same organelles? Or are the two types different in some ways? Well, plant and animal cells are slightly different. When cells from a human cheek are scraped with a sterile cotton bud and mounted, similar but not exactly same cells are seen under the microscope! Roughly, we have these thick, distinct borders that differentiate each cell form the other one! Then we have these tiny dark spots scattered all over! Also, we can spot this prominent, circular structure here which is very darkly stained. Any idea what these things are? Well, these are the cell constituents. Let us get introduced to each in the next video!

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  1. Y u guys didn't upload it last year when I needed it in 9th 🙁 …………..but still a good video guys keep up the good work

  2. The video is fabulous …👌👌👍👍
    But i want video on magnetic effect of electric current , physics chapter of class 10 …
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  3. Plzz cell ke aur parts ko define kriye like Golgi apparatus, lysosomes etc.aur prokaryotic aur eukaryotic cell ke beech Mei difference bhi

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