19 thoughts on “Studio Reef 31 "Diatom Bloom"”

  1. @dougnight44 thanks a lot for your thumbs up and support. im happy you like my clips and can tell you that i have a new channel with 3 new clips since this one here. just follow this profile on here or go to youtube . com / studioreef

  2. just sub. and now i want more.Hows the cuc coming and is all good with the temp. tank.you got to get more vids up.now im in suspence.lol.peace

  3. @nyinfamous2k2 thats right mate i have a new channel now at Youtube . com / StudioReef (without spaces)
    i made it to keep my youtube in sync with my gmail and studioreef facebook page 🙂
    pls go there and subscribe to see more clips from me thanks!

  4. BIG thumbs up on this video it's a great video for beginners FW or SW to watch, Can't wait to see more rock added. Great job.

  5. Almost there buddy! Patience is key…Just make sure all the levels are down to zero. Great Job here!

  6. I have much bigger diatom boom in 10day 🙂 look at my video 🙂

    Nice aqauscaping , keep posting , thumbs up

  7. Hi looking good fella. Makes me want a bigger tank. Getting excited now I bet 🙂 this is one of my favourite tanks and you got nothing in it yet.. Think I'll need new underwear once you do! Lol already looking forward to the next instalment 🙂
    Good job well done so far… May I ask what editing equipment you use on your videos as its awesome? Or is it a trade secret? 😉 I won't tell anyone else 🙂 keep em coming fella a big green thumbs up from me…

  8. Looking GREAT! I am impressed with the speed at which your tank cycled. You have some really good live rock in there…a lot of life. That verticle line in the DSB is a worm track. Life is showing…cool beans! Your doing amazing. Love watching your videos.

  9. nice!! everyone who is starting a new tank NEEDS to see this and know its normal, me on the other hand would wait even longer for a CUC, but to each is own, you hardly are one to fail at this, green thumbs and I enjoyed the vid very much 🙂

  10. Hey bro the music was off the chain… My head was bobbin like a dashboard puppy throughout the entire video… Lol… Oh before I forget what brand of test kit is dat and thumbs up all day keep the movies comin

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